guinea pig bedding

Types of Guinea Pig Bedding

Taking care of small animals before can be quite difficult. For instance, their beddings represent a costly aspect of pet ownership. When choosing what is best for the guinea pigs, it is important you make the right decision and cut down costs in certain areas of pet care. It is a good idea to find the right bedding for your guinea pig. In this case, your options can consist of fleece, paper, cloth, aspen shavings, and wood pine.

Pine Shavings

guinea pig restingIf you are using pine shavings as the pet’s bedding, then ensure that pines are soft, natural, and kiln-dried. The good thing about pine beddings is that they are highly absorbent, easy to find, and economical. However, natural pine oils are likely to cause irritation or illness to both the pet and the owner. Also, your pets can be stuck on the towels or cage.

Aspen Bedding

If you are using aspen as your guinea pig’s bedding, then you need to ensure that it is dry, soft, and free of additives. They are less absorbent and pricier as compared to pine beddings. Also, they can provide your pet’s needs and stimulate their natural behaviors like nesting and burrowing.

Paper Beddings

Use of recycled papers has changed the industry of guinea pig beddings. That explains why a lot of pet owners are now using paper bedding for guinea pigs. The good thing about paper beddings is that they are absorbent, soft, easily made at home, and have the ability to control odor. The fact that they are processed to remove chemicals and inks means that they can be dusty and pricey.

Fleece Beddings

guinea pigThe truth is that fleece bedding has become a favorite form of bedding among the guinea pig owners. Most pig owners like using fleece bedding because of their cute appearance when they are nesting and burrowing in soft fleece. Quality fleece bedding for the guinea pigs features soft fleece on the upper layer, while the middle part consists of absorbent cotton, and the lower layer is made with fleece. The fleece makes it waterproof. That means that the pig’s liquid waste flows through the top layer, gets absorbed by the middle layer. In this way, it keeps your pig dry and warm.

Cotton Cloth Bedding

Like the paper and fleece beddings, the cotton bedding serves as an economical, affordable, and effective type of bedding that is homemade. Also, you can use beddings such as towels, fleece cloth, and cotton cloths.