domestic cat on a tree

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cat Tree

If the idea of purchasing cat furniture is funny to you, then the chances are that you do not have a cat. When you share your home with a cat, you will discover that it needs its space for peaceful co-existence. A cat tree offers your feline friend and a good place to play, nap, climb, scratch, and play. All these things can make your cat happy, and that will make you happy too. Ensure you get the right climbing tree stand to make it easier for your kitty to access the sleeping spot. The following are some of the things to consider when choosing the right cat tree for your kitty.


cat restingYou should note that cat trees are available in various configurations and sizes, and serve a lot of functions. For instance, a cat tree provides a comfy spot for sleeping and lounging. When you place it near a window, it becomes an ideal place for watching birds. The good thing about the top spot of a cat tree is that it provides elevation that most cats love. Usually, cat trees are carpeted and have more scratching posts. Many provide multiple perches, place to sleep, cat beds, and hammocks.

Your Cat’s Personality

The right cat tree for your kitty is dependent on their size, age, activity level, and climbing ability. A tall and multi-level tree with cozy napping spots or accessible beds is ideal. As you know, senior kitties like sleeping a lot and will appreciate a cat tree that cozy sleeping beds.

If you have a cat that wants to feel more secure sleeping in an enclosed space, then you should get a cat tree that has cubbies. Also, you can find models that have built-in toys that are excellent for playful kitties. If you have several cats, it is advisable to have an extra-large one with many scratching posts and allows your cat to have its sleeping spot.

Scratching Surfaces

domestic cat on a treeYou should note that cats like scratching but the level vary from one cat to another. For instance, you can find a cat that loves to scratch carpeted posts, while others like sisal rope or wood. If you do not know what your cat prefers, you should get a design that provides different options.


It is a good idea to find a cat tree that is sturdy enough so that it does not tip over whenever your cat climbs or jumps on. If it falls over, the cat can get spooked and may fear using it again. Check the design of the tree to determine whether it is made of quality materials. Other than the sturdiness, it should offer aesthetic appeal.