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Things to Consider When Renting a Self-Storage Facility

Stick to Your Budget

Before you choose to rent a self-storage unit, as the manager about their fees and how often they raise them. That can help you come up with a reasonable budget. If the price is fair, ask the manager to put it in writing. You need to know when your rents are due and what options you have. You should note that some self-storage facilities offer you an online payment option. Others give you adequate time to prepare in advance.

Self-storage Facilities Do Not Cause Storms

If you store your items in a self storage facility, then you have to understand that these facilities are not responsible for water damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to take your time to check out your belongings after a storm. That can save you a lot of money in the end.


storage facilityYou have to check how often you can access your self-storage facility. That can help determine the size of the self-storage unit you have to rent. Also, if you need regular access to your unit, then you should consider getting a unit that is larger. Remember that when you access the facility, you need extra space so that you can move easily without damaging any of your items. If you know how to park and arrange your items safely, you should consider getting a smaller unit.

Hidden Fees

You should note that most self-storage units charge a deposit that is refunded when you move out if you leave the facility in the way you found it. Before you sign your lease, you need to ask the self-storage facility manager about your deposit. Also, ask whether there are hidden fees that will be stacked onto your bill.

Moving Trucks

If you have no access to a moving truck, you can ask the facility whether they have one or if they have recommendations. Some self-storage companies rent out trucks to their customers.


You need to ensure the items you want to store. Also, check whether your homeowner’s insurance covers your items in the self-storage. Nowadays, most self-storage facilities provide storage insurance when you sign the rental agreement.

Lock Down

You should ask the manager of the self-storage facility about the possible security features the storage unit provides to the customers. It is a good idea to purchase a lock that cannot be cut easily by bolt cutters. You can ask the manager where you can get such locks.