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Benefits of Online Surveys

If you are currently promoting a brand or a commodity, online surveys will no longer be an odd presence for you. As conventional marketers before the era of digital networks often conduct written surveys to get feedback from the buyers and customers, they no longer need to print out thousands of survey pages to gather the same data. Why? Online surveys hold the key to what the company needs to know, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Online pages, like tellpizzahut.org, often post the questions on online platforms and invite as many people as possible to participate. It is also a common thing for such companies to give rewards to those who have taken the surveys, ranging from $50 to $150. If you are in a similar situation, below are some advantages of online surveys that you can expect.

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Traditional data collection about certain products often requires the company to print out hundreds of pages and give each sheet to the customers. However, it is indeed not an efficient way as not all buyers want to take part in the research. Now, can you imagine how many sheets are going to be wasted if they keep doing the same thing? With all the green movements, this conventional way is way outdated. Then, digital platforms are the answer to this challenge. Such platforms allow the company to post the questions online for those who are interested only. This way, customers who are not interested can leave the page without the company even knowing about it. This way also, the company can explore the market and gather the data they need in a less intimidating way.


How much time does one need to complete a written survey or explain what they like about specific products offered? Some of you probably answer twenty minutes while some others might say more than thirty minutes. However, with digital platforms, customers can finish the survey five to eight times faster than traditional written surveys. Why? Because they do not need to write. All they need to do is to click, tick, and fill the boxes. In some cases, they also need to type a short essay.


Another benefit of using digital platforms to collect market data is its affordability. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for papers and pens, the company only needs to pay for the sites where they put the questions online. This way, they can expect lower costs and higher accuracy.…