Vital Skills That Employers Are Looking for in a Traffic Controller

Job opportunities for traffic controllers are steadily rising in Australia. It can be an easy job but it requires some special skills. To become a traffic controller, you need to have accreditation which means that you have to complete a traffic control course Sydney that includes Implement Traffic Control Guidance Plan and Traffic Control Management component. Before you can enter any construction zone, you must earn a White Card. A traffic controller is usually assigned to man the traffic near constructions, but there can be other tasks and duties that can be assigned to him.

Traffic controllers are usually employed by traffic control management companies, but not all of them are. Some government agencies and construction firms can hire their own traffic controllers. More often, these employers look for traffic controllers with the following skills.

Communication Skills

Most employers require their traffic controllers to have good communication skills because they will be answering pedestrians’ queries and explaining about the operations. They also need to communicate via a two-way radio with other members of the traffic control team, construction workers, and emergency response groups to give updates on the traffic situation in his location.

Traffic Management

Mostly, employers are looking for experienced traffic controllers because they are adept with traffic management and laws. Although students in traffic control courses are taught on traffic management, a fresh graduate from such course must have to prove his expertise before he can be hired. Traffic control is more than just operating road signs like the Stop/Slow bat.

Workplace Safety

Employers of traffic controllers will always prefer applicants who know about workplace health and safety. This can assure them that accidents can be prevented during working hours. It should also be an advantage if you have skills in emergency response, first aid, and crowd control.

Construction Skills

If you had some exposure on the construction industry as a worker or anything else that gave you insights about construction, then it can be a plus factor on your part. This means that you understand your workplace, and you will not have a difficult time to adapt to your environment.

Fatigue Management

Although you may not be required to do to menial jobs, traffic control can be also be tiring to be on the road under the scorching heat of the sun. You may also be required to do overtime, work on weekends, and work on night shifts. You should then be physically fit with no lingering ailments to be able to work efficiently even when fatigue or stress strikes in.

Because being a traffic controller can be financially rewarding, mastering these skill should be priority for those interested to become one.…