and they’re still poor.” Charles Barkley

Truer words were never spoken and when put into a graphic, it becomes gospel. Here is a graphic for Chicago, RULED BY DEMOCRATS FOR OVER 75 YEARS. The middle class is going bye-bye. Why? In a word, Democrats. They tax and tax and tax and use OPM (Other People’s Money) to buy the votes of the lazy and stupid, who are very comfortable using welfare to sit on their asses and watch Oprag and get off of the couch to vote for the biggest promiser of freebies every couple of years.

EXCERPT: “Watch as the grey squares, which illustrate the middle class that dominated the most of the city’s neighborhoods in 1970s, quickly vanish over 40 years. The poor, represented by the orange and red colors, explode across the map. And watch what happens in the green areas representing the upper middle class and wealthy. Not surprisingly, it spreads from downtown to the north side, but not with the same ferocity as the reds and oranges. Especially in 2000, the greens-the color of money–grow much darker. It seems the rich simply got richer. In later years, the wealthy pushed the poor out of the near West Side. It appears that area bypassed the middle. The data comes from the U.S. Census.”




for The First Grifters, Barry, Moocher, Malaria, and Sharia and it is only March?

EXCERPT:  “President Barack Obama, his wife and the first daughters may have to cut their latest vacation short because of Russia’s meddling in Ukraine. The Obama family’s current plan for the weekend is to escape the cold, snowy doldrums of Washington, D.C. for some rest and relaxation in sunny Key Largo, Fla., reports the Daily Mail. However, despite Obama’s earnest invocations of international law, pro-Russian forces and the Russian government are making swift military and political moves in Ukraine’s Crimea region. Consequently, the Key Largo holiday could be in peril.

“It is possible the president may return to the White House on Friday as events unfold in Ukraine,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Thursday, according to the Mail”

HOW THE HELL can bobbleheads like Josh or Baghdad Bob Carney keep a straight face when discussing Ovomit’s THIRD VACATION OF 2014 when it is only MARCH!

Obama and the First Leech behave like welfare parasites with no limits on their EBT card as they travel to Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen, South Africa, Hawaii and other exotic places while most Americans are either worried about their jobs, finding a job, or getting enough to eat. Meanwhile, the First Grifter Family takes yet another vacation at our expense and the Democruds say nothing.

BTW, Joey the Clown Biden if off on HIS second vacation of the year. Maybe they got us a discount at Travelocity for a two-for-one vacation. The only question remaining is Bathhouse Barry taking Reggie Love with him or the Mommy-in-Law or Iranian communist and President in Absentia Valerie Jarrett!?



EXCERPT:  “The White House sent a stern message Sunday to Russian President Vladimir Putin to butt out of the Ukrainian crisis, warning a military intervention on his part “would be a grave mistake.”

Here is the inside scoop from Obama’s War Room thanks to an insider, Mr. X.

Bathhouse Barry:  (hangs up phone): “Damn that Putin, he makes me look more of a bitch than I am! I’m drawing me some red lines right now before I have to split for that fundraiser. When I told Medvedev that I’d be more flexible I did not mean they could bend me over at will, only Reggie can do that!”

Valerie “Rasputin” Jarrett:  “I’ll call my Iranian communist contacts and Muslim Brotherhood friends to put pressure on Putin.”

Bathhouse Barry:  “Joey [Biden] quit playing with that slinky and get in here.”

Joey the Clown Biden: “Slinky. heh-heh. What boss?”

Bathhouse Barry:  “Get in here with your red dry-erase marker and start drawing lines around the Ukraine, wherever that is. Get that idiot Hagel in here and tell him I said to help you find the Ukraine on the map! We’re going to need lots of red lines to impress the media. And no bitching or whining.”

Joey the Clown Biden: “Boss, dang it, I had that slinky really going down those stairs! Then I was gonna play with my army men and play war with Chucky Hagel. Do I really have to do this NOW?(rolls his eyes)

Bathhouse Barry: “Quit whining. You sound like me when Reggie goes away. Now get in there and start drawing the lines or I’ll have the evil trifecta of Nancy Pelosi, Michelle, and my mother-in-law nag the piss out of you like I did last time.”

Joey the Clown Biden (shivers): “You hate me. I always knew it. I’ll be glad when I’m dead and you can’t bother me anymore. I’ll rather be in Hell for eternity with Fat Teddy K than be here with you. I only joined your team so I could sit in that chair in the Senate and look coolio!”

Bathhouse Barry: “Just draw the stupid lines before Rush Limbaugh finds out and makes fun of me again. Make em big fat red lines. That will make the press sit up and notice. If Putin doesn’t lay off in the Ukraine, I swear I’ll cut more off our troop size in protest. Anyone seen that reset button that fat-assed Clinton had?”





And here is Susan Rice and the rest of the Obama Criminal Cartel lying their asses off KNOWING that NOTHING will be done to them unless it is a citizen group putting them in front of a people’s tribunal and then hanging their asses.


“even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then.”

A former WH weenie FINALLY acknowledges what the rest of America (those of us with a working brain) have known for quite some time.

He sucks at governing? Really? He sucks at everything else as well. Golf. Foreign Policy. Domestic Economic Policy. Picking LOSER AFTER LOSER in the green energy scam, costing America about a trillion bucks of OPM (Other People’s Money).

Face it Progressives, Obama sucks and he has destroyed the Democrud Party much worse than KGB Karter ever could. Thank the Gods.


and of course, the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media NEVER reports on these crimes. NO ONE in the Obomination should escape justice as the words, “I was just following orders,” did not work for their fellow fascists at Nuremberg and it won’t work now. And you can bet your ass that Muslim slumlord Valerie Jarrett is in this cesspoll up to her ugly lizard face.



EXCERPT:  “Ayers reveals how he has navigated the challenges and triumphs of this public life with steadfastness and a dash of good humor — from the red carpet at the Oscars, to prison vigils and airports (where he is often detained and where he finally “confesses” that he did write Dreams from My Father)”

Damn! The house of cards that is the Obama Regime continues to crumble and the myth of Obama disappears like a fart in a wind tunnel!

The Liberal Lapdogs LAUGHED at the notion that FUBARack’s bullshit was ghostwritten to build up an empty suit but once again, THE TRUTH WILL OUT!




Funny how things turn out. ObamaKare shits the bed. Obama’s multitude of lies are spinning out of control. Nutsy Pelosi babbles like an idiot (more than usual). Eric Witholder is going to be impeached (if the Congress finds their balls). The IRS scandal. The NSA scandal. The Census Bureau posted lies about unemployment being down before Nov 2012. And The Kenyan Rodeo Clown and his entire Administration is a global laughingstock. And it appears that Romney was right all along; as were the rest of us who predicted that an unqualified idiot in the WH, simply for “history’s sake”, would be a REAL bad idea. Too bad America allows idiots to vote not for country, not for adult leadership, but for a living at the government tit.