or maybe the title should be, “Birds of a feather flock together,” the old adage ringing true yet again.

All the world is atwitter that Chelsea “Horse Teeth” Clinton got knocked up and the lovely grandparents, a wretched hag who prays at the Marxist altar and an Impeached sexual predator are all smiles. But there is more to this story than the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media reported back when she was married to Marc Mezvinsky. The Gunny wonders if Marc used the old Soviet flag or Old Glory to cover that mug and do his duty to family because the very thought of hitting Chelsea inspires chronic impotence.

EXCERPT:  “The Clintons and Mezvinskys have long been political allies and friends. In 1993, Margolies-Mezvinsky, then a freshman Democrat, cast the vote that got President Bill Clinton’s controversial tax package through the House of Representatives. “She earned an honored place in history, with a vote she shouldn’t have had to cast,” Bill Clinton wrote in “My Life,” (aka “My Lies”) his 2004 memoir.

On a darker note, federal prosecutors said Ed Mezvinsky habitually dropped the Clintons’ names and boasted of their friendship during the 1990s as he defrauded friends, family members and institutions out of more than $10 million. Ed Mezvinsky was sentenced in 2003 to serve 80 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to a massive fraud that prosecutors said amounted to a Ponzi scheme. He was released from custody in April 2008, but remains under federal probation supervision.

Both he and his wife were forced into bankruptcy, and they quietly divorced in 2007, court records show. Margolies-Mezvinsky was not implicated in any wrongdoing, but the scandal effectively ended her political ambitions. She founded and remains at the helm of Women’s Campaign International, a nonprofit dedicated to the political empowerment of women. (The IRS have any problems granting HER a non-profit status?)

Despite being released in April 2008 after serving five years in prison, Mezvinsky remains on federal probation and still owes almost $9.4 million in restitution to his victims. An ABC News investigation revealed that Mezvinsky, a former Democratic Congressman from Iowa, had been caught up in a series of Nigerian e-mail scams and began to steal from people to further his schemes. “He was always looking for the home run. He was always trying to find the business deal that would make him as wealthy as all the people in his social circle,” said federal prosecutor Bob Zauzmer. According to Zauzmer, Mezvinsky, who is now 72, will be on supervised release, the federal version of probation, until 2011.”

Imagine that. Two corrupt families uniting to produce the next generation of hellspawn. Four corrupt politicians, one who recently “misplaced” a few BILLION in taxpayer money at the State Department, while getting four Americans killed, an Impeached perverted sexual predator, a Ponzi scamming/Nigerian scamming jail bird and a Congcritter produce their spawn and now they have a lovely grandchild. Yet another silver spoon elitist being inflicted on America, a greased skid to the finest schools, a great job high up somewhere without being qualified for it, and then into politics!

Oddly enough, in March 2013, Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky were able to buy a $10.5 million, 5,000-square-foot apartment in New York City’. Yet, every new couple is able to plop down $10.5 million dollars on a 5,000 sqft apartment for two people.

And now you have, “the rest of the story.”

In March 2013, the New York Post reported that Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky were purchasing a $10.5 million, 5,000-square-foot apartment across the street from New York City’s Madison Square Park. Read more at




The Gunny listens to Glenn Beck and mostly agrees with what he has to say, even concerning civil disobedience ala MLK Jr. However, Mr. Beck stated the other day after the Bundy Ranch siege broke that he would never pick up a gun against the government and commit violence. This got the Gunny to thinking about that situation, i.e., pacifism versus controlled violence and governmental threats of violence. Even the Talmud condones violence: “If a man comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” If the government decides to void our rights, as Obama does when he wants, is that not a reason for violence? Are we not already at war, albeit a “phony war” ala France in early 1940.

In the Marine Corps, America’s warriors are taught the application of what is deemed “Controlled Violence.” In other words, say, under attack you engage the enemy but afterwards, instead of drilling the enemy survivors through the gourd with a .45 you instead make them a POW and get them to an aid station, etc. Or, in the attack, you limit collateral damage as much as possible and try not to whack non-combatants. That is controlled violence. However, what Obama and his ilk are practicing on America and Americans is UNCONTROLLED violence and mayhem.

1.  NSA spying.
2.  REFUSING to secure our Southern border.
3.  REFUSING to arrest and deport illegal aliens who murder, on average, 25 Americans a day.
4.  USING the IRS as a weapon against Conservative groups and anyone who speaks out against the Regime.
5.  USING Executive Orders to rule thus bypassing Congress.
6.  IGNORING the crimes committed against the American people, i.e., Operation Fast and Furious and refusing to follow Congressional orders in the investigation thereof.
7.  GETTING four Americans murdered in Benghazi through gross negligence.
8.  COVERING up Benghazi by falsely accusing a video maker and falsely imprisoning him.
9.  ALLOWING the DHS/TSA to violate the 4th and 5th Amendments of the American people, at will.
10.  CONFISCATING the tax returns of people for the debts of their parents, guardians , etc, where the USG overpaid benefits!
11.  THE Federal Government confiscating ALL Apache helos from ALL National Guard units, a total of 192 Apache’s, and transferring them to active duty military units. The excuse is funding yet we can waste BILLIONS on welfare for illegal aliens and foreign aid for nations that HATE US! This takes these birds OUT of the hands of State Governors and the Guard units that fall under their control.
12.  Wrecking the economy on purpose and using the Fed to destroy the dollar.
13.  Crippling the US Military through social experimentation and funding cuts while militarizing the domestic police forces.

Just a short list to show a government at war with the citizens therein. Would the Founders have already revolted? The Gunny thinks so.

Glenn Beck stated that we have Representation while the Colonists did not and this is true, however, when the Representation is corrupt, in cahoots with Obama, and or leading the war against the citizens, then this is just as bad, if not worse, than having NO Representation.

Consider the below:

1.  Upchuck Schumer and his ilk trying to usurp the 2d Amendment constantly. In fact Dianne Feinswine stated that if she could get the votes that “they” would BAN gun ownership and confiscate all firearms. They are well supplied with money from criminals like Soros and petty tyrants like Michael Bloomberg.
2.  McLame and Grahamnesty doing more FOR illegal aliens than the American citizens.
3.  Ruby Ridge. Waco.
4.  Dingy Gried enriching himself at the expense of landowners in Nevada by using the BLM and a Soros-paid group, Center for Bio-Diversity, to redrawn property lines, use bullshit like the “desert tortoise” to cover stealing private property and giving it over to big business/politicians.
5.  Investigators like Sharyl Attkisson, probing the Obama Regime’s scandals, have their privacy invaded, their computers hacked, and have the power of government turned against them, i.e., Obama personally attacking Rush Limbaugh from the “bully pulpit” in the White House.
6.  SCOTUS justice Kagan actually stating that “some speech can be disappeared,” thus attacking our 1st Amendment Rights.
7.  The Democrat Party’s constant attack on the Constitution.
8.  The Democrat Party’s constant attack on the Electoral College, trying to implement presidential elections by popular vote alone, i.e., Mob Rule in a Democracy not Electoral Votes in a Constitutional Republic.
9.  Democrat California Senator Leland Yee working to limit OUR 2d Amendment Right while selling guns to violent street gangs.
10.  The Obama Regime closing down monuments during the implementation of Obama’s Sequester Plan, which accomplished nothing but inflicting hate and discontent on the American people.
11.  Refusing to IMPEACH Obama heedless of the numerous high crimes and misdemeanors he has committed, i.e., illegal war in Libya, illegal bailout of GM, etc.
12.  Dingy Gried refusing to pass a budget since 2009, clearly violating the US Constitution and screwing the American people by excessive and untraceable spending.
13.  Doing little or nothing to rectify 92 MILLION Americans out of work, 45 MILLION Americans on welfare, and an economy still in the tank after 6 years.
14.  Forcing ObamaKare on the American people through backroom deals and then exempting themselves from it. Forcing Americans into a bankrupt Ponzi Scam called Social Security and then exempting themselves from it (until Ronaldus Magnus forced THEM into it in 1982)
15.  Voting themselves pay raise after pay raise while the American people languish without jobs?
16.  Regulating our light bulbs, our toilets, our cars…
17.  The EPA being used by Obama to close coal-fired power plants and thus raising our electricity prices for no good reason and Congress does nothing.
18.  17.5 TRILLION in debt and 150 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities that WE have to pay for.

Representation in Congress? There IS none unless you are a lobbyist and throwing money around.  We the People of the United States of America are as without Representation as the Colonists were.

The Founders set out to create a limited government and they created a Constitution that detailed exactly and precisely what the federal government MAY do and nothing more yet the government routinely exceeds it, i.e., taking land FROM the States and putting it off limits (Public Trust land) and thus preventing the owning State from reaping revenue from natural resources. (Violates Art 1, Section 8, Clause 17 which states very clearly:

“The Federal Government shall never own title to any real property which is not specifically authorized by this Constitution such as parks, forests, dams, waterways, and grazing areas without the consent of the State where same is located.”

If this is true, then why does the Federal Government own 80% of Alaska? Why did the Secretary of the Interior STOP a road being built from King Cove Alaska to the next town where a hospital is because it ran through a “national park?” Why does Dingy Gried hold sway over land in Nevada, using the power of government? Why does the Federal Colossus PREVENT the Keystone Pipeline and the 25,000 jobs it would create heedless of what the State’s, whose land it crosses, want?

All other powers “not described therein” were specifically and deliberately reserved to the individual states, and to the American people themselves. The Bill of Rights was added at the insistence of the Founders to protect the individual citizen, the American citizen (not illegal aliens, terrorists, etc.,) from a future tyrannical government that can arrest an American citizen and put in prison, denying all rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, thanks to the NDAA.

Representation in Government? In a word…. “BULLSHIT.”

So the Gunny disagrees with Mr. Beck here in that you can only have peace when all parties want it and the US Government DOES NOT want it. They, the Progressives in the DNC and RNC want to rule us and they’ve been gaming the system for quite some time. Thus then we have two paths, as the Gunny sees it. One, in November we elect numerous Conservatives like Trey Gowdy, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz into both Houses and we restore the Republic through hard work, austerity measures, and good Ol American “Can-Do” or, two, the Parasite Class or welfare queens, illegal aliens, and scumbags votes in more losers like Sheila Jackson-Lee, Hank “Guam” Johnson, and fascists like Dianne Feinstein and Upchuck Schumer, and we slide into government dependence, Progressivism, massive bureaucracy, and voter fraud forever and the USA will become the USSA with the DHS/TSA making the KGB and the Gestapo look like Boy Scouts.

Gandhi’s civil disobedience worked because he was up against a civilized power, the UK. Say the Japanese owned India as a colony and Gandhi would have ended up as bayonet practice and his headless corpse would have been fish food floating down the Ganges. When a boot is on your neck you don’t ask them to remove it, “pretty please and with sugar on top,” you drive a knife into the other boot so that they HAVE to remove it. Ruby Ridge and Waco were trial balloons for the USG to see what the American people would do and we did nothing. Now comes the Bundy Ranch. No one in their right mind, especially the Gunny, wants violence. Wants to have to even THINK of shooting at another American. But the bad news is, is that a realignment is coming to America and it will not be pretty. The fuse is lit and someone is going to die, like Crispus Attucks, and The Second American Revolution will happen. Actually the shooting phase will happen because we are in the prep phase right now.

In truth, we need to realize that the government, led by criminals and terrorists like Obama, Eric Dickholder, and a host of minions in the BLM, ATF, IRS, etc., are totally and utterly lawless and sans any vestige of ethics, morals, or decency. The Constitutional Representative Republic that we love and cherish, the shining city on the hill is tottering and falling apart while the Congress serves their own interests and We the People are regarded as little more than sheep to be taxed to the utmost, our lives managed, controlled, and forced to comply with rules and laws that the Government excludes themselves from.

We are indeed at the tipping point and pacifism will no longer work once we go over the edge. Peace only works when all hands want it and the USG does not want it.


Back when the Gunny was a young kid, around 13 or 14 (already mentally past the point where Liberals stall out) he asked various adults, “what happens when the moochers overtake the producers?” The answer from Uncle C was, “we’ll be screwed.”

So here we are folks. Obama sucks. He has wrecked the economy with the help of Nutsy Baloney, Dingy Gried, and a host of sycophantic RINO pussies like McLame, Grahamnesty, Collins, etc. The nation is in the shitcan. Our enemies are emboldened thanks to Obama’s “leadership from behind,” and now it is official.

EXCERPT:  “The 86,429,000 Americans who worked full-time, year-round in the private sector, included 77,392,000 employed as wage and salary workers for private-sector enterprises and 9,037,000 who worked for themselves. (There were also approximately 52,000 who worked full-time, year-round without pay in a family enterprise.)
The second category includes those who get “means-tested” government benefits — or welfare. These include, for example, those who get Medicaid, food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, public housing, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Women, Infants Children.

Let’s examine this second category first, which the Census Bureau reports as “anyone residing in a household in which one or more people received benefits from the program.”

In the last quarter of 2011, according to the Census Bureau, approximately 82,457,000 people lived in households where one or more people were on Medicaid. 49,073,000 lived in households were someone got food stamps. 23,228,000 lived in households where one or more got WIC. 20,223,000 lived in households where one or more got SSI. 13,433,000 lived in public or government-subsidized housing.

Those 108,592,000 outnumbered the 86,429,000 full-time private-sector workers who inhabited the United States in 2012 by almost 1.3 to 1.”

In other words, we’re screwed, just like Uncle C said 30+ years ago.

Atlas needs to shrug.


That is how the Progressive Statists work. Let slip a rumor and then test the prevailing winds to see if the masses are digging it. Now, after 75 YEARS of Democrat rule and about 45 years of Black Democrat rule, Detoilet is the Liberia of the Northeast. In other words, a Third World shithole better suited for a bombing range and MOUT training than anything else. Democrats taxed and spent and taxed and spent and lined their pockets and finally, the cesspool overfloweth. Bankrupt. Crime-ridden. Homes that can’t even sell for a buck. Detoilet Michigan, the end result of Progressivism.

But YOU knew it was coming because the Gunny said about a year ago, when Detoilet’s bankruptcy was announced, that Barry the Clown would run to their rescue with lots of OPM (Other People’s Money).

EXCERPT:  “Michigan officials and President Barack Obama’s Administration are discussing a plan to free up $100 million in federal money to aid Detroit’s retired city workers, the Detroit Free Press reported on Tuesday.

Citing two people familiar with the talks, the newspaper said the talks were centered around federal money flowing to Michigan for blight removal. Under the plan, $100 million would be earmarked for Detroit, reducing the $500 million the city’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, plans to use to eliminate blight over the next 10 years.

The $100 million saved could then be used by Orr to ease pension cuts for retirees under the city’s plan to adjust its $18 billion of debt and exit the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, according to the report.”

So corrupt Black Democruds make shitty deals that line the pockets of their union buddies and reap the reward in bribes and kickbacks and when the bill comes due, why, just pillage the US Treasury to make it up!

Obama, saving his union buddies in Detoilet. Just like he did with the illegal GM bailout. As usual, with Democrats, money talks and the millions of union dues that get funneled into the DNC’s coffers speaks pretty damn loud. Who cares that the money used to bailout Detoilet was looted from other people under the threat of fines and/or prison. Indeed, nowhere in the Constitution does it permit bailouts but then again, it might, in Congcrtitter Conyer’s mind:  “the government is empowered to do anything it deems
necessary or useful under the ‘good and plentyclause.

Never fear America, it’ll come out of “Obama’s stash.”


(Hat/Tip SSGRick)

THIS is how you dig into an issue and expose the deeper issue. Reid and Son, as dirty as a hog rolling in a shithole. The Gunny disagrees with his comparison to the Occutards who were nothing but useful idiots for the Left and sideshow freaks, raping and spreading STDs and pubic lice.


He is running for Congress to unseat the limp dick crybaby Boehner so if you can, send him a few bucks. Getting rid of that cheesedick Boehner will be worth it. No more crying sessions or playing patty-cake with King Farouk Obama. 


surfaces in the USA.

From Bernadine Dorhn to Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers to various other Leftist psychos, i.e., John Patrick Bedell was a registered Democrat, the vile Westboro scumbag Fred Phelps was a Democrat, Colorado gunman Karl Pierson hated Republicans, Loughner was a Democrat, Joseph Stack, who crashed his plane into the Federal Building in Austin, TX, was a Democrat, Clay Duke is a Democrat (Florida school board shooter), Norman Leboon (registered Democrat AND Obama donor) shot into Eric Cantor’s office in Virginia, and of course our very own Eric Dickholder was a domestic terrorist who committed armed sedition, on and on.

And NO article worth its salt would be complete without the very violent words of King Pencil Neck in the White Hut.

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” Obama to CEOs.
“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”
“Get in Their Faces!” Obama to his doorknockers.
“I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!” Obama to ACORN crowd.
“Punch back twice as hard!” Obama to his Obomunists.
“We talk to these folks…so I know whose ass to kick.” Obama to the Left on the private sector.
“A Republican victory would mean hand to hand combat.” Obama to his Obomunists.
“It’s time to Fight for it.” Obama in a speech to his supporters.
“Punish your enemies.” Obama to Latino supporters.
“I’m itching for a fight.” Obama to Democrats in a speech


  “The alleged killer of three at the Overland Park (Kansas) Jewish Community Center and a nearby Jewish retirement home didn’t just “appear out of nowhere”; he’s a man who has been in the public eye before, right here in the Kansas City area and elsewhere, along with his foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Jewish and white supremacist views. The suspect, identified as Frazier Glenn Cross of Aurora, Missouri, is also known as Frazier Glenn Miller or simply Glenn Miller.

Frazier Glenn Cross/Glenn Miller ran as a Democrat for Governor of North Carolina in 1984. He also served three years in Federal prison on convictions for weapons charges and white supremacist militia activities.”

Of course very little about THIS information on PMSNBC or The Daily Kooks. So as a public service message and a stab in the Democrud party’s Eye of Sauron, the Gunny serves up notice that guns don’t kill people, Democrats kill people, especially defenseless infants. So beware, Liberalism or Progressivism, anyone in this group is likely to come unhinged at a moment’s notice!