lets the cat out of the bag. Yet ANOTHER Obomunist who follows the law, sometimes, maybe, could be. How’s about a threefer for America, IMPEACH Obama, disband the IRS, and boot the UN out! Now THAT is something REAL Americans can get behind.


SOCIAL: adjective: social: 1. “of or relating to society or its organization.”
synonyms: communal, community, collective, group, general, popular, civil, public, societal.
COMPACT: noun: compact: 1. “a formal agreement between two or more parties, states, etc.; contract.”

The above definitions were not put there to insult the intelligence of the ALZ readers but rather, to establish what we are talking about here today.

A broken social compact.

Consider this. A man and a woman get married in a civil union, by a Justice of the Peace, in a court of law. They have entered into a social compact so to speak and basically a contract with one another according to their vows, i.e., “I’ll love no other but you,” or “support you through thick and thin,” etc. So, a few years pass and the woman takes a lover while hubby is at work. Is that not a broken promise? Has not the contract between them been ripped in two? Say the husband catches them, is that not grounds for divorce? A formal recognition that the contract is no more.

Consider this. A young man joins the US Military and because all of the male members before him were grunts, he signs up for the 0311 Occ Field in the Corps as a guaranteed job in the contract signed between him and Mother Green. He survives boot camp and goes through MCT. The day that he graduates MCT the Corps decides to summarily change his MOS to truck driver. They have, in effect, broken said contract and said Marine has to option to separate or to go with the change. Thus it is recognized that the USMC broke the contract and offered the options.

In studying John  Locke’s writings, Locke argued that Natural Rights such as Life, Liberty, (and the Pursuit of Happiness), and private property already existed in Nature and could not be removed by the government nor surrendered by the individual. These inalienable rights were impossible to surrender (the meaning of inalienable). Locke also saw the social contract of government between the people and those they chose to govern them, i.e., an elected representative, president, etc. Indeed, the government could not limit the natural rights of the individuals and that limited the power of the government. Moreover, the government then, did not hold absolute power, but served the people and acted only to enforce and protect the Natural Rights of THE PEOPLE. Therefore, if a king, or president, or government violated these rights, the social contract then was broken, and the people had the right to revolt and establish a new government.

Which brings us to the crux of the issue, our broken social contract with the USG. Who can deny that the government, especially under Obama, has not pissed on the Constitution and shit on the American people? Who can deny that Obama has lied to us, over and over? Who can deny that Obama has bypassed Congress, usurped his powers as defined in the Constitution? Who can deny that Eric Dickholder, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Lois Lerner, and just about every other official in the Obama Regime has lied, obfuscated, destroyed evidence, evaded questions by illegally claiming the 5th Amendment, committed treason, and attacked the American people either through the IRS or with such scandals as Operation Fast and Furious? Who can deny that DHS/TSA continues to outrage Americans through intrusive searches that to date have accomplished nothing? The answer? No one.

Thus it is clear, that the government has defaulted on the social compact even in just ONE of the enumerated powers, “to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” Repel invasion. Right. The borders are little more than a sieve. Illegal aliens swarm over the border like red ants to a picnic. Terrorists have already come through and are simply waiting for the call to act. Disease, pestilence, criminals, gangsters, and low IQ unskilled labor flood into our nation. As far as suppressing insurrections, Eric Dickholder doesn’t seem to capable to suppress the inner city feral apes from raping, looting, and otherwise running amok. We won’t even dicuss the rampant spending of our money and the money of future generations yet unborn on social programs that are corrupted beyond belief. We have a lawless president, a lawless Congress, and two political parties so corrupt that it is no longer a joke.

So the question arises and that is, if the government has defaulted on one or more of the enumerated powers, do the American people have the Natural Right to revolt? Even more to the point, do States have the duty to remain in a broken social compact or are they responsible to their citizens to “form a more perfect union?” If the USG has wrecked the social compact and turned it into a suicide pact, i.e., the Blue States and their inner city welfare rats dragging the rest of us under, must we go down with them or take to the lifeboats and secede?

Note to liberals reading this. It ain’t 1861. Get over it. Almost ALL of the gunmakers are in the South or relocating to the South. A majority of the military bases are IN THE SOUTH as the Damn Yankees went Left and anti-military. The majority in the US Military is Conservative and they hate the anti-military Left, i.e., Bezerkely, SF, etc. And the remaining industry in America is either in the South or moving there. The Leftist President is hated as no other, not even that Yankee terrorist Abe Lincoln. The rogue agency, the EPA, has shut down businesses and power plants throughout the Rust Bowl (NE states) and they are full of illegal aliens and jihadis (Minnesota) who would rape, loot, and pillage vice fighting for the Union. The more that the Obama Crime Cartel oppresses the people, the more flock to the side who embraces the Constitution as it was written.

As the Gunny has said in the past, secession looks better and better, especially if in 2016 we get a squishy RINO in office who does nothing to rein in the Establishment Elites and the Federal Colossus and if we did secede, we have the moral high ground on our side…and the artillery pieces to put on said high ground!



Golf Cart One Actual aka President AWOL.

First of all, that joke they reported in August, that the unemployment rate was 6.1%, down a whopping .1% from the previous report of 6.2%, was awesome, according to the Liberal Lapdog Media. What they failed to report was that MORE Americans fell out of the workforce, now 92.3 MILLION and climbing.

Second, and this needs to be clubbed over the Progressive’s heads over and over, is that President AWOL OWNED the Congress completely, from January 2009 to January 2011. Moreover, the Left OWNED the Congress from January 2007 to January 2009, under Bush 43, and all they did was half-step and bitch and moan and undercut the troops. They got nothing done to stimulate the economy or job growth, unless you count what Nazi Pelosi said, “that unemployment checks stimulate the economy,” as gospel. So in reality, since January 2007, the Democruds have dicked up the economy, this nation, the military, and pretty much anything else they touched with their shit-stained hands.


• For all recoveries since World War II, cumulative job growth has averaged 12.5% (see chart). This time, job growth is just 6.2%, the worst on record. Based on this, we would need 8.19 million more jobs just to reach “average.” That’s not a real job recovery at all.

• The labor force shrank 64,000 in the most recent month, pushing the participation rate to 62.8%. The last time it was that low, Jimmy Carter was president.

• A new report says 1-in-3 workers today is a “freelance” — that means 53 million workers without a regular job to go to. This is what qualifies as “employment” in the job-barren Age of Obamanomics.

• In August, the number of hours worked — a proxy for GDP growth — and average hourly wages both rose 2.1% from last year. That only barely beats the current inflation rate of 2%. Not much growth there. [Actual inflation is closer to 6% and food inflation is at 22% according to the Dept of Ag)

• New data from the Fed show that only the top 10% of American earners have seen their incomes rise under Obama. The rest of us have taken a pay cut.

Since the Dems took control in 2007, we’ve had low interest rates (0-3%), a stimulus that cost us $1.5 trillion and failed, OVER $7 trillion in debt that Obama and the Dems tacked on, and an illegal organization called The Fed printing over $4.5 trillion in fake money, the economy is deep in the crapper, and the Left calls that a recovery.


by the unproven, unvetted, incompetent and insane clown in the White Mosque. His response to ISIS/ISIL.

EXCERPT:  “Obama described NATO as “unique in the annals of history” because of its success but admitted that the group had to move quickly to address evolving global threats. “We have to recognize that threats evolve, and threats have evolved as a consequence of what we’ve seen in Ukraine, but threats are also evolving in the Middle East that have a direct effect on Europe,” he said.”

First of all NATO is bullshit. Their only real attempt to DO anything was in the Balkans and they failed miserably. In their own BACKYARD! Indeed, without the USA pouring in half a TRILLION dollars a year into this joke, it would be about as useless as the UN is and as we spend a TRILLION a year on THAT pile of shit, another epic Democrat failure, America should demand their money back.

EXCERPT:  “What we’ve got to do is make sure that we are organizing the Arab world, the Middle East, the Muslim world along with the international community to isolate this cancer,” he said.”

THAT is his plan? Community organize the Middle East? Like, say, Shitcago? Maybe he can get ACORN on board and send them off to rig votes, do voter fraud, scam the system for pimps and ho’s, etc, etc. This imbecile, along with ACORN and the Democrud Party helped to community organize Chicago and it ended up being THE most violent and corrupt cities in America, with other Democrat strongholds like Filthdelphia and DC running a close second!

The word “organizing” is all this idiot knows and like comfort food to a desperate person, he runs back to his roots again and again. Basically, this idiot and his “smart policy” and his uber smart underlings like Susan “LIAR!” Rice and that Irish idiot, Samantha Power aka Ms Cass Sunstein, DO NOT HAVE A CLUE what to do. They opened Pandora’s box with the FAILED Arab Spring and are now reaping the whirlwind.

Now the Gunny doesn’t have a problem with Progressives getting their asses in a jam and then getting it shot off, or their heads lopped off by the Muslim throat-slitters and head-choppers but it sucks that their STUPIDITY gets decent red-blooded Americans killed or wounded. This time around how about a draft from registered DEMOCRATS and send THEM to the Middle East since the incompetent clown that THEY elected and REelected lost Iraq (which was won when Bush 43 left) and lost Afghanistan (which we were winning when Bush 43 left), and now his FAILED Arab Spring has crapped the bed.

After TWELVE MONTHS of daily intel briefings on ISIS (of which Dumbo probably attended four or five) THIS is the best plan that he can come up with? This would be so damned funny…if it was on TV or happening to another nation but this moron and his myrmidons are going to get more Americans KIA’d.


and get ready for work on Tuesday because all of the following wealth redistribution gub’mint program need your paycheck STAT! Millions of illegal aliens and welfare leeches depend on us!

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (formerly known as Welfare)
Earned Income Tax Credit (the Gunny’s favorite. Don’t make enough? Feel bad because of it? Well here’s some free money that someone else earned!)
Supplemental Security Income
Federal Pell Grants
Temporary Assistance for Needy (formerly known as Welfare)
Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers
Very Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans
Title 1 Grants to Local Education
Children’s Health Insurance
National School Lunch Program (something parents used to supply)
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (CRA anyone?)
Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood
Home Visiting Program
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
Head Start
Child Care and Development Block
Low Income Home Energy
Foster Care
Public and Indian Housing
State Administrative Matching Grants
Child Care and Development
School Breakfast Program (something parents used to supply)
Adoption Assistance
Public Housing Capital Fund
Social Services Block Grant
Home Investment Partnership
Universal Service Fund
Impact Aid
Supportive Housing Program
Academic Competitive Grants
Federal Work Study Program
Rural Rental Assistance Payments
Work Investment Act (WIA)
Supplemental Education Opportunity
Indian Housing Block Grants
Community Services Block Grant
Special Programs for the Aging
Adult Education Grants to States
Supportive Housing for the Elderly
Maternal and Child Health Services
Race to the Top Early Learning
Shelter Plus Care
Legal Services Corporation
Migrant Education State Grant
Promoting Safe and Stable Families
Summer Food Service Program
Special Programs for the Aging
TRIO Upward Bound
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (formerly known as Welfare)
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate
TRIO Student Support Services
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare
Weatherization Assistance for Low Income
Emergency Food Assistance Program (something communities used to do!)
Emergency Food and Shelter (something communities used to do!)
Federal Aid to State Administrative Expenses for Child Nutrition
Lower Income Housing Assistance
Commodity Supplemental Food
Community Development Block
College Access Challenge Grant
Investing in Innovation Fund
TRIO Talent Search
Demolition and Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing
WIC Grants to States
Healthy Start Initiative
Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
U.S. Refugee Admissions Program
Appalachian Area Development
Education for Homeless Children and Youth
Indian Social Services Welfare
Projects for Assistance in the Transition from Homelessness
Farm Labor Housing Loans
Indian Community Development
Indian and Native American Training
Very Low Income Housing Repair
Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youths Who Are Neglected, Delinquent, or at Risk
Section 4 Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing
High School Graduation Initiative (something parents used to supply!)
TRIO Educational Opportunity
WIA Pilots, Demonstrations and Research Projects
TRIO McNair Post-Baccalaureate
Indian Health Services (Urban )
Adoption Incentive Payments
Transitional Living for Homeless Youth
Rural Self Help Housing Technical Assistance
Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need
Section 538 Rural Rental Housing
Guaranteed Housing
Self-Help Ownership Opportunity
Assets for Independence Demonstration Program
Services to Indian Children, Elderly and Families
Special Programs for the Aging
Health Promotion Services
Senior Farmers Market Nutrition
Migrant Education- High School Equivalency
WIC Farmers Market Nutrition
Outreach & Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers & Ranchers…WTF?
Rural Rental Housing Loans
Migrant Education, College Assistance
Child Care Access Means Parents in School
Rural Development Multi-Family Housing Revitalization Development
Rent Supplements: Rental Housing for Lower Income Families
Indian Child Welfare Act Title II
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Outreach
Special Milk Program for Children
Rural Housing Site Loans and Self-Help Housing Land Development
Low Income Taxpayer Clinics (where they find out about EIC!)
Rural Housing Preservation Grants
Drug Free Communities Support
Cuban and Haitian Entrant Program
Community Development Block Grants
Emergency Capital Repair Grants
for Multifamily Housing Projects for Multifamily Housing Projects
Community Food Projects
Community Outreach and Assistance Partnership Training
TRIO Staff Training Program
Migrant Education-Coordination
Consolidated Health Centers
Title V Delinquency Prevention
Job Opportunities for Low Income
Healthy Urban Food Enterprise Development Center


to Congress and brother, that is saying something, considering the likes of The Banking Queen Bonnie Fwank, Countryside Loans Chris Dodd, Biden, Obama, McLame, Linda Grahamnesty, Code Pink Traitor Nostrilus Waxman, Hank “Guam” Johnson, McKinney, The entire Black Caucus, Luis Gutierrez, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Better yet, maybe the Gunny should have done this like a carnival barker! “Step right up, watch this, and see if you can hold down your chow!”