or as it SHOULD be known, The Democratic Nationalist Socialist Worker’s Party. If you have wondered why the Democrud’s have worked so hard, the last 100 years undermine the US Constitution and adopt the former Soviet Union’s jacked up Constitution.

Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 3.17.29 PM



EXCERPT:  “State Rep. Christina “Tita” Ayala, D-Bridgeport, was arrested Friday on 19 voting fraud charges. Ayala, 31, is accused of voting in local and state elections in districts she did not live, (when does Mary Landrieu get arrested for that?) the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office said in a press release.

The arrest warrant affidavit also alleges Ayala provided fabricated evidence to state Election Enforcement Commission investigators that showed she lived at an address in a district where she voted while actually living outside the district, according to the release.

Ayala allegedly voted in various Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee elections, a municipal primary election and a state primary election between 2009 and 2012 in districts inconsistent with the location of her residence, according to the release. She is also accused of voting in the Bridgeport state general election in 2012 in a district where she didn’t live.

According to the Connecticut Post Ayala’s mother, Santa, was also investigated by the Elections Enforcement Commission. The commission also recommended criminal charges be filed against Santa Ayala, the Democratic registrar of voters in Bridgeport, but none have been filed as of Friday.”

Now the Gunny might be wrong here but don’t the Proggies say that there is NO VOTER FRAUD in America and thus, no Voter ID is necessary? Yeah, nothing like that guy in 2000, getting caught by the Florida State Troopers with a voting machine and ballots for Owl Gore in his car. No, no problem there. And of course WHO can forget the precinct president in Shitcago, INSIDE the voting area, wearing an Obama hat. Nope, no problem there. Or those kooky Black Panthers keeping dem honkies away from the polls in Filthadelphia in 2008. Or the Dem hag who got busted voting early and often for Ovomit? The list is endless.

We either throw every damn RINO and Democrud OUT in 2014 and 2016 or we may as well revolt because it will only get worse.

No doubt with THIS in her past, she might end up in Congress, like Alcee Hastings did because criminal acts are resume enhancers…for Libs.


but never fear Democruds, Al “Twanda Brawley” Sharptongue, “resist we much”, from PMSNBC, to the rescue!

EXCERPT: The Rev. Al Sharpton said his civil rights organization, the National Action Network, is “engaged in immediate conversations” with the White House as they work to name a successor to Attorney General Eric Holder, who is set to announce his resignation Thursday afternoon.

“We are engaged in immediate conversations with the White House on deliberations over a successor whom we hope will continue in the general direction of Attorney General Holder,” Sharpton said in a statement.

Sharpton praised Holder, the first African-American attorney general, as the “best” one in history when it comes to civil rights.” (In other words, he ignored crimes committed by “his people.”)

Here is a suggestion for Obama and Sharptongue, how about H. Rap Brown as USAG? He could not be more of a criminal or a racist than Eric Dickholder is. Or maybe the Shabazz clown from the Black Panthers who wants to kill white cracker babies! Or the Iranian communist Valerie Jarrett! Listening to the gutless pencil-neck in the White House extol this corrupt piece of crap’s virtues as USAG made the Gunny laugh like Hell.

HERE is the truth!

1.  Refuses to punish “his people” (blacks) for breaking the law.
2.  Refuses to enforce the laws of the land, i.e., DOMA.
3.  Refuses to arrest the Black Panthers for voter intimidation.
4.  Engaged in gun-running in Operation Fast and Furious and lied about it to Congess.
5.  Stonewalled Congress on virtually every issue.
6.  Called America a “nation of cowards.”
7.  Yaps about implementing a political agenda as USAG.
8.  Gets involved in Ferguson but TOTALLY ignore black on white crime, i.e., The Knockout Game.
9.  Covered for every criminal act the Obomination has committed.

Hopefully, without taxpayer funded security, this steaming pile gets his just desserts but more than likely, he’ll go back to his old law firm and defend terrorists and charge the American people to do it. Corrupt is corrupt is corrupt. It would be a surprise to see this maggot tried and thrown in prison, like he should have been when he and his homies seized an ROTC building under arms but then again, maybe that was an affirmative action move.

SAVED ROUND:  The best description of Eric Dickholder.

EXCERPT:  “First and foremost, Holder is a whiner. When in trouble, he hides under a tarpaulin-sized race card. He bristled when lawmakers dared to question him in various congressional hearings. When he got into hot water for withholding documents on the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, his arrogance burned ever so brightly.”


into Progressive lunancy!

EXCERPT:  “The United States government is sending thousands of military troops to the west African nation of Liberia as part of the Obama administration’s Ebola virus-response strategy, the White House said late Monday night.

‘U.S. Africa Command will set up a Joint Force Command headquartered in Monrovia, Liberia, to provide regional command and control support to U.S. military activities and facilitate coordination with U.S. government and international relief efforts,’ a statement from the White House press office said.

‘A general from U.S. Army Africa, the Army component of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), will lead this effort, which will involve an estimated 3,000 U.S. forces.”

So let the Gunny try to understand the logic behind The Won’s brainless ideas to combat threats to America.

On the Southern border, the Border Patrol’s hands are tied and scummy human locust flood our nation, riddled with pestilence and disease. ISIS/ISIL, created by the Obomination’s idiocy, armed and supplied by the Obomination’s efforts in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, are now lopping off heads, and the children in the White House, as clueless as it gets, are sending in 1,600 troops to deal with them…of course, AFTER Dumbo said Iraq was won and ISIS/ISIL was the JV team. So, the human dregs in Africa need help…AGAIN, costing us more of OUR money, and now 3,000 US troops are being sent into a disease-ridden shithole of a continent (figures it is Obummer’s homeland) so that THEY can risk being infected and bringing that shit back to the USA. Evidently, bringing infected do-gooders BACK to the USA to treat wasn’t dangerous enough. Now the Idiot-in-Chief didn’t send troops to combat Boko Haram after they kidnapped hundreds of girls (they sent in a twitter hashtag to do battle) but NOW, as the November elections draw near, this asshat decides to send in troops to fight off a disease outbreak.

Here’s a thought. How’s about Obama goes in FIRST to have a look around BEFORE any REAL Americans go in? Moreover, isn’t this what we waste a TRILLION A YEAR on the goddamn UN for? Useless Nitwits.



of turning a nation of hardworking productive people, with a damn good work ethic INGRAINED into their souls, into a 50/50 mix of producers and looters.

EXCERPT:  “Today, the U.S. Census Bureau will release its annual report on poverty. This report is noteworthy because this year marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s launch of the War on Poverty. Liberals claim that the War on Poverty has failed because we didn’t spend enough money. Their answer is just to spend more. But the facts show otherwise. Since its beginning, U.S. taxpayers have spent $22 trillion on Johnson’s War on Poverty (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusting for inflation, that’s three times more than was spent on all military wars since the American Revolution. (You don’t see the Liberal freaks whining about THAT like they did Iraq/Afghanistan (while Bush 43 was POTUS anyway) do you?)

One third of the U.S. population received aid from at least one welfare program at an average cost of $9,000 per recipient in 2013.

The federal government currently runs more than 80 means-tested welfare programs. These programs provide cash, food, housing and medical care to low-income Americans. Federal and state spending on these programs last year was $943 billion. (These figures do not include Social Security, Medicare, or Unemployment Insurance.)”

Let us not mention the BILLIONS wasted on ILLEGAL ALIENS since 60s that if tabulated would likely add another 1 or 2 TRILLION to the total. Imagine the prosperity and wealth of this nation if Democrats weren’t giving away billions to nations that hate, trying to buy their friendship, or starting wars like Korea and Vietnam and then cutting and running, leaving hate and discontent in their wake, or merely pissing away our tax money studying how shrimp get laid.

Indeed, examine some of the headlines today…

CHANGE: 745,000 enroll in SNAP since 2008…
Welfare sign-ups outpace job creation by more than a million…

HOW in the name of God can moronic simpletons like Nutsy Peloser, Dingy Gried, and Obama the Clown claim that we’re in a recovery and have been for SIX YEARS!? There is nnow OVER 46 MILLION Americans on food stamps and who knows how many of them are illegal aliens reproducing like rats or scumbag foreigners who have overstayed their welcome and are mooching off of the producers?

Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, etc., whatever name that they hide behind, these are the TRUE enemies of America, rotting us from within. Dragging us down with every failed idea they squeeze out of their collective brain, er, anus as well as their failed Keynesian economics, so stupid that only a mental midget like Austen Goolsby or that other idiot, Paul Krugman, would buy into it. ISIS/ISIL are definitely threats to America, there can be no doubt there but Liberals in our midst are just as dangerous because they’re stupid, vindictive, and think that ignorance is bliss.

Oh, and speaking of stupid, the Chessedick in the White House is sending 3,000 American troops to Africa where Ebola is out of control. We’ve wasted a few trillion dollars on Africa, we owe them NOTHING, and now Americans are being put into harm’s way there? Maybe Oblameo should lead the charge and help out HIMSELF, in HIS homeland but that would be out of character for this dickhead because he prefers to lead from behind and fight to the last drop of someone else’s blood. Those 3,000 troops would better serve AMERICA by being stationed along the southern border to keep the human locust OUT!


lets the cat out of the bag. Yet ANOTHER Obomunist who follows the law, sometimes, maybe, could be. How’s about a threefer for America, IMPEACH Obama, disband the IRS, and boot the UN out! Now THAT is something REAL Americans can get behind.


SOCIAL: adjective: social: 1. “of or relating to society or its organization.”
synonyms: communal, community, collective, group, general, popular, civil, public, societal.
COMPACT: noun: compact: 1. “a formal agreement between two or more parties, states, etc.; contract.”

The above definitions were not put there to insult the intelligence of the ALZ readers but rather, to establish what we are talking about here today.

A broken social compact.

Consider this. A man and a woman get married in a civil union, by a Justice of the Peace, in a court of law. They have entered into a social compact so to speak and basically a contract with one another according to their vows, i.e., “I’ll love no other but you,” or “support you through thick and thin,” etc. So, a few years pass and the woman takes a lover while hubby is at work. Is that not a broken promise? Has not the contract between them been ripped in two? Say the husband catches them, is that not grounds for divorce? A formal recognition that the contract is no more.

Consider this. A young man joins the US Military and because all of the male members before him were grunts, he signs up for the 0311 Occ Field in the Corps as a guaranteed job in the contract signed between him and Mother Green. He survives boot camp and goes through MCT. The day that he graduates MCT the Corps decides to summarily change his MOS to truck driver. They have, in effect, broken said contract and said Marine has to option to separate or to go with the change. Thus it is recognized that the USMC broke the contract and offered the options.

In studying John  Locke’s writings, Locke argued that Natural Rights such as Life, Liberty, (and the Pursuit of Happiness), and private property already existed in Nature and could not be removed by the government nor surrendered by the individual. These inalienable rights were impossible to surrender (the meaning of inalienable). Locke also saw the social contract of government between the people and those they chose to govern them, i.e., an elected representative, president, etc. Indeed, the government could not limit the natural rights of the individuals and that limited the power of the government. Moreover, the government then, did not hold absolute power, but served the people and acted only to enforce and protect the Natural Rights of THE PEOPLE. Therefore, if a king, or president, or government violated these rights, the social contract then was broken, and the people had the right to revolt and establish a new government.

Which brings us to the crux of the issue, our broken social contract with the USG. Who can deny that the government, especially under Obama, has not pissed on the Constitution and shit on the American people? Who can deny that Obama has lied to us, over and over? Who can deny that Obama has bypassed Congress, usurped his powers as defined in the Constitution? Who can deny that Eric Dickholder, Jeh Johnson, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Lois Lerner, and just about every other official in the Obama Regime has lied, obfuscated, destroyed evidence, evaded questions by illegally claiming the 5th Amendment, committed treason, and attacked the American people either through the IRS or with such scandals as Operation Fast and Furious? Who can deny that DHS/TSA continues to outrage Americans through intrusive searches that to date have accomplished nothing? The answer? No one.

Thus it is clear, that the government has defaulted on the social compact even in just ONE of the enumerated powers, “to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” Repel invasion. Right. The borders are little more than a sieve. Illegal aliens swarm over the border like red ants to a picnic. Terrorists have already come through and are simply waiting for the call to act. Disease, pestilence, criminals, gangsters, and low IQ unskilled labor flood into our nation. As far as suppressing insurrections, Eric Dickholder doesn’t seem to capable to suppress the inner city feral apes from raping, looting, and otherwise running amok. We won’t even dicuss the rampant spending of our money and the money of future generations yet unborn on social programs that are corrupted beyond belief. We have a lawless president, a lawless Congress, and two political parties so corrupt that it is no longer a joke.

So the question arises and that is, if the government has defaulted on one or more of the enumerated powers, do the American people have the Natural Right to revolt? Even more to the point, do States have the duty to remain in a broken social compact or are they responsible to their citizens to “form a more perfect union?” If the USG has wrecked the social compact and turned it into a suicide pact, i.e., the Blue States and their inner city welfare rats dragging the rest of us under, must we go down with them or take to the lifeboats and secede?

Note to liberals reading this. It ain’t 1861. Get over it. Almost ALL of the gunmakers are in the South or relocating to the South. A majority of the military bases are IN THE SOUTH as the Damn Yankees went Left and anti-military. The majority in the US Military is Conservative and they hate the anti-military Left, i.e., Bezerkely, SF, etc. And the remaining industry in America is either in the South or moving there. The Leftist President is hated as no other, not even that Yankee terrorist Abe Lincoln. The rogue agency, the EPA, has shut down businesses and power plants throughout the Rust Bowl (NE states) and they are full of illegal aliens and jihadis (Minnesota) who would rape, loot, and pillage vice fighting for the Union. The more that the Obama Crime Cartel oppresses the people, the more flock to the side who embraces the Constitution as it was written.

As the Gunny has said in the past, secession looks better and better, especially if in 2016 we get a squishy RINO in office who does nothing to rein in the Establishment Elites and the Federal Colossus and if we did secede, we have the moral high ground on our side…and the artillery pieces to put on said high ground!