signed Barack Obama aka Prezzy Obola.

EXCERPT:  “President Obama won’t be traveling to New Jersey and Connecticut later today, as he had been planning to do. There he was going to raise money for Democrats up for reelection in November. Instead, Obama is going to be hosting Cabinet members for a meeting on Ebola. 

White House aide Dan Pfeiffer tweets: “Later this afternoon, POTUS will convene a meeting at the White House of cabinet agencies coordinating the government’s Ebola response.”

In the words of the immortal R. Lee Ermey: “Hollleeeeeeeeeeeey dog shit.”

Prezzy Obola actually had to cancel a FUNDRAISER! Shit just got serious. What’s next? Cancelling a golf trip? Delaying a tee time? AGH! Oh the HUMANITY!



and the result thereof.

EXCERPT:  “the US Army has completed but is refusing to release its investigation into the suspected desertion of Army PFC Bowe Bergdahl who walked off his base in Afghanistan in 2009. He subsequently fell into the hands of Taliban forces who held him captive for five years. His release, which was orchestrated and executed by the Obama Administration without the consent of Congress, swapped Bergdahl for the five most senior Taliban commanders held in captivity has arguably become the most controversial prisoner exchange in the history of the country. 

Bergdahl, who was released in May of this year, is currently stationed at Fort Sam Houston U.S. Army North in San Antonio, TX. The army report was authored by Brigadier General Kenneth Dahl and, according to a US army spokesman, is now being “reviewed by commanders.” There are no plans, said Army Spokesman Wayne Hall, to make public the findings of the investigation. 

Fox News is reporting however that the findings will be released to the public, but only after the November 4 midterm elections.

Bob Bergdahl thanked Allah for his son’s release AND
praised his son for seeking out the Taliban.


 but had this to say before getting on Golf One.

“If you like your Ebola free nation, you can keep your Ebola free nation.”

However, following close behind President Obola was seen…





on 7 Dec, 1941 at 0755 Hawaii Territory Time (HTT): “Pearl Harbor Attacked. This is not a drill.” Flash message to White House. Obama acts THEN as he does NOW!

1356 (EST):  President Obama notified of attack.
1400 (EST):  President Obama gets initial Presidential Daily Briefing on Japanese.
1415 (EST):  President Obama attends brunch at a private residence in Georgetown.
1515 (EST):  President Obama departs private residence.
0815 (HTT):  USS Arizona has exploded and sunk.
0830 (HTT):  USS Nevada runs aground at Hospital Point.
1630 (EST):  President Obama arrives in Baltimore, attends DNC fundraiser.
1030 (HTT):  US wounded pour into hospitals and are laid out on lawns. Medics convert barracks, dining halls, and schools into temporary hospitals.
1800 (EST):  President Obama departs Baltimore, arrives Philadelphia, attends DNC fundraiser.
1100 (HTT):  USS Oklahoma rolls over trapping numerous US sailors inside.
1805 (EST):  President Obama dodges questions on Pearl Harbor attack.
2000 (EST):  President Obama departs DNC fundraiser.
1300 (HTT):  Last Japanese planes returns to their carriers.
2030 (EST):  President Obama arrives at the Waldorf Astoria for DNC fundraiser over coffee and desserts by world class baker Monsieur Nomaduria.
2145 (EST):  President Obama attends a fundraiser for Senate Democrats at a private residence outside of Philadelphia.
2300 (EST):  President Obama in bed. 
1700 (HTT)   Pearl Harbor continues to burn.
0300 (EST):  The phone ringing in the White House goes unanswered.

Golfing While the World Burns


we can blame The Obomination and his minions in the American Communists and Liberals Union (ACLU) that is, if we’re alive to do it! AGAIN Obumbles failed to do his Constitutional duties and he did it sub rosa back in 2010! (The Obomination pronounced it “eboly” in a speech on Thursday.)

EXCERPT:  “The Obama administration has quietly scrapped plans to enact sweeping new federal quarantine regulations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention touted four years ago as critical to protecting Americans from dangerous diseases spread by travelers.

The regulations, proposed in 2005 during the Bush administration amid fears of avian flu, would have given the federal government additional powers to detain sick airline passengers and those exposed to certain diseases. They also would have expanded requirements for airlines to report ill passengers to the CDC and mandated that airlines collect and maintain contact information for fliers in case they later needed to be traced as part of an investigation into an outbreak. …

The American Civil Liberties Union had objected to potential passenger privacy rights violations and the proposal’s “provisional quarantine” rule. That rule would have allowed the CDC to detain people involuntarily for three business days if the agency believed they had certain diseases: pandemic flu, infectious tuberculosis, plague, cholera, SARS, smallpox, yellow fever, diphtheria or viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola. …

CDC officials had stressed the rules would only be used in rare circumstances when someone posed a threat and refused to cooperate. The new rules, they noted at the time, added legal protections and appeals for those subject to quarantines.”

The Gunny hopes that these disease infect every damn Liberal and Proggy in America and ends their efforts to impose their misery on us.