to the English language! If Harf is in over HER head then President Lawn Jockey is so far down that sunlight cannot penetrate to his depth.


the families and servicemembers in the 1983 Beirut attack that was done by Hezbollah, the lapdogs of Iran. There was 241 Marines killed by Hezbollah/Iran but its all good because Obama is busy making a secret deal with Iran.

In this Sunday, Oct. 23, 1983, file photo, rescuers prepare to lower a U.S. Marine on a stretcher down to safety below, in Beirut, Lebanon, following a truck bomb attack on the Marine barracks near the Beirut airport. The blast _ the single deadliest attack on U.S. forces abroad since World War II _ claimed the lives of 241 American service members. (Bill Foley/AP Photo, file)<br />
EXCERPT:  “(Bloomberg) — Victims of the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut lost a legal bid to seize $1.6 billion of Iranian assets from a Luxembourg account managed by Deutsche Boerse AG unit Clearstream Banking SA. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in New York dismissed a lawsuit seeking to seize the money because it belongs to Iran’s central bank, Deutsche Boerse said in a statement Friday. The case was brought by servicemen injured and the families of those who died in the attack, according to court records. The truck bombing killed 241 Americans.

“We acknowledge the court’s decision and consider it to be consistent with well-established U.S. and international financial-infrastructure regulations and obligations,” Deutsche Boerse said in the statement. The specific order cited by Deutsche Boerse doesn’t appear in records in Manhattan federal court. There is a Feb. 19 notice that Forrest has made a ruling in the case and will make it public at noon Friday unless the parties object. That deadline passed without a posting to the case’s electronic docket.”

This flies in the face of an earlier judgement FOR the Plantiffs AGAINST Iran.

Okay, here is what we know right now. Obama is a puppet dancing on Valerie Jarrett’s strings. Valeria Jarrett is an Iranian communist with deep ties to Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other fetid Muslim groups.

Now for the weenie.

WHO is U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest?

1.  She was appointed by one Barack Hussein Obama  MMM! MMM! MMM!
2.  THEN the Gunny goes straight to Open Secrets and what does he find?


5/18/07 $500 Obama, Barack (D)
8/12/05 $5,000 Keeping America’s Promise (D)
1/13/10 $250 Coakley, Martha (D)
9/22/07 $2,300 Clinton, Hillary (D)
8/29/06 $1,000 Courtney, Joe (D)
3/6/08 $500 Obama, Barack (D)
4/14/10 $1,000 Leahy, Patrick (D)
10/5/04 $5,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
10/13/09 $1,500 Schumer, Charles E (D)
5/27/04 $500 Kerry, John (D)

Small wonder why the families and survivors of the Iranian attack in Beirut got screwed over. A liberal judge, appointed by Obama, who gets his marching orders from an Iranian Communist, told her to vacate their claim and let Iran off of the hook. Oddly enough that $1,500 donation to Upchuck Schumer paid off since he was the varmint who recommended this liberal pig to Obama for a Federal Judge position. Funny how that works. Pay to Play, the Liberal Way.



The idiot that Soros selected, that the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media screened, covered, primped, and pimped for, and a voter base with a collective IQ of 10…MAYBE!, is now a running joke, even at the Washington Post! For The Obomination to lose the slavish butt-snorkeling Goebbelsesque Leftist is tantamount to the house of cards that IS the Obama pResidency, crumbling into a pile of dried up cow flop.

In a column at the WaPo they finaly realize that there is a ignorant f*ckstick in the White House. The Gunny has only one thing to say to the WaPo weenies: “Welcome to the party PAL!” They actually rated the Dumbassery of the Boil on America’s Ass. Here are the Gunny’s two favorites and more at the link below.

Gun Shades

(Now THIS one is funny as HELL because the dumbass missed like 21 out of 24 free throw attempts.

Count It.

Unbelievably we have over 700 more days of this boil on the ass of America but if America can survive this turd, we can survive anything, including an invasion by infectious human locusts from Mexico and Central America.

Somewhere Putin, ISIS, China, and the rest of our enemies are laughing and trying not to bust a gut in the process!


want in the White House.

EXCERPT:  “Wednesday at the Detroit Economic Club, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said to “create high, sustained economic growth,” we need to “dramatically expand immigrants that are coming to work.”

Bush said, “It seems to me we ought to be strategic about this about how do we create high, sustained economic growth And that is to shift away from family reunification being almost the sole driver of illegal immigration to narrowing that do what every other country has, spouse and minor children. And dramatically expanding immigrants that are coming to work. A  guest worker program to deal in the areas where there are shortages.”

It appears that Jebbie has been bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and maybe a few outsiders from, say, Mexico? More Americans are out of work than ever before, thanks to President Lawn Jockey and this blithering idiot wants to IMPORT more illegal aliens so as to take middle class jobs and the low class jobs! No doubt that the Chamber of Commerce and the rich elite business owners clap wildly for Jebbie but apparently this idiot wants to continue President Lawn Jockey’s War on the Middle Class and the sovereignty/future of America.

Other stupid shit that has come out of the turd’s oral sewer…

“Not possible to completely control border.”
“Repopulate Detroit with immigrants.”
“Ridiculous not to give accelerated citizenship to young illegals.”

The Gunny will set himself on fire before he votes for this dickhead. His crapulence of “Not possible to completely control border,” is pure 100% unadulterated BULLSHIT! Let the Gunny loose on that problem and with funding, that border will be tighter than a gnat’s ass. Land mines, claymores, tanglefoot, punji stakes, pitfalls, free-fire zones, machine gun pits, gun towers, a big wall topped with razor wire and high voltage. And anyone caught getting over that is immediately shot and survivors will be shot again.

And repopulate Detoilet with immigrants? Why? So the inner city feral apes there have more people to loot, rape, rob, and murder? How about we repopulate Detoilet with Jeb, his family, RINOs, and the Demotard Party!

Every day that goes by it becomes that more apparent that we are going to have to have a civil war and dispose of the scumbags in DC who are selling us out for a few bucks. We NO LONGER have decent representation in DC, except for a few decent folks like Cruz, Lee, Gowdy, to name a few. The rest of them, including the Clintons and the Bushes are simply human dross.

Dear Jeb..


Make that major asshole.


aka the IRS, set to redistribute BILLIONS of tax dollars to illegal aliens!

EXCERPT:IRS Commissioner John Koskinen (that’s the Gollum looking f*ckstick that lied to Congress over and over and nothing happened to him) confirmed Tuesday that illegal immigrants granted amnesty from deportation under President Obama’s new policies would be able to get extra refunds from the IRS for money they earned while working illegally, as long as they filed returns during those years.

Illegal immigrants who are granted the amnesty will be given official Social Security numbers, which means they can go back and amend up to three years of previous tax forms to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, potentially claiming billions of dollars in additional payments they were ineligible for before the amnesty.”

So let the Gunny get this right. These criminals are here ILLEGALLY, breaking a bunch of laws just by BEING HERE and breaking MORE laws by working! They don’t file taxes and many of them have worked “under the table,” so they’re going to file amended tax returns and not only get a REFUND check, they’re going to get ANOTHER check under the Earned Income Credit redistribution scam created by and for Low IQ Democrud voters.

Now HERE is how this scam works. The illegal aliens have BOGUS SSNs (kinda like Obama’s) on their W-2s and this does not match the ITIN (Illegal aliens can get a taxpayer ID, called an ITIN, in lieu of an SSN and use that to file a tax return) used on their 1040s and this IDs them to the IRS as an illegal. Next, these criminals file as the “head of household” with a horde of dependents listed as various relatives, and this then qualifies them for the various Tax Credits and the redistribution Earned Income Credit scam, even though many of them DO NOT live in the USA, not should they! The IRS has been told by The Obomination to process them and our tax dollars go flying right out of the door, into their pockets, and then sent back to whatever Third World shithole they crawled out of.

In addition to the above, many of the illegals work under the table, sent that money back to Mexico, etc., and apply for AND GET welfare and other bennies using false IDs so we’re also getting ripped off that way as well. And the Democrats, the RINOs, and the Chamber of Commerce are all for it. Jeb Bush is a pro-Amnesty open border clown and should have a D after his name so as the Establishment RINOs push this polished turd to the front for the nomination (even though he’s the bottom of the list among the American people in polls) you will not need to ask WHY, you’ll know. Cheap labor for the elites.

And Congress does nothing to stop it.

“When the people realize that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic” Benjamin Franklin

Guess what America? We’re well along down THAT road.


and then goes to San Fransicko for a $10,000 a plate FUNDRAISER!

EXCERPT:  “Even a cut-rate price of $10,000 can’t get people interested in having dinner with President Obama. That’s a deep discount, compared to a $32,400 ticket prior to the 2014 election. SFist reports an email promoting an event in San Francisco with the president states the fundraiser currently has “many” seats available.

A copy of the invitation lists $10,000 will get the attendee an “intimate” dinner and photo with Obama, as well as participation in a “Q&A.” The funds will go to the Democratic National Committee.”

Wow, if President Lawn Jockey can’t raise a crowd DEEP in the Blue State of The People’s Republik of Mexifornia, in DEEP BLUE San Fransicko, where the men are sheep and the women are glad of it, this is a tragic event for The Won, he who swore to heal the Earth and lower the seas! Why only last year, at the home of Mark Pincus, the sheep forked over $32,400 a plate to the Progressives and even then only 25 idiots attended (AP).

The sissy in the White House mewled and bleated in 2013:

“I’ve continued to believe that Citizens United contributed to some of the problems we’re having in Washington right now. You have some ideological extremist who has a big bankroll, and they can entirely skew our politics.”

Amazing right? This f*cking crybaby mewls about people with a big bankroll skewing our politics yet he’s the puppet of Soros. He gets a wad of cash from Soros, Hollyweird, The Weinsteins, The Tides Foundation and hundreds of anonymous donors, Babs Streisand, Bill Gates, the guy that owns Progressive Insurance (NO American worth their salt should do business with this company), and a few other billionaires.  

The irony here is so thick you need a jackhammer to cut through it as the Democruds LOVE to claim that they are for the “little people” when 100% of their “fundraisers” are only affordable by the rich and shameless. Obama whining about money in politics while raking in the dough…Classic.

What is even better is that the Gunny’s prediction in 2007/08, that Obumbles would drag down the Democrud Party, is coming true. Slowly but surely the cracks turn into fissures even as WE, the people, retake the GOP, slowly but surely.