destroyed, wiped out, expunged from the face of the Earth OR we leave these vermin to their own and form a more perfect Union excluding these maggots.

EXCERPT:  YouGov’s latest research shows that many Americans support making it a criminal offense to make public statements which would stir up hatred against particular groups of people. Americans narrowly support (41%) rather than oppose (37%) criminalizing hate speech, but this conceals a partisan divide. Most Democrats (51%) support criminalizing hate speech, with only 26% opposed. Independents (41% to 35%) and Republicans (47% to 37%) tend to oppose making it illegal to stir up hatred against particular groups. 

Let us be very clear here. The First Amendment protects UNPOPULAR speech. You have the right to say, “all n*ggers must hang.” That doesn’t mean that you won’t get punched in the mouth, as there are consequences for all actions. That said, the New Black Panther Party HAS THE RIGHT to say that, “all cracker babies must die,” and they DID say it, more than a few times. Does that offend? Sure. Are they assholes? You bet. Will the Gunny ventilate their brain housing group with a well-aimed .45 acp if they mess with him or his? Fucking A skippy. “And I’ll be home in time for corn flakes…” (Total Recall) But they have the right to say it. Same as the Westboro Baptist vermin. Again, the consequences of THEIR actions has resulted in assbeatings and angry veteran bikers menacing them and blocking them from view of the bereaved.

So we have 41% saying that “hate speech” should be a criminal offense and only 37% AGAINST? WTF America? Here in the US of A we punish people for the crimes that they DO, not for what they think, otherwise the Gunny would be doing Life w/o parole for mentally robbing armored cars! haha.

Welcome to the Progressive Regressives United Socialist States of America. No doubt Committee Chairman Comrade Barack Lenin Obama is currently drafting a new Constitution along the lines of the former Soviet Union one.

“Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” Ronaldus Magnus

Looks like the light of freedom in the USSA is dying out.




continues to charge ahead full steam. Benedict Arnold Boner and Foreskin McConnell (who needs to be circumcised at the neck) are leading the charge and are so busy kissing Obama’s ass that YOU KNOW that they were promised something to turn their coats. Yeah, keep supporting the GOP. Bastards are just the opposite side of a counterfeit coin with the damned Democruds on the other side.

Basically this TPP bullshit turns over our sovereignty to an international committee, kinda like the UN, which works SO WELL for American interests, and they’ll set the trade treaties for us in the future. It is quite evident that the Democrats want this in order to stick it to the US and the goddamn Repukes want it because the Chamber of Commerce has bought them all off. Cheap labor? It’ll screw over American workers? NO problem Congressman Boner, here’s a few 100K for you to look the other way, vote for it, and oh, there will be a nice seat on the committee for you when you retire from the public trough, er, Congress. The Gunny wonders what Orrin “Sellout” Hatch was promised? Another “Cornhusker Kickback” only for HIS State? A seat on the committee?

The Constitution CLEARLY states that a treaty vote requires 2/3rds vote of the Senate, NOT the 50% that Fast Track requires (Article 2, Section 2, Number 2). Once again the scumbags in DC routinely piss on the Congress, their Oaths of Office, and the American People. So now we have a lawless Government basically seeking to turn this nation over to an international trade committee and where is the SCOTUS? NOWHERE in sight. Now here is a kick in there balls. The SOLE purpose of the SCOTUS is to hold uphold the U.S. Constitution as the LAW OF THE LAND and ONLY the Constitution. Of course these gutless fucks refused to hear anything about Obama’s birth certificate, real or not, or any other issue concerning this criminal imposter in the White House. Again, the government clowns violate their Oaths of Office and nothing is done about it and God forbid that they DID do something, like declare that these violations are grounds for IMPEACHMENT!

All three branches of the government are corrupt worse than a Mexican Federale in Tijuana.

One point of note must be made here. Every treaty that the US ever signed onto was ratified by the Senate, in a 2/3rd vote, until the Tokyo Round (1979), NAFTA, Uruguay Round, US/Canada Round, the US/Israel Round came along. Proponents will screech that they enhanced trade but if they’re so good for America, one, WHY were they Fast-Tracked and not voted on by the Senate and two, WHY are they not called “treaties” in the real meaning of the word?

Point-of-Fact:  The betrayal of the Constitution started in 1934 by FDR. (Gee, go figure). The Great Socialist signed the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934 which gave HIM the power to negotiate trade agreements AND implement changes WITHOUT any further Congressional approval! And a DEMOCRAT Congress let him do it.

Point-of-Fact II: Ronaldus Magnus entered into negotiations with Canada over the US/Canada Round BUT unlike the other scumbags, i.e., FDR, JFK, Carter, Nixon, Obama, HE submitted the proposed legislation TO CONGRESS for them to review BEFORE signing it into law. While Ronaldus Magnus did not follow the Constitution, he did follow precedence AND allowed it to be reviewed FIRST. Evidently ObamaTrade is so good that it remain classified. So much for transparency in government.

In conclusion…

Here comes the scary scary part:  Our last hope as a Republic and a sovereign Nation lies in the House of Representatives and Speaker of the Happy Hour, Mr John “Crybaby” Boner. And you can bet your last dollar (worth .18 thanks to The Fed) that Boner will lube up and bend over for Barry. Congress has the authority under Fast Track to vote yes or no on the proposed legislation, without an amendment but we ALL KNOW that the Congress has already been bought and sold by the Chamber of Commerce, i.e., Scamnesty for Illegal Aliens (cheap labor). All salute El President for Life Obama and his final usurpation of the American Way.

Saved Round:  BTW, ObamaTrade will also usurp the Constitution via the Supremacy Clause. Looks like Obama will be able to finally get rid of that pesky “charter of negative liberties” and draft a NEW Constitution, probably along the lines of the former Soviet Union!

How did Obama say it in 2008? Oh yeah, “The US Constitution is deeply flawed.” And yet the Sheeple voted him in.





It is quite clear, or it SHOULD BE, that the clown in the White House is either high on coke and choom, high on unicorn farts, living in Delusionville, or quite simply, mentally incompetent.

non compos mentis  (nän ˌkämpəs ˈmen(t)əs/) adj. 1. not sane or in one’s right mind.

EXCERPT:  The War Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Jeffrey Goldberg: “You’ve argued that ISIS has been on the defensive. But Ramadi just fell. Are we actually losing this war, or would you not go that far?”

President Barack Obama: “No, I don’t think we’re losing, and I just talked to our CENTCOM commanders and the folks on the ground. There’s no doubt there was a tactical setback, although Ramadi had been vulnerable for a very long time, primarily because these are not Iraqi security forces that we have trained or reinforced. They have been there essentially for a year without sufficient reinforcements, and the number of ISIL that have come into the city now are relatively small compared to what happened in [the Iraqi city of] Mosul. But it is indicative that the training of Iraqi security forces, the fortifications, the command-and-control systems are not happening fast enough in Anbar, in the Sunni parts of the country. You’ve seen actually significant progress in the north, and those areas where the Peshmerga [Kurdish forces] are participating. Baghdad is consolidated. Those predominantly Shia areas, you’re not seeing any forward momentum by ISIL, and ISIL has been significantly degraded across the country. But—”

In related news, ISIS today, held a victory parade through Ramadi…

You can read the rest of this idiot’s bullshit at:

But why would you want to…



climate change like Dumbo the Kenyan Asshat recently told Coast Guard grads but rather, the extreme idiocy of the Obama Regime and Liberals/Progressives in general. Yeah, its climate change that we must worry about, NOT ISIS taking over Iraq and completing the next step in Qutb’s screed regarding Islamic global terrorism or Iraq getting their hands on nukes. Nope. Worrying about a bullshit hoax is more important. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when STUPID ASSHOLE LIBERALS and PARASITE WELFARE LEECHES elect a MORON from Kenya!

EXCERPT:  “ — Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Wednesday pushed their offensive south into Iraq’s Sunni Muslim heartland, capturing key crossroad towns on the highway to the capital, Baghdad, andtaking control of a critical oil refinery. The speedy advance of Islamic State fighters triggered recriminations in Baghdad, where Iraqi officials sought assistance from the United States to counter the advance.

A senior Iraqi official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive politics of the matter, said Baghdad even had asked U.S. officials to consider undertaking air strikes to rout the fighters.”

Ramadi falls. ISIS runs rampant, gathering up left behind US arms and equipment, but President Shithead is more concerned with fomenting racial strife and climate change.

Not to be outdone, the new lies from Josh Earnest are a fucking JOKE!

ABC Jon Karl Q: “Now, on the overall track record of military operations of the President’s strategy on this, you said we’ve seen periods of progress and success.  Would you say that overall, this strategy has been a success?”

MR. EARNEST:  “Well, Jon, yes. Overall, yes. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been areas of setback, as we saw in Ramadi.”

ABC Jon Karl Q:  “I mean, is exporting terror to Libya, taking over the capital of Iraq’s largest province — this is overall success?”

MR. EARNEST:  What we’ve also seen is we’ve also seen a coalition of 60 nations both in the region and around the world join the United States in this fight.  We’ve seen a new Prime Minister take office in Iraq and unite that country and deploy a multi-sectarian security force against ISIL that has succeeded in liberating important areas of Diyala and Babil and Nineveh and the Kirkuk Provinces.  We’ve seen important Iraqi security force gains in Tikrit *and Ramadi.  [RAMADI HAD ALREADY FALLED TO ISIS!] We’ve also seen strategic areas like Sinjar Mountain and Mosul Dam where Iraqi security forces have emerged victorious.

So we have seen a lot of success.  But we’ve also seen significant periods of setback.  And that’s part of what a military conflict is going to be, particularly when it’s going to be a long-term proposition like this one.

So Ramadi falling to ISIS, a city within pissing distance of Baghdad, is a success? Maybe a smoking crater, rife with radiation, located where DC used to be, might be deemed a disaster? Only by politicians.


A joke for a pResident is still a joke. And a sad ass one at that.

The death score of the Cut and Run Party.

Korea: Tie. (Dems) Total US KIA/WIA: 128,650
Vietnam: Loss (Dems) Total US KIA/WIA: 211,454 MIA: 1,643. (Thanks John Kerry)
Iraq: Won by Bush 43, Lost by Obama: Total KIA/WIA: 36,710
Afghanistan: Poised for victory by Bush 43, lost by Obama: Total KIA/WIA: 20,904



that was won.

EXCERPT:  “BAGHDAD — The last Iraqi security forces fled Ramadi on Sunday, as the city fell completely to the militants of the Islamic State, who ransacked the provincial military headquarters, seizing a large store of weapons, and killed people loyal to the government, according to security officials and tribal leaders.

The fall of Ramadi, despite intensified American airstrikes in recent weeks in a bid to save the city, represented the biggest victory so far this year for the Islamic State, which has declared a caliphate, or Islamic state, in the vast areas of Syria and Iraq that it controls. The defeat also laid bare the failed strategy of the Iraqi government, which had announced last month a new offensive to retake Anbar Province, a large desert region in the west of which Ramadi is the capital.

“The city has fallen,” said Muhannad Haimour, the spokesman for Anbar’s governor. Mr. Haimour said that at least 500 civilians and security personnel had been killed over the last two days in and around Ramadi, either from fighting or executions. Among the dead, he said, was the 3-year-old daughter of a soldier.”

Shades of Korea and Vietnam, where liberal dickheads forced a tie when US Marines were pissing in the Yalu River and then threw in the towel AFTER the SVN Army crushed a couple of NVN offensives, forcing their commie buddies to hold off until 1975, when a Democrat Congress cut off funding to the SVN government, ending the war that JFK and LBJ started, ran, and ultimately, lost.

So KGB Karter loses Iran to the Mad Mullahs, initiating decades of global terrorism (ala Qutb in :Milestones,” and now the chump in the White House, more concerned with selfies and golf, pretty much has lost Iraq to his fellow radical Muslims. And the GOP, where are they at on this? Hiding under their beds, afraid to do anything lest they be called, HORROR OF HORRORS….racists.

This loss and the blood of those Americans and Iraqis, KIA’d, WIA, or maimed for life rests solely on the head of President Shit-for-Brains and his cabal of gutless swine.



done in the South Side of Shitcago. What an appropriate location for a pile of shit. It’ll be just down the street from his favorite gay bathhouse, Man’s Country.



should scare the shit out of anyone with their eyes open.

EXCERPT:  “President Obama said he wanted Americans to gain perspective and be thankful there is less violence now than there was during the Cold War. Obama predicted Islam’s process to rid itself of extremism would be a “generational project,” he said in an interview with Chris Matthews. “I remind people that, you know, there actually is probably less war and less violence around the world today than there might have been 30, 40 years ago. It doesn’t make it any less painful but things can get better,” Obama said.

The president set a high standard for himself: at least the United States is not involved in another Cold War. Obama did not compare his time in the White House with that of his predecessors. Instead, he portrayed his six years in a more promising point of view by contrasting it with some of the most violent and politically complex times in modern world history.”

SOMEONE PLEASE give this asshole a piss test. STAT! Lord King God Barackus Obama is either smoking some damn good choom and hitting that high with a coke snort or two (now that he can afford it) or his brain is rotten from too much choom and coke to believe that bullshit.

After the loss of the Democrat’s war in Vietnam, where was the US Military involved in a shooting war? Nowhere. The Democrat’s stalemate in Korea was still in place and relatively quiet. Ronaldus Magnus kicked some Cuban ass in Graneda by that was an overnighter. Even the asskicking delivered to Saddam in 1990/91 was fairly mild in comparison to the other wars the democrats have gotten us involved in and either tied or cut and run. (Korea/Vietnam). Or a waste of our time and resources (Bosnia). But now? Consider the rise of al-Qaeda under BJ Bubba Klinton’s watch and the below are just the MAJOR ones involving US citizens and does not include the myriad of other global terrorist acts usually committed by Muslims, backed by Iran.

Kidnappings of U.S. Citizens in Colombia, January 31, 1993
World Trade Center Bombing, February 26, 1993
Attempted Assassination of President Bush by Iraqi Agents, April 14, 1993
FARC Hostage-taking, September 23, 1994
Attack on U.S. Diplomats in Pakistan, March 8, 1995
Bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995
Attack on U.S. Embassy in Moscow, September 13, 1995
Saudi Military Installation Attack, November 13, 1995
Athens Embassy Attack, February 15, 1996
Khobar Towers Bombing, June 25, 1996
Empire State Building Sniper Attack, February 23, 1997
Murder of U.S. Businessmen in Pakistan, November 12, 1997
U.S. Embassy Bombings in East Africa, August 7, 1998
U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania bombing August 7, 1998
Attack on U.S.S. Cole, October 12, 2000
Manila Bombing, December 30, 2000

Now today, we have Russia on the loose, bringing back the Cold War that Ronaldus Magnus won and they’re doing it in a big way, trotting out their newest battle tank just a few days ago. Russian reset under Killary Benghazi. EPIC FAIL. They’re invading the Ukraine, selling missiles to Iran, and got their nasty little fingers in pies around the world. The North Koreans are still causing trouble and will probably go nuke in the near future, since Maddy Halfbright and BJ Bubba Clinton’s numerous failed attempts to placate them went awry. Remember how that went? Give them food, money, fuel and they’d stop going nuke. The NorKs renege. More food, money, fuel. The NorKs renege. Rinse. Repeat.

China? They’re just working on a regional takeover and currently they’re busy building military bases in the Spratly Islands. No problem. Oh, and they’re busy building aircraft carriers, nuclear subs, and upgrading their multi-million man army but no worries.

Iran? Our Dear Leader sends over a chump who gets played like a fool by the Iranians, who likely invented lying. Obama lies to the American people about the various aspects of the deal, snubs Netanyahu and Israel, and works to bypass the Senate on a treaty deal with these unreliable scumbags. They can go nuke in a few months, not a few years like Obama wishes, but hey, don’t worry. Their missiles can hit Europe and soon, they’ll be able to hit the USA! And that missile shield we were working on? Obama cancelled it in 2009.

Obama, Killary Benghazi, Valerie Jarrett, and a few other idiots started the Arab Spring which quickly turned into the Arab Nightmare, with Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and now Yemen in an uproar and under attack by Radical Islam, of which Obama refuses to even name or discuss! Benghazi was the result of CIA gun-running to Libyan rebels against Khaddafi, who was no longer a threat to the US, and Obama’s illegal war there was a failure. As a matter of fact, not only is the Middle East up shit creek without a paddle, all over Africa, the shit is hitting the fan, and Manchelle Obama’s epic idiocy #givebackourgirls tweet to Boko Harum was fucking joke.

Meanwhile, on the ally front, Obama has done more to piss off every last one of them, including the Saudis (who are now acting in an Arab coalition to hit ISIS), and he’s shit on Israel in preference to the Palestinian scumbags, who shoot missiles into Israel from mosques, homes, hospitals, etc, and who continue to use UN money to buy missiles from North Korea and dig tunnels into Israel to mount further attacks.

Here in the US, we have the military practicing for a martial law takeover, Operation Jade Helm, and that display in Boston, of armed cops invading people’s homes, heedless of the Fourth Amendment, was rather disturbing. Not to mention the racial strife that Obama and Eric Holder, along with race pimps Al Charlatan and Jesse “Love Puppy” Jackson have fomented and encouraged. Indeed, it was Obama that sent four douchebags to the funeral of a welfare thug while ignoring the funeral of a General who had served his country, not looted it.

Less violence than 30-40 years ago? Tell that to the million Hutus murdered by the Tutsi while BJ Bubba got some skull off of a fatty and the millions of Mexicans who have to live in an anarchy run by drug cartels, armed by Eric Holder during Operation Fast and Furious and who have had their loved ones murdered. 

Once again Obama proves that his head is up his ass and that this nation IS INDEED being run by idiotic mentally arrested teeny-boppers in a massive cronyistic Kakistocracy with 638 more days of this moron. That is, if we survive it.





HARSH Language ahead. (Libs turn back now before you’re offended!)

to the destruction of America. Or as The Kenyan sees it, the “leveling” of America or as his pastor Reverend (and the Gunny uses the title loosely here) Wright says, “America’s chickens, are coming HOME, to roost!

EXCERPT:  “This past month may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system. True, there have been any number of periods of frustration for the US before, and times when American behaviour was hardly multilateralist, such as the 1971 Nixon shock, ending the convertibility of the dollar into gold. But I can think of no event since Bretton Woods comparable to the combination of China’s effort to establish a major new institution and the failure of the US to persuade dozens of its traditional allies, starting with Britain, to stay out of it.

WHY would Dumbo and his cabal of anti-American scumbags, from Biden to Yellin to his Rasputin Valerie Jarrett (co-president), Soros, and the rest of the vermin GIVE A DAMN about stopping our “traditional allies” from jumping on that bandwagon? It hits America right in the wallet, which is where Obama and Company have been hitting us since day one, in the wallet. Higher Taxes, ObamaKare, TARP, shovel-ready bullshit, America’s credit rating dropped for the first time EVER, a shitty economy, Green Czar Van Jones and the missing BILLIONS, NO recovery, Solyndra, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Obama leads from the rear unless it concerns shitting on the American people or the nation. Consider this. Dumbo and his rump swab Eric Dickholder send some dickheads to the funeral of a piece of shit/human garbage thug in Ferguson but absolutely ignore the funeral of a war hero. Can anything be clearer than this? That useless shit stain in the White House could not give a tinker’s dam about this nation and never has.

EXCERPT:  “Second, in global as well as domestic politics, the middle class counts the most. It sometimes seems that the prevailing global agenda combines elite concerns about matters such as intellectual property, investment protection and regulatory harmonisation with moral concerns about global poverty and posterity, while offering little to those in the middle. Approaches that do not serve the working class in industrial countries (and rising urban populations in developing ones) are unlikely to work out well in the long run.” (Larry, refer to Rules for Radicals by Alinsky for Obama’s plans here. It is called redistribution, hate, and chaos.)

Well finally, SOMEONE gets it. The Obomination’s War on the Middle Class. Well no screaming eagle shit huh? Since January 2009, this cheesedick pencil-neck fucker in the White House has waged war on the Middle Class in the USA all the while enriching his homeys in the 1%, of which HE and Manchelle are members, as well as pandering to his homeys in “da hood,” with more and more freebies, entitlements, and loosened rules which makes spending OPM (Other People’s Money) for beer, cigs, and lotto tickets easier. FINALLY someone sees that 93 MILLION Americans OUT of the workforce, the worst since 1971, is a real issue and that 46 MILLION American on welfare is a disaster. WHO pays the way in this nation? The Middle Class. WHO gets fucked by the IRS because they “earn too much” to qualify for the redistribution of OPM, commonly known as EITC? The Middle Class. WHO has seen their income drop while the rich get richer and the poor keep sucking down benefits, i.e., Illegal Aliens? The Middle Class.

How many months of Quantitative Easing has this fucked up collection of criminals, commonly referred to as The Obama Cabinet, allowed to go on through the Constitutionally illegal Fed? The same Fed that has taken the worth of the dollar from a dollar in 1913 to about 17 cents now? QE makes the 1% richer (think Obama’s master George Soros) and piles on the debt that other people will have to pay off, if ever.

EXCERPT:  “What is crucial is that the events of the past month will be seen by future historians not as the end of an era, but as a salutary wake up call.”

Sorry Larry but The Obomination likes to sleep in on those wake up calls. Just ask the Ambassador to Libya. His wake up call went unanswered by Barry and Crew and he got fucked, just like the Middle Class does every single day.



about a deal that really isn’t a deal. Remember in the 90’s when the BJ Bubba Clinton Admin, led by that mental midget Maddy Halfbright, made a deal with the NorK’s, gave them food and fuel, then the NorK’s reneged, more food and fuel went downrange to barter another deal, the NorK’s reneged, and the game went on. The only losers were as usual with a Democrud Admin, the US Taxpayers.

Here the Dummy in the White House yammers on about his legacy of nothing in Iran. History, that is IF we survive a religion of death, armed with nukes, will crucify this idiot much like it did his brother, Neville Chamberlain Sr! 


and this time its to visit his drunken bigamist father’s homeland of Kenya.

EXCERPT:  “Washington (AFP) – Barack Obama will make a long-awaited trip to Kenya later this year, visiting his father’s homeland for the first time since becoming US president six years ago, the White House said Monday. During the long-promised visit this July, Obama will attend a Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the east African nation, a statement said.

Obama has visited Africa four times since becoming president, but has not visited the country where he still has relatives. For much of Obama’s presidency, Kenya’s leaders have been under a cloud of prosecution by the International Criminal Court.” One corrupt leader meeting with another one.

Anyone who thinks that this ain’t a vacation for President Stompy Foot is seriously deluded. One, The First Sasquatch will stay at home with her Mommy and the kids. Two, Barry flies in with his handler and leash holder, Valerie “the rat” Jarrett. Three, Reggie Love suddenly flies in, probably on our dime, for some…”face time.” Four, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be nothing but a redistribution of OUR money to corrupt African leaders, which has been going on for about 75 years now.

Now HERE is one HUGE line of 100% pure unadulterated BULLSHIT flowing out of the White House…

“Kenya maintains enormous potential for economic growth, thanks to the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the Kenyan people.”

Yeah, they’re busting at the seams, working hard to become a First World Nation! haha. Yeah. Right.

In any event, the last African trip cost the US taxpayers $100 million dollars . The Gunny wonders if President Stompy Foot can top that!

IF:  “White Folk’s Greed Runs a World In Need…” Obama
THEN:  Obama’s personal greed (travel) overrules our country’s needs.  

HOW embarrassing can it be to America that 51% of a dumbed down population installed a President who’s father’s homeland is Kenya. The Gunny PRAYS that America has learned its lesson on elected unvetted and unqualified morons to higher office (but he doesn’t think so). Maybe Barry is fixing up a place that he can escape to, in the dead of night, when the torch-bearing peasants come calling.