Debt to GDP ratio now OVER 100%. It is currently 105%. We went OVER 100% in April 2012. That is four YEARS after Dumbo took over.

Now for you liberal idiots out there, this means that WE SPEND more than WE TAKE IN and soon, we’ll be filing for bankruptcy, like The People’s Republik of Kalifornia is going to do, Detroit has done, and other Blue Cities/States will be soon to follow.

The chart starts when Obama took over in Janaury 2009, after the DEMOCRUDS had COMPLETE CONTROL of the Congress since January 2007. Please note that the spending has NEVER stopped.


When the smoke blows away and the mirrors get busted, the house of cards that is Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! begins to fall apart.

The Gunny won’t get into how the Left called Dumbo a genius, or that he was the best thing since sliced bread, or that he was a Constitutional scholar, or that he was an international man of action, or that he was a Uniter, or an economic genius on par with Keynes (slur intended). No, we’ll focus on, and laugh like hell at, two things.

One, “Mark my words, within the next — first six months of this administration, if we win, they’re going to — we’re going to face a major international challenge, ’cause they’re going to want to test him, just like they did John Kennedy, they’re going to want to test him, and they’re going to find out this guy’s got steel in his spine.” Gaffes Biden 2008.


EXCERPT:  “Despite a new U.S. intelligence community assessment that the Syrian regime likely used chemical weapons on its own people, the White House is still waiting for more evidence before deciding whether Bashar al-Assad has crossed President Barack Obama’s “red line.” The White House scrambled Thursday to set up a conference call with reporters following Thursday morning’s news that the U.S. intelligence community has concluded with varying levels of confidence that there has been small-scale use of sarin, a deadly nerve gas, inside Syria, most likely by the Syrian regime. Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers Thursday that the assessment referenced two instances of chemical weapons use in Syria.

A senior White House official said on the conference call that the intelligence community’s assessment was not enough to determine that President Obama’s red line regarding U.S. intervention in Syria has been crossed.

We are continuing to do further work to establish a definitive judgment as to whether or not the red line has been crossed and to inform our decision-making about what to do next,” the official said. “If we reach a definitive determination that this red line has been crossed, based on credible, corroborated information, what we will be doing is consulting closely with our friends and allies and the international community more broadly, as well as the Syrian opposition, to determine what the best course of action is.”

Let the Gunny interpret the above statement from the White Outhouse.

1.  “We are continuing to do further work to establish a definitive judgment as to whether or not the red line has been crossed and to inform our decision-making about what to do next.”

Meaning:  Obama is dithering again because he hasn’t asked Rasputina (Valeria Jarrett) what to do. Obama wrote a check that his feather merchant ass can’t cash.

2.  “If we reach a definitive determination that this red line has been crossed, based on credible, corroborated information…”

Meaning:  We’re going to sit on our hands and do nothing until a mushroom cloud appears over Damascus or maybe even New York City and in any event, we’ll ignore it and hope it goes away.

3.  “what we will be doing is consulting closely with our friends and allies and the international community more broadly…”

Meaning:  We’re going to run to the UN and see if they’ll do anything (which they won’t). Then we’re gonna shag ass to any of several Muslim nations, bow and scrape, and ask THEM to do something. And in the end, it will be a Bash America tour with Obama kissing everyone’s ass and making America look bad.

4.  “as well as the Syrian opposition, to determine what the best course of action is.”

Meaning:  We’re gonna beg them to stop it and our bribe will be more guns and ammo, like we did for the Libyan rebels, and we’ll even give them a fat wad of US taxpayer’s money to chill until January 2017 rolls around.

THIS, fellow patriots, is WHAT HAPPENS when we get caught up in foreign entanglements like George Washington warned us about. WHY are we wasting time and ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR with the Useless Nitwits (UN)? WHY are we STILL in Europe sixty-eight YEARS after WW2 ended? Piss on them, let them defend themselves. WHY are we still in Japan, who, BTW, want us out and rightly so? WHY in the name of God are we STILL fighting in the Middle East? Pull the troops OUT, drill for oil here at home, and sell the Muslims everything they need to blow themselves to Hell! We profit. They get their 72 virgins (who hopefully look like Hillary Clinton or Sarah Brady). A WIN-WIN!

The House of Baraq al Obama is falling down faster than D comedian Kathy Griffin on a drunk!



Obama, er, Hitler finds out that gun control failed in the Senate.

Never fear Leftists, Obama and his scumbag Reid are already going after taxation without represenatation via the Internet, right after they open the floodgates for their undocumented voters from South of the Border.


if Bush 43 had failed to make an appearance.

EXCERPT:  “President Obama is still not scheduled to visit the devastated community of West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer plant five days ago killed 14 – including 11 emergency responders – and wounded approximately 200 people. Up to 75 homes were damaged, as well as an apartment complex that was decimated.

Obama so far has sent prayers and money to the town, but not himself. (Well thank God for THAT! And it is the taxpayer’s money, not his own.) 

According to Bridget Johnson at  PJ Media, Texas senator Ted Cruz said it is “doubtful” that Obama will visit the town.

He will have ample opportunity. The president, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Texas two days this week, heading to Dallas Wednesday for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and then remaining in the city overnight.”

Can you imagine if Bush had pulled this shit? Bush 43 had people on the ground at Katrina in THREE HOURS and yet New Jersey is STILL digging out because once they served their purpose as a reelection prop, Dumbo, like the little boy he is, was off to another golf trip or fundraiser or vacation….



ghostwritten by unrepentant domestic terrorist and left-wing asshole Bill Ayers, to make an ignoramus look more than the half-wit he is? In, “The Audacity of a Dope,” Obama mewled: When the ill winds blow, I will always stand with the Muslims.”

Well Dumbo stands with the Muslims once again when the asshole from Kenya yammered:

EXCERPT:  “Obama: Don’t form opinions on Boston attacks until government decides.”

WHAT THE F*CK!? (Thanks Clyde for the hat tip on this jerkoff and Clyde posted a zinger at Hardnox and Friends.)

Funny how this anal baby can quickly decide that “the police acted stupidly,” when they busted his buddy in Cambridge or that “if I had a son, he’d look likeTrayvon, when the thug proved that natural selection works. Or us bitter clingers, or that the NRA lied to its supporters, punch back harder, “I won,” etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Once again Muslims bomb/hit America and a DEMOCRAT twiddles his thumbs. Kinda like Jimmy “the dhimmi” Karter and 52 American hostages in Iran. Remember, not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorist acts are committed by, yep, you guessed it, the religion of peace, Islam. Funny how we see pictures of these two Muslims, one dead, and yet we NEVER saw pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden. In the words of Shrillary “Whitewater” Clinton, “what difference does it make?” A dead Muslim is a dead Muslim.

Quite simply, in a nutshell, “Fuck you Obama and the jackass you rode in on.” January 2017 cannot come soon enough to boot this triple-vested jackanape and all around poltroon from office and ship his ass back to whatever rock he crawled out from under, like wiping dog shit off of one’s boot. If this shitstain isn’t bombing Muslims, he’s running guns to them through the CIA (Libya), or he is kissing their filthy asses on a “Bash America Tour,” like in Cairo 2009.”


once again.

EXCERPT:  “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday said passage of  tougher gun controls is “inevitable,” projecting optimism less than 24 hours  after the Senate voted down legislation central to President Obama’s strategy to  reduce gun violence.  “It’s a  matter of time,” Pelosi said Thursday during a press briefing in the Capitol.  “It might be inconceivable to the NRA that this might happen; it’s inevitable to  us.” 

Pelosi did not put a timeline on her prediction but suggested public outrage  over the failed Senate effort will eventually force the opponents of tougher gun  laws to reconsider.

“Something must be done, because that’s what the American people expect and  what they deserve,” she said. “We’re just not taking no for an answer.”

A Gallup poll taken a few days ago shows only FOUR PERCENT, that’s 4% for you stupid damn liberals reading this, of Americans want more gun laws and better yet, many states are passing laws AGAINST more gun laws and AGAINST Federal confiscation, etc. Of course the idiots in California not only hand over their God-given RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms like sheep, they passed a law RAISING THEIR TAXES! Stupid breeds stupid.

The stupid bitch actually said:  “It always makes me wonder at a time like this how important we each think we  are, that any one of us thinks our survival politically is more important than  the safety of our children, that we can’t have the courage to take a vote.”

One, THEY TOOK A VOTE Bitch and YOU LOST! Deal with it.
Two, this hag LOVES abortion, which MURDERS children but you don’t hear her bitching about that!

Maybe this dumb bitch took a poll of 500 million Americans in all 57 states and came up with the 90% in favor number like she came up with the stupid statement that 300 million jobs were being lost each month.

Now HERE is something new. Little Boy Barry doesn’t get his way, can’t blame the Republicans like he wanted to, now he goes home to cry to Valerie “Rasputina” Jarrett and write more executive orders, like he was king shit.

EXCERPT:  “Vice President Biden told White House allies in the gun control fight Thursday that President Obama will be announcing new executive actions on gun violence in the days after the Senate voted down a gun violence bill.”

HAHA. Too bad Executive Orders do not affect American citizens and even more Joe, you libscum CANNOT change the Second Amendment no matter how bad you want to. Maybe the House will grow a pair and impeach this Kenyan bastard sooner rather than later.

May Satan call his Democrats home and damn soon. America is about done with these traitors, criminals, and cowards.


never fear, the double-tapper (just ask Reggie Love and Larry Sinclair) killer of OBL is on the scene!

“We are going to find out who did this.”  Lord Barry the Worst.

And? Then? What?

Did Dumbo mean like we were get to the bottom of Operation Fast and Furious? Which never happened.

Did Dumbo mean like we’re gonna get to the bottom of his buddy Hasan, the murderer at Fort Hood? A speedy trial maybe? Or that Hasan’s paycheck would stop (which it hasn’t) upon arrest.

Or maybe we’ll find out WHO is responsible for Benghazi, when Barry gets to the bottom of it,  and THEN find out where the missing 21 witnesses are!

Or does Dumbo mean that once they DO find out who did this, that he’ll channel Progressive Teddy Roosevelt and talk tough off of the teleprompter while waving a golf club about wildly?

Or maybe, just MAYBE, Obama will pardon OJ, who will then commence to look for the bombers on golf courses across America, accompanied by Lord Barry?

Or, “we are going to find out who did this,” and then tell on them to the UN!

Better still, “we are going to find out who did this,” and then send out Hitlery Klintoon to say, “what difference does it make!” or have Susan Rice lie on four networks!

Or, “we are going to find out who did this,” and if it is my good friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, both bombers and murderers, I’ll studiously ignore it and so will Eric Witholder, like we ignored the Black Panther’s voter intimidation and violation of whitey’s civil rights.

Obama is a f*cking gutless pussy who could not fight his way out of a thick fog. He’ll wait a few months and go on vacation again, spend more taxpayer’s money on himself and the First Wideload, and the Liberal Lapdog Media will line up to kiss his ass.


who love Obama think.

Just think back 3 years or so and the messiah from Kenya was nigh untouchable. NO ONE dared make fun of his big dorky ears, his girlie bike, that he throws like a girl, that he had a body servant or man servant or whateverthefuck, named like a gay porn star, Reggie Love. Not even Leno or other comedians dared cross The Sun King from Indonesia, er, Hawaii. But now, after five long YEARS of nothing but speeches, fundraising, golf, vacations, more speeches, more fundraising, and debacles like Solyndra, Operation Fast and Furious, GM bailout, Libya I, and Libya II, Benghazi, Yemen, Keystone pipeline, NorK’s, blah, blah, blah, Dumbo is now a flowing bowl of laughs and the butt of late-night jokes.

Cartoon - Brain Mapping

and how the Obominoids think…

AAA - Linus Gets It


get flown around on Air Force One all in order to push Obama’s gun banning agenda. Of course the father who refused to be a useful idiot for the obama Cartel WAS NOT invited to fly around on Air Force One, on the taxpayer’s dime, go figure. He was not useful to the Obama Cartel.


Amazing isn’t it? The Left would have shit cinder blocks if Bush 43 had tried something like this in order to further HIS agenda of say, reforming Social Security, that the Liberals blocked every time. Imagine Bush 43 loading Air Force One with a bunch of 20 somethings who were getting their paychecks raped for something that they never bought into, likely would never want in the first place, and WILL NEVER SEE all in order to LOBBY Congress to reform it. Or loading up a bunch of homeowners, in Air Force One, who want to reform Fannie/Freddie, in order to keep idiots who cannot pay off their mortgages ala the CRA, OUT of their neighborhoods. BTW, the Banking Queen Bonnie Fwank and Countryside Chris Dodd blocked that reform.

So now because of Lanza, a drugged up kid, who violated EVERY gun law ALREADY ON THE BOOKS, the Senate, led by The Kenyan Bastard child and vermin like Schumer, McLame, Grahamnesty, and other vermin, seek to infringe upon our Second Amendment Right, granted by the CREATOR, not Lord Barry the Pissant. Amazing how the Kenyan Bastard needs to trot out propaganda props every time the sonofabitch wants his way, i.e., fake doctors for Obuttkare, useful idiots here, cops and fireman there…

We can and SHOULD feel sorry for their loss however, this does not give them the right OR our representatives to a), use them as propaganda props, b), transport them via a taxpayer funded mode, c), infringe upon one of the original ten amendments which CANNOT be amended or denied or vanquished. Only Democruds use the corpses of children to further their gun grabbing agenda which is nothing but trying to gain more control over us in order to “fundamentally change” this nation. Disgusting. What we NEED to do is ban Democruds and run them out of the nation, starting with the illegal alien squatting in the Oval Office and working our way down the list. That WOULD make America safer. Point of fact, the scumbag Senator, Richard “Fake Valor” Blumenthal used Sandy Hook to raise campaign money. What a f*cking piece of dog shit. Liberals truly ARE the bottom dwellers in a cess pool.

UPDATE:  Add Senator Chris Murphy along with Fake Valor Blumenthal.

It matters not what the Senate passes or Lord Barry the Pissant wants or what Congress does. It only matters that 80-100 MILLION legal gun owners in America tell the government to flatly fuck off. “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” Please, THROW US IN JAIL and see how long your economy continues to function without us Producers paying our taxes. Maybe what WE need to do is band together and one group and REFUSE to pay our taxes. Imagine 80-100 MILLION legal gun owners telling Obama and the IRS to suck on it. Yeah, it is near time to teach them who the boss of this natoin REALLY IS!

SAVED ROUND:  It is TREASON to usurp pieces of the Constitution through bogus legislation and violating the civil rights of OTHER Americans via this means is illegal. Maybe one day Lord Barry the Kenyan Clown will land in Arizona and America’s Sheriff will arrest his ass for treason and being an illegal alien, amongst other things.
FAKE VALOR BLUMENTHAL (it says a lot about Conn that they elected him)