The Useless Idiot in the White House whined yesterday…

EXCERPT:  “President Barack Obama’s defense to Democratic senators complaining about how little his administration has told Congress about the legal justifications for his drone policy: Dick Cheney was worse.”

Really Barry? One, you sound like the Gunny’s son when he was four or five, right before he got a spanking, that his sister did worse! Two, Cheney NEVER EVER voided the Constitution, no matter what the Left mewls because if he did, THEY would have hounded him into prison as fiercely as they provide cover for you, i.e., Operation Fast and Furious, Libya I, Libya II, etc.

Folks, the Gunny may be wrong here but he doesn’t recall Cheney keeping a “kill list” while in office. The Gunny doesn’t remember Cheney or Ashcroft or ANY member of the Bush 43 team saying it was okay to whack an American citizen, on US soil, with a drone strike, like Zero and Eric Witholder did, before they walked it back. The one thing Dumbo got right is that he really IS no Dick Cheney. Cheney believes in the Constitution and followed it, Obama pisses on it. Cheney stood up to be counted and never voted “present” while Richard Cranium from Kenya voted “present” 205 times in Illinois and has voted “present” since January 2009. Cheney has a spine, Obama is more of a jellyfish.

The one thing Cheney COULD do is invite Dumbo to hunt doves.



EXCERPT: “A state judge on Monday stopped Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration from banning New York City restaurants and other venues from selling large sugary drinks, a major defeat for the mayor who has made public a health initiatives a cornerstone of his tenure at City Hall. The city is “enjoined and permanently restrained from implementing or enforcing the new regulations,” New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling decided Monday.

The regulations are “fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences,” the judge wrote. “The simple reading of the rule leads to the earlier acknowledged uneven enforcement even within a particular city block, much less the city as a whole….the loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the state purpose of the rule.”

Mayor BloominIdiot takes one on the chin! (The Gunny would like to put a size 11R up his ass!)

THIS is what MikeFascist the Bastard had to say: “We’re not banning anything, it’s called portion control,” the mayor continued. “It’s a typical way that companies use and governments use to explain to people what`s in their interest and what isn’t. Every food manufacturer and soft drink manufacturer, they have portion control.”

THIS is the VERY BASIS of PROGRESSIVISM! The government telling us what IS and ISN’T in OUR best interest? Dear Mayor Fascist. FUCK YOU! Just because New Yorkers are too damn stupid to realize that their freedom is in the toilet because of Progressivism and goosestepping fascists like you doesn’t man the rest of us are.

A 30.06 147gr FMJ traveling at 2700 FPS through his gourd would not be murder but rather, IDIOT CONTROL. Funny how bastards like Soros and Bloomberg are progressive collaborators who seek to impose their will on use commoners and are surprised when the peasants show up with torches and pitchforks.

Just a comment here. NYC can ban firearms but not sodas? Evidently the weenies there never read the Second Amendment.

“There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to
govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters” – Daniel Webster

On the heels of THAT, the corrupt scumbags in The Land of Obama, formerly known as the Land of Lincoln, gets hammered for LYING about pension funds.

EXCERPT:  “SPRINGFIELD-Illinois broke federal securities laws in misstating the true health of the state’s depleted pension funds when going out onto the bond market between 2005 and early 2009, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Monday.”

The Gunny wonders if then State Senator Bathhouse Barry Obama was involved in this since his buddy Blago was in it up to his neck!


Imagine this on a national scale.

EXCERPT:  “As Detroit – beset by violence, debt and social woes – prepares to undergo a historic takeover by the Michigan state government, the city of Atlanta could be sliding toward a similar fate. Some are quietly wondering whether Atlanta is in danger of becoming “the Detroit of the South.”

The city has experienced an ongoing succession of government scandals, ranging from a massive cheating racket to corruption, bribery, school-board incompetence and now the potential loss of accreditation for the local DeKalb County school system.

For several years, problems of this sort have fueled political reforms, including the creation of new cities in northern Atlanta suburbs. Due to the intensification of corruption scandals in DeKalb, some state-level reform proposals could become national news very soon.

As a result of the unsavory politics in urban Atlanta, northern suburban communities acted to distance themselves. Beginning in 2005, many communities began the process of incorporating into cities.”

Now think about this on a national scale. First, an “ongoing succession of government scandals.” Volumes could be written on the level of scandals in the Federal Government since Janaury 2009, when Barack Insane Obama began to fill his cabinet with communist radicals like Van Jones and Anita Dunn and Bathhouse Barry’s illegal firing of IG Walpin because he was investigating, oddly enough, the corruption with the AmeriJobs run by Barry’s buddy Kevin Johnson, that included $850,000 of TARP (Porkulous) money going to things like, staff salary bonues, political donations in a school-board election, and payments to have AmeriCorps members running errands for Mr. Johnson, which included washing and waxing his car. The scandals that Obama have been involved in, i.e., Operation Fast and Furious, Libya I and Libya II, Egypt, and his incessant lying would have shown a white REPUBLICAN president impeached and hounded out of office for much less, i.e., Nixon.

Then consider the massive scandals in Dingy Reid’s Senate. One, a violation of Constitutional law going on five years now, with no submission of a budget to the President. While that may seem to be a minor thing, it is indeed a massive problem because one, IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW but two, you cannot track the massive waste, fraud, and abuse of the taxpayer’s money, which USED to be called “misapropriation” when there is no budget to hold them to. Moreover, HOW did Dingy Reid become a multi-millionaire being a public servant since 1982? Other scandals in the Senate that went almost unnoiticed and unpunished were: Diane Feinswine’s MILCON scandal, Toetapper Craig, John “love puppy” Edwards, The Keating Five, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Senator “Leaky” Leahy, Vitter the Critter, Chappaquiddick Teddy, and on and on.

In the House or Representatives, one would think that getting elected to this office is a license to steal and if you ask Nutsy Baloney from Marin Ca, you’d be right! Ol’ Stretch Face actually said that insider trading with the information they learn as Congcritters IS OKAY! Small wonder Ol’ Nutsy is a 1%er, with tens of millions in the bank, despite being a lifetime politician! The House Bank scandal. Charles Rangel. A. Weiner exposing his…weiner. Barney “pimp daddy” Frank. ABSCAM Murtha. Taxpayer funded junkets. Taxpayer funded luxury cars. Perverts Dan Crane and Gary Studds. Mel Reynolds. Tom DeLay. The list could fill a volume, maybe two.

So if suburbs around “The Detroit of the South,” can secede from them before that shithole, and Atlanta is one big garbage dump, why can’t the states secede from the Federal Government before THEY drag us under. Is there ONE BLUE STATE that is operating under Liberalism and prospering? Not no but HELL NO! Is there a refugee movement FROM Blue States to to Red States as they go under? Unfortunately yes. The Gunny says unfortunate because in the refugee mix will be stupid liberals who will bring the liberal virus to said Red State(s) and infect them with the same stupidity that they fled from.

Indeed, the Federal Government, especially under the most corrupt piece of shit to come down the pike since Warren G Harding, one Lord Bathhouse Barry, has done more to oppress the American people than Woodrow Wilson. Has overspent this nation to the point of bankruptcy. Has damaged our national credit rating to the point where it was lowered from AAA to AA for THE FIRST TIME IN OUR HISTORY! Has inflated the stock market with endless Quantitaive Easings, moored to a stagnant and jobless economy, with the bubble soon to pop. Drone kills on US soil. Eric Withholder getting cited for Contempt of Congress and STILL holding his job. Obama’s massive expenditures on vacations and separate vacations for him and the Wookie. Illegal Wars. Lies.Lies.Lies.Lies. Libya and II. MASSIVE increases in OUR TAXES. Obamafones that WE pay for. Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, A DESTROYED AND DEMORALIZED US Military, feminized and faggotized, and on and on and on.

A secession by the Western and Southern states, leaving the Northeast ruled by Mordor on the Potomac would be fitting and just. There is NO DOUBT in the Gunny’s mind that WE could form a MORE PERFECT Union that followed the Constitution instead of pissing on it, could hold our politicians to a higher standard and hang the bastards when needed, and have a prosperous, border secure, and energy independent nation without the interference of Constitutionally ILLEGAL agencies like the EPA (run by greeny Marxists), the Dept of Energy (joke), Dept of Homeland Suppression, etc, etc, ad nauseum.


Raise your mugs full of schadenfreude fellow patriots! America IS AWAKENED AT LONG LAST! Get fired up because 2014 is OUR YEAR to finish cleaning house. WHY are scumbags like Levin leaving? Because they have young CONSERVATIVES from the Tea Party fixing to kick their asses out, so they retire like pussies, and go away to collect their fat pensions for life, still feeding off of the taxpayer’s backs.

EXCERPT:  “The left has never really known what to do with the Tea Party. In the beginning of our movement, the left was quick to deny the very existence of our grassroots efforts, calling it “Astroturf” — the product of evil, corporate interests that, somehow, were financing every handmade sign being waved across the country.”

THANK YOU Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! and your control freak actions. You, as Admiral Yamamoto said, “have awakened a sleeping giant.”


fight for LIBERTY AND FREEDOM while dirtbag RINOs dine with the Tyrant. The usual shit-stained vermin would rather kiss the Tyrant’s ring (and ass) than stand with Rand Paul for freedom and drone-free skies. Where due process and the Constitution still mean something!

Senator Lindsey Graham
Senator Bob Corker
Senator Kelly Ayotte
Senator John McCain
Senator Dan Coats
Senator Tom Coburn
Senator Richard Burr
Senator Mike Johanns
Senator Pat Toomey
Senator Ron Johnson
Senator John Hoeven
Senator Saxby Chambliss

Goddamn the RINOs and the Repubics who fail to stand with Rand to Hell.

Senator Kirk, recovering from a stroke MADE IT TO THE FLOOR FOR RAND!

THIS is how we fight the LEFT in a no-holds barred FILIBUSTER against their tyranny!



Just a thought here. If bureaucrats like Obama, Holder, Congcritters, Senators, and the rest of the bums on down to the lowest dogcatcher deny Americans their due process is it not fair to return the favor? For example, if Eric Withholder says it is okay for Obama to murder Americans with drone attacks on American soil, does that not make Withholder an accessory to murder? If that is true, then is it not fair to deny Withholder HIS due process and whack him as mercilessly as his boss terminates Americans? Note that the Gunny did NOT say FELLOW Americans because Obama IS NOT an American, regardless of where he was born. He is the enemy of liberty and freedom and a tyrant. Indeed, if the SEIU can march on the lawn of a BofA exec and terrify a teenage boy, while the cops watched and DID NOTHING, then it should be fair to perform the same action on bureaucrats who seek to undermine and destroy the US Constitution.


Chicken Little.

EXCERPT:  “The Obama administration has incorrectly stated on three separate occasions the effect of the $85 billion in sequester cuts. CBS News reports that the statements came over the past 10 days. The first time came Feb. 24 when Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said on “Face the Nation” that teachers were getting fired because of the cuts.

“There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can’t come back this fall,” Duncan said. He later backtracked, saying he “misspoke” when no evidence was found to his claim.

When President Obama held a press conference about the sequester cuts on Friday, the president said that janitors at the U.S. Capitol would have to receive a pay cut. CBS News reports that Carlos Elias, the superintendent of the U.S. Capitol building and the Capitol Visitors Center, had to email his employees after Obama’s statement saying it wasn’t true.”


SAVED ROUND: A Reuters/Ipsos online poll (today) has Obama’s approval rating down to 43 percent, a drop of 7 points from Feb. 19. Oops! The Emperor has no clothes and more people see it.


Back in the days when the Gunny used to skydive, the standing joke was, “it ain’t the falling that kills ya, it’s that sudden stop and OD’ing on dirt that does it.”

Well brothers and sisters, the bottom is coming up fast for the USA and here is why.

1.  The stock market has been pumped up with our tax dollars thanks to Obama and Bernanke, and it is at an all-time high, totally disconnected from the economy like Bathhouse Barry is from governing.

2.  Americans, to the tune of 24%, now have more credit card debt than they have in savings.

3.  Middle class Americans can no longer afford a new car. EXCERPT:  “The typical new vehicle is now more expensive than ever, averaging $30,500 in 2012, according to data, and heading up again as makers curb the incentives that helped make their products more affordable during the recession when they were desperate for sales.” Try floating the payments on 30G’s as your salary falls and Bernanke, Obama, and Ghietner make our dolalr more worthless.

4.  Restaurants and even Subway are struggling. That is a direct result of the middle class having little or no discretionary funding and unlike Obama, we can’t print more.

5.  Retail outlets closing down. BAD NEWS!
Best Buy- Forecast store closings: 200 to 250
Sears Holding Corp.- Forecast store closings: Kmart 175 to 225, Sears 100 to 125
J.C. Penney- Forecast store closings: 300 to 350
Office Depot- Forecast store closings: 125 to 150
Barnes & Noble- Forecast store closings: 190 to 240, per company comments
Gamestop- Forecast store closings: 500 to 600
OfficeMax- Forecast store closings: 150 to 175
RadioShack- Forecast store closings: 450 to 550

Note: THIS not only puts Americans OUT of work, it slows the economy slows, like an engine running out of gas. Which is EXACTLY what Obama wants as it ushers in chaos and hate and discontent, which enables Obama and his like to Cloward/Piven us.

6.  The US student loan delinquency rate hits an all-time high.

7.  For FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS (2009-2013) the median income for Americans has FALLEN! Well done Team Obama.

8.  Personal income in the US declined at the highest rate in twenty years.

There is much more to be read at the below links. Do so.

Try and buy bullets. HA! Yeah, at triple the price a few years ago. Guns, nope. Reloading equipment, powder, brass, bullets, PRIMERS, food, clothing, and other necessities are going up and up IF you can find them. CCI primers in the Gunny’s local outdoor shop? On back order. Thank God the Garands require IMR 4895 but even THAT is up in price and getting harder to find.

The stock bubble is going to burst and a venture capitalist that the Gunny knows is making money in the stock market right now but he told the Gunny that to win in the end here, he’ll have to sell before the run starts. NOT good news.

Stock up on grub NOW. Can any extra produce you can get your hands on NOW. (The Gunny is canning strawberry jam this weekend.) Finish any home projects you got to do NOW, while the materials are there and you have the $$. Buy silver if you can because the dollar is now worth $0.13 thanks to the Fed. Buckle down, batten down the hatches, and stand by to stand by because its gonna get rocky.


hits under a 50% approval rate! Only smoke and mirrors and a mountain of lies and half-truths have kept it above 50%. Oh, and good old fashioned GOP quislings like McLame, Grahamnesty, and Crybaby Boner also helped. It finally slides to 47%. Expect it to continue to fall until only hardcore libscum and his Obamafone voters still love him. Maybe when it hit, say, 35%, the GOP will have found their balls and impeach the bum like they should have done when he attacked Libya in a coup de etat against Khaddafi!