Folks, we are being pushed into a civil war much in the same manner the North forced the South into a civil war in 1860. This was in commieville USA, Boulder of the South, Austin Texas, but as Obama told Dr Lott at Harvard, “no one needs to own a gun in America.”

In 2011 murder statistics reveal:

1.  1,200,000 children murdered by abortion. (Libs LOVE Abortion)
2.  195,000 people died from Medical Malpractice. (Wait till Obummerkare kicks in 100%!)
3.  12,000 people died from drunk drivers. (No call to ban cars.)
4.  650 people were stabbed to death. (No call to ban knives.)
5.  496 people were bludgeoned to death by hammers. (hammers for sale at Walmart!)
6.  323 died people died from so-called “assault rifles”. (BAN THESE the libtard’s cry!)



this time it is the US Navy getting thrown under the bus.

EXCERPT: So, it’s the Navy’s fault that the U.S.-North Korea spat has gone so far?

That’s the apparent message from senior administration officials who, according to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, said that they had long planned to send B-52s, B-2 stealth bombers, and F-22 fighters to the Korean Peninsula as part of preplanned wargames with South Korea, but that they had not planned the recent deployment of Navy destroyers.

Last weekend, the U.S. ordered two guided-missile destroyers to the Western Pacific — the U.S.S. John S. McCain and the U.S.S. Decatur — to provide additional defense against North Korean ballistic missiles.” (GOD FORBID we have extra defenses in place to cover Oki, Guam, etc.)

So the Obama Cartel was sending BUFF’s, B-2’s, and F-22 to South Korea, along with South Korea’s ground troops, US Army troops, and a bunch a Leathernecks in a PLANNED exercise but it was TWO guided missile destroyers that put the sawed-off runt over the edge? Really? So typical of this piss poor regime in that they’ll toss the blame on ANYTHING or ANYONE when their little schemes, likely hatched by Rasputina Jarrett, go awry.

The Gunny has seen this type of behavior before and woe is the military who has to suffer under a dimbulb like Obama, who restricts initiative, motivation, and implements the dreaded “zero defect mentality” once banished by stalwarts like General Al Gray and Ronaldus Magnus, but brought back by a dipshit who knows only three things, campaigning, blaming others, and fundraising.

January 2017 cannot come soon enough. Obama the Clown gone and the wannabe Shrillary Klintoon FINALLY banished back under the rock her and BJ Bubba crawled out from under! With a Conservative House and Senate majority and a REAL POTUS like Rand Paul for example, America can be great again.


be up on fraud charges but rest assured, NOTHING will happen over this massive waste of OUR tax dollars.

EXCERPT:  “The government-backed electric car company Fisker Automotive laid off about 160 workers Friday, or roughly 75 percent of the automaker’s staff, as it has struggled to find financial backing that would allow it to continue building its high concept clean cars.

The layoff announcement came as the innovative start up faces a looming repayment on a loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, and as reports have swirled that it could be preparing to file for bankruptcy. As with the failed solar firm Solyndra, the green car company was once an early pick by the Obama Administration to be part of America’s clean energy future. The Obama Energy Department had approved Fisker for a government loan up to $529 million.”

HALF A BILLION dollars pissed away on green bullshit. Like Solyndra and SO MANY other piss-poor choices Dumbo and his cabal of clowns have made. What is the total sum of this waste only God knows for sure. Maybe if Dumbo and Chu had no wasted OUR MONEY, we’d still be able to tour THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE!

EXCERPT:  “Stunned workers filed out of Fisker’s Anaheim headquarters Friday morning with their belongings in boxes. One told ABC News that the employees had no advance notice the layoffs were coming, and they were told they would received no severance.”

No doubt Obama’s homies will make out like bandits while the workers AND the taxpayers took it in the shorts. Obama has the reverse Midas Touch. Everything HE touches turns to shit.

The Department of Energy should be on the chopping block, along with the Dept of Ed, EPA, BLM, ATF, amongst others.–abc-news-topstories.html


The Kenyan Clown is living in fantasy land. Somewhere in America, a shrink’s couch is unoccupied, a space that could be filled by the insane fool currently posing as the president. Once again the Kenyan Idiot-in-Chief trots out his strawman argument, as worn out as Shrillary Klintoon’s lies and the Democrud agenda in general. 

EXCERPT:  “There doesn’t have to be a conflict between protecting our citizens and protecting our Second Amendment rights. I’ve gotten stacks of letters from proud gun owners, whether they’re for sport, or protection, or collection, who tell me how deeply they cherish their rights, and don’t want them infringed upon — but they still want us to do something to stop the epidemic of gun violence.”

WHATEVER! More and more states are passing laws nullifying the efforts of the Democruds to void the Second Amendment. As a matter of fact, it took 50+ Senators to send Bathhouse Barry a letter telling him and Shrillary to cease and desist fellating the UN on their gun ban.

If anyone is FOR universal background checks, then they’re low IQ voters without a clue as to what these intrusions into our GOD-GIVEN right to KABA is all about.

EX:  “88% of gun owners agree to background checks….” and “53% agree that it will lead to gun confiscation.” The numbers here are as false as the unemployment numbers excreted by this Obama Cartel. The smell of bullshit permeates the air whenever Obama opens his cock holster. Its almost funny the bullshit that Obama can spew from his yap even as the NRA adds a few hundred thousand NEW members a month and guns and ammo fly off of the shelves!–politics.html


The Chevy Volt and the Kenyan Dolt.

EXCERPT:  “President Obama and eco-mandarins around him made a very bad call when they calculated that a mix of appeals to greenies, lavish subsidies, and a marketing push from General Motors could convince the public to buy lithium-ion battery-powered electric cars in commercial quantities. The program has been an utter failure, with Volt sales falling 35% in March, on a year-to-year basis, to a paltry 1,478 units – roughly one Volt sale every other month per dealership.”

Other related liberal notables include…



in the Ovomit Administration, yet again.

EXCERPT:  “President Obama’s pick to be ambassador to Canada is fellow Chicagoan Bruce Heyman, a Goldman Sachs partner in the Windy City, mega-fundraiser and member of the Obama campaign’s national finance committee, CBC News in Canada reported Wednesday.

Heyman runs a private wealth fund at Goldman Sachs, and his areas of responsibility include parts of Canada, the network reported, noting that he and his wife raised more than $1 million for Obama. He would replace David Jacobson, who’s also from Chicago.”

And this from a blithering idiot who once said that HIS administration will not include lobbyists. Of course Bathhouse Barry also said that he’d have the most transparent administration in US history but what he MEANT was that the space between his big ass ears is transparent enough to see from one side to the other.

Evidently it pays to play, the Chicago Way, with Bathhouse Barry and the Men’s Country gang, all of the way from Crook County.

If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the president of the Choom Gang, high as a kite, china-eyed, yapping away sans teleprompter. A rambling bleating moron. If he had to take a piss test like the military and DOD does, he’d pop for THC and Coke.


Bush 43 goes to Congress and gets Congress to vote on and APPROVE the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. When Bush 43 leaves office, WE WERE WINNING. Now Iraq is adrift and probably being overrun by Obama’s buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood and Afghanistan is lost. As a matter of fact, not only is it LOST but 75% of the cost and the casualties have happened on Bathhouse Barry’s watch!

BUSH 43:

EXCERPT:  ““I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal,” he said years later. “I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them.”

That’s also why Mr. Bush did two other things, without fanfare or praise. First, he never headed home to his Texas ranch until after Christmas, instead going to Camp David for a few days. That way, the hundreds of people revolving around him at all times — White House staff, Secret Service agents, reporters, photographers, all the others — could spend the holiday with their families in and around Washington, D.C. No one ever reported that — until this column.

Second, he rarely attended sporting events, although he once owned a baseball team and was a self-confessed stats junkie. His thinking there was the same: If he went to a baseball game (right down the street from the White House), his mere presence would mean hours and hours of extra security for fans. He once stopped off at the Daytona 500 and the metal detectors through which every fan had to pass left thousands outside in line when the green flag fell; he didn’t attend many sporting events after that. 


EXCERPT: How else to explain the nonstop vacations the pair keep taking during what Mr. Obama calls the “worst financial crisis since the Great Depression”? In 2013, the First Family has already enjoyed three vacations — that’s one a month. (Sorry, Joe America, you might have to forget your week at the beach again this year, but make sure you get those taxes in on time!)

The Obamas ended 2012 and kicked off 2013 in an $8 million, 6,000-square-foot house in
Hawaii (they left well before Dec. 25, by the way). There, the president played five rounds of golf (breaking the 100-rounds-as-president threshold). Scarcely a month into Term 2, Mrs. Obama headed off for Aspen, taking along the couple’s daughters. Vice President Joseph R. Biden also hit the Colorado slopes. While the girls (and Joe) were gone, Mr. Obama nipped down to Florida for a four-day boys weekend of golf, teeing it up with his buddies — and Tiger Woods. He hit the links again this weekend, then dropped in for an NCAA tournament game in Washington.

Jumpin’ Joe, for his part, spent New Year’s in the Virgin Islands and popped off over the Easter weekend for a golf outing at the glorious Kiawah Island, S.C. (where rounds of golf on the spectacular Ocean Course run $353 — nearly $20 a hole). His third vacation of the year came the same week as reports that he and his entourage spent $460,000 for a single night in London and $585,000 for a night at a five-star hotel in Paris.” 



More at:


so posts may be spotty. But here is a real jewel from Lord King Messiah Barackus the Worst.

EXCERPT:  “President Obama is quietly moving forward on gun control.

The president has used his executive powers to bolster the national background check system, jumpstart government research on the causes of gun violence and create a million-dollar ad campaign aimed at safe gun ownership.

The executive steps will give federal law enforcement officials access to more data about guns and their owners, help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, and lay the groundwork for future legislative efforts.”

The Gunny wonders HOW MUCH Soros and Bloomturd have contributed to bullshit commercials trying to convince Americans that slavery is preferable to freedom? Elections HAVE consequences and the consequences of 2012 are now rearing their ugly heads.

Executive Orders HAVE NO BEARING on the American people, Obama can shove them up his ass, sideways. WE WILL NOT COMPLY!

The LAST sentence of the excerpt above should strike FEAR into the hearts of EVERY freedom loving American.

“and lay the groundwork for future legislative efforts.”

Remember folks, Obama is the piece of shit who told Dr Lott at Harvard that NO Americans should own a gun. Period. End of story. The Kenyan bastard child has ALWAYS been anti-gun, as communists always are. Only the “organs of the security forces” can have them.

The Gunny went to a Sportsman’s Warehouse today and could not even but .22 rounds…because THEY WERE OUT! The reloading shelves…empty. No powder. No primers. No bullets. VERY little brass. THANK GOD that the Gunny has been stockpiling since 2002, when his friends called him crazy and the wife bitched and moaned about the cost.

Funny thing, ain’t NO ONE bitching or moaning now.

In related news, ANOTHER Democrud goes berserk.

EXCERPT:  “Brooks’ arrest Thursday near the California city of Victorville was his third since January, and came just hours after colleagues in the Legislature deemed the Democrat from North Las Vegas too dangerous and unpredictable to serve his elected term. Lawmakers wept Thursday as they cited concerns about their own safety and evidence collected about an increasingly bizarre series of public incidents.”

How about WE BAN DEMOCRATS instead of guns because THEY are the mentally disturbed among us, i.e., Loughner, Lanza, A. Weiner, Amy Bishop, Joseph Stack (crashed his plane into IRS building), Fort Hood shooter was a registered Democrat AND Obama’s Religious advisory panel AND a Radical Islamic Fundamentalist, Columbine shooters came from a family of registered Democrats/Progressives, Virginia Tech shooter wrote hate mail to Bush 43 and was a registered Democrat, the shooter at Aurora, Colorado was a registered Democrat AND A STAFF WORKER ON THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN….


You really gotta love how the Leftists spin their bullshit. Dig this from Always Progressive news.

EXCERPT:  “WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy grew at a slightly faster but still anemic rate at the end of last year. However, there is hope that growth accelerated in early 2013 despite higher taxes and cuts in government spending.

The economy grew at an annual rate of 0.4 percent in the October-December quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That was slightly better than the previous estimate of 0.1 percent growth. The revision reflected stronger business investment and export sales.”

Get that? “Slightly faster but still anemic…” Oh, and, “there is hope that growth accelerated in early 2013 despite higher taxes and cuts in government spending.”

Higher taxation ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS means LESS growth. The example has been set throughout history. And cuts in government spending? Where? Barry’s million dollar vacation with Tiger? His brats enjoying Spring Break with full security, on our dime? Welfare? Ninety-weeks of unemployment? Illegal aliens getting FULL benefits, i.e., Obama’s illegal alien Aunt Zeituni?

Bullshit. 125 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities, higher taxes, and MORE spending from Lord Barackus the Worst.

Even more: “Stock prices have surged. On Wednesday, the Standard & Poor’s 500 index was within two points of its all-time high.”

Why you ask? Because Sugar Daddy Ben Bernanke is STILL printing $85 billion in useless dollars in this right pocket and buying up bonds in his left pocket, artifically propping up the stock market and the job market.

If the REAL truth would have been told back in 2010/11/12, Obama would have been booted out of office so hard that he’d have struck sparks down Pennsylvania Avenue, on his way back to Kenya or Indonesia or Hawaii or wherever the ignoramus is from. We have rampant unemployment. A f*cked dollar. Higher taxes. ObamaKare, now raising YOUR PREMIUMS across the land. High energy costs. More Americans on welfare than during the Great Depression! Illegal aliens running amok, sucking up benefits they never earned. Fake stock market and low interest rates that rob those of us who SAVE MONEY and live within our means.

MORE great economic news brought to you by Team Obama. Specializing in destroying a nation and its economy while vacationing each month.

WSJ: Food Stamps Swell -- as Economy 'Improves'...
Jobless claims rise...
Dozens Camp Out Overnight For Free Food From CHICK-FIL-A...

Hope and Change? More like Hoax and Chains.


Here is the change Obama promised. Now we can HOPE that we get a president with brains who actually GOVERNS instead of vacationing, golfing, sight-seeing, rabble-rousing (its what community organizers do) in the Middle East, and filling his cabinet with radicals and Muslim Brotherhood members.

EXCERPT:  “By 2016, the United States will no longer be the world’s No. 1 economy. That titled will handed over to none other than the current No. 2: China. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris said in report published this week that China was on course to surpass the U.S. economy in just three short years. That’s about the time President Barack Obama will end his second term. The next president will potentially be the first one since World War II that didn’t govern the most powerful economy. Most forecasts, however, have China’s economy at No. 1 in 2020.”

This is a nation that artifically props up their currency, builds ghost towns just to keep people working, and has to steal any and all technology in order to keep pace with American ingenuity. And America cannot kick their asses economically? It must be the absence of unions and liberals in China that force stupid regulations down the throats of businesses, call for unlimited minimum wage, overtaxing of corporations to the point where they literally FLEE America for other nations, like Switzerland, who give them a better deal, that is giving China a leg up.

EVERYWHERE liberals have run a city or a state for very long, it ends up looking like Detroit or The People’s Republik of Kalifornication.  

Since Dumbo the Clown was elected, our economy shit the bed, the dollar plummeted, jobs flew the coop faster than Senator Menendez can fly the the D.R. and bang a few underage hookers, and our credit rating went from AAA to AA for the FIRST TIME in the history of the nation. Obama is fucking this nation up, liberals are his enablers, and anyone who voted for this steaming turd should immediately stick their heads in an oven. If Congress had found their balls in 2008 and disallowed this illegal president or impeached his ass over his first adventure in Libya, we’d be 10,000% better off. Maybe one day we’ll be allowed to hunt liberals as the varmints they truly are.

If REAL Americans could secede from Mordor on the Potomac, form a more perfect Union, and apply Conservative principles, follow the path Adam Smith set, and follow the Constitution as it was intended, we’d crush China economically and stamp out liberalism like the garbage ideology it is.

FILE - In this Feb. 12, 2013 file photo, President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington. Obama used Washington’s grandest stage _ the State of the Union speech _ to announce negotiations with Europe aimed at creating the world’s largest free trade agreement. But just weeks later, there are signs that old agriculture disputes could be deal-killers. European Union leaders don’t want the negotiations to include discussions on their ban on genetically modified crops and other regulations that keep U.S. farm products out of Europe. But Obama says it’s hard to imagine an agreement that doesn’t address those issues. Powerful U.S. agricultural lobbies will do their best to make sure Congress rejects any pact that fails to address the restrictions. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, Pool)                      “DID I SAY HOPE AND CHANGE? I MEANT WRACK AND RUIN”