Russia has a former KGB Colonel, and America has a community organizing, pencil neck whiny ass pussifed pansy who could not fight his way out of a thick fog. There is NO WAY that anyone can convince the Gunny that the Democrud Party of traitors is not going down faster than Cankles Clinton on a Humma, or is it Huma? From an anti-Semite loser named Carter to a perverted impeached disgusting liar and pig BJ Bubba to the current pathetic piece of shit. Secret Service bros/sisters, the Gunny feels your pain guarding this sack of shit. And to the Marines who have to fly around with this turd? Try not to think what Chesty would have to say about the crybaby.

King Abdullah of Jordan FLYING combat missions against ISIS.


As the Gunny writes this, once again the Obama’s are out of the White House, on a mini vacation to Camp David. Damn, this fundraising every five days is a rough ride.

EXCERPT:  “Despite many Democratic politicians distancing themselves from President Obama’s low approval ratings and declining his assistance– even in their own backyard– he’s still doing a good amount to help raise money for various groups. So far this year, on average, Obama is attending a fundraiser every 5 days. According to a new report; Obama has appeared at 49 fundraisers this year through September 15 — even taking the time out of his beloved vacation at Martha’s Vineyard this past August.

When we looked at Obama’s fundraising in May, we figured out that he was on pace to go to a fundraiser every six days or so. Now, he’s at five-and-a-quarter. That’s thanks to a particularly active summer; the president even attended a fundraiser during his putative vacation on Martha’s Vineyard in August,” writes the Washington Post.

Out of the 49 fundraisers that he’s attended this year, the location of 47 of them are known. Of those 47 known places, 33 were held at peoples’ homes in cities such as Chicago (4 fundraisers), New York City (9), and Los Angeles(4).

The months of March, May, and July were the busiest of the year so far, with Obama attending 29 fundraisers during these three months alone.”

Not enough time in the day to play president, what with all of that fundraising going on. ISIS/ISIL, Ebola, disease and pest-ridden human vermin swarming over the border, terrorists INSIDE America thanks to said open border, Dingy Gried and a Democrud Senate violating the Constitution on a daily basis, Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, a radical racist running the DOJ, feral apes in the inner cities running amok, a shitty economy, a sissified and feminized US Military (with the Rangers now open to women thanks to Odierno the asskisser), Russia and China on the rise, 17 TRILLION in debt, 46 MILLION Americans on welfare and 93 MILLION out of work, and on and on and on.

But hey, ALWAYS time for another fundraiser, or a vacation. ANYTHING to avoid being a President instead of a pResident.

Cartoons: Glenn McCoy for September 20, 2014


by the unproven, unvetted, incompetent and insane clown in the White Mosque. His response to ISIS/ISIL.

EXCERPT:  “Obama described NATO as “unique in the annals of history” because of its success but admitted that the group had to move quickly to address evolving global threats. “We have to recognize that threats evolve, and threats have evolved as a consequence of what we’ve seen in Ukraine, but threats are also evolving in the Middle East that have a direct effect on Europe,” he said.”

First of all NATO is bullshit. Their only real attempt to DO anything was in the Balkans and they failed miserably. In their own BACKYARD! Indeed, without the USA pouring in half a TRILLION dollars a year into this joke, it would be about as useless as the UN is and as we spend a TRILLION a year on THAT pile of shit, another epic Democrat failure, America should demand their money back.

EXCERPT:  “What we’ve got to do is make sure that we are organizing the Arab world, the Middle East, the Muslim world along with the international community to isolate this cancer,” he said.”

THAT is his plan? Community organize the Middle East? Like, say, Shitcago? Maybe he can get ACORN on board and send them off to rig votes, do voter fraud, scam the system for pimps and ho’s, etc, etc. This imbecile, along with ACORN and the Democrud Party helped to community organize Chicago and it ended up being THE most violent and corrupt cities in America, with other Democrat strongholds like Filthdelphia and DC running a close second!

The word “organizing” is all this idiot knows and like comfort food to a desperate person, he runs back to his roots again and again. Basically, this idiot and his “smart policy” and his uber smart underlings like Susan “LIAR!” Rice and that Irish idiot, Samantha Power aka Ms Cass Sunstein, DO NOT HAVE A CLUE what to do. They opened Pandora’s box with the FAILED Arab Spring and are now reaping the whirlwind.

Now the Gunny doesn’t have a problem with Progressives getting their asses in a jam and then getting it shot off, or their heads lopped off by the Muslim throat-slitters and head-choppers but it sucks that their STUPIDITY gets decent red-blooded Americans killed or wounded. This time around how about a draft from registered DEMOCRATS and send THEM to the Middle East since the incompetent clown that THEY elected and REelected lost Iraq (which was won when Bush 43 left) and lost Afghanistan (which we were winning when Bush 43 left), and now his FAILED Arab Spring has crapped the bed.

After TWELVE MONTHS of daily intel briefings on ISIS (of which Dumbo probably attended four or five) THIS is the best plan that he can come up with? This would be so damned funny…if it was on TV or happening to another nation but this moron and his myrmidons are going to get more Americans KIA’d.


so look out Putin, you’ll be getting a nasty note from Barry any day now!

EXCERPT:  “WASHINGTON     (AP) — Delivering a blunt warning to Moscow, President Barack Obama expressed deep concern Friday over reported military activity inside Ukraine by Russia and warned “there will be costs” for any intervention.

He did not say what those costs might be.”

What? A nasty note? A mean look? More red lines drawn? NO more missile secrets given to Russia? Bathhouse Barry running and telling Valerie Jarrett? His mommy-in-law? Look out Vlad!

What is really sickening is that The pResident Clown Obama, Susan “Lyin Bitch” Rice, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry and Samantha Powers cannot even be called useful idiots for Putin because they simply have NO IDEA what to do, how to act, or what to say in these geopolitical situations. Just because one can bundle $$ for Dumbo, hold their pinky out while drinking a flute of champagne with the other beautiful people, writing term papers, coming up with ludicrous doctrine like R2P, and kissing one another’s asses is not the place to learn statesmanship.  No wonder the world laughs at Obama and his tools.




Funny how Joe Dan asks the SAME question that the Gunny asked the other day, i.e., Was Obama HIGH with his “china eyes” at 19:49? The Gunny would bet EVERYTHING he owns that if given a piss test RIGHT NOW, King Bathhouse Barry would pop for, at the very least, THC, if not “some blow” as he puts it.


betrays Israel and gets taken to the cleaners like taking candy away from a baby.

EXCERPT:  “This is a bad agreement,” said Netanyahu’s office in an earlier statement.
“It gives Iran exactly what it wanted — a significant easing of sanctions and allows it to keep hold of the most essential parts of its nuclear programme,” it said just hours after the historic accord was signed in Switzerland.”

The following video is dedicated to the entire Obama Criminal Cartel. May they all be tried, found guilty, and sentenced to life in France.

Hopefully Israel sets up something along the lines of CAMCO wherein Americans can volunteer to fight for Israel when the Arabs attack. Idiots like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, and American traitor, might want to peruse history and find out what happened to all who fucked with the Jews.

The Obama Criminal Cartel fundamentally changed America into a near Third World shithole so why not fundamentally transform the world? Just like Obama-Chamberlain did when he signed the Munich Agreement on September 30, 1938.

January 2009, the 47% sent in the clowns. Hopefully, IF we survive until November 2016, we can replace the clowns with adults who act like adults and who work with America’s best interests at heart, not their Muslim allies. Maybe someone with the smarts of Admiral Lyons will find their way into the State Department and not only kick foreign asses but clean up the liberal infested State Department as well.


in the Spite House. The Gunny has been calling this administration “The Obama Crime Cartel” since the day he hooked up his homies in the UAW with the GM bailout.
(Hat tip Robert Miller)


Reggie Love’s cock holster and bleated:

President Vacation reading from TOTUS: “I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son. And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities. “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

(WARNING: HARSH language ahead, liberal sissy boys turn back.)

First off, Fuck you Obama and your gun control agenda.

Second, honor a thug, high on “lean”, (lean consists of three basic ingredients — codeine, a soft drink, and candy (Skittles) and Trayvon had been using Lean since at least June 2011)), who instigated a fight (following someone IS NOT A CRIME), thought he had an easy beatdown, except this one had a Glock? Bullshit. Fuck you again Obama.

Third, WHERE is President Fuckstick on ALL of the BLACK ON WHITE crimes in America? Where was Dumbo when black flash mobs ran through a state fair, BEATING on innocent white men, WOMEN, and CHILDREN?

Fourth, WHY didn’t President Present say something about the BLACK JUDGE clearing a courtroom of ALL white people? Fuck, that sounds like something STRAIGHT OUT of Zimbabwe, Kenya, or Mandela’s South Africa.

Fifth, WHERE was Dumbo when black teens were stomping an INNOCENT white teen, waiting on a bus, into the ground?

Sixth, WHERE was President Dickhead’s condemnation of the New Black Panther Party’s threatening of WHITE voters in Filthadelphia? No where, that’s where. In fact, he instructed Eric Witholderto IGNORE IT!

Here is a SHORT LIST of Black violence against WHITES with a map of black attacks on white people in just 2011/2012! These are headlines in local newspapers/TV news.

1.  Deliveryman  beaten, robbed by group in Wilmington. NO WORD FROM OBAMA
2.  Officials:  Flash Mobs Already Plague South Side. NO WORD FROM OBAMA
3.  Panic  amid US flash mob attacks. NO WORD FROM OBAMA
4.  Officials  Try to End Philly “Flash Mobs.” NO WORD FROM OBAMA
5.  Teens  in a mob assault and rob Center City patrons. NO WORD FROM OBAMA
6.  A  bystander was severely beaten by the “flash mob.” NO WORD FROM OBAMA
7.  100 [black] Teens Storm Inside Macy’s & Start Fighting. NO WORD FROM OBAMA
8.  Center City Store Brawl Caught On Tape. NO WORD FROM OBAMA
9.  African American flash mobs terrorize Philadelphia yet again. NWFO
11.  “As  Victim Speaks Out, City Explores Ways To Stop Violent Flash Mobs” NWFO
12.  Flash  Mobs in Philadelphia: Sorry PC America, They are a Racial Thing.” NWFO
13.  “Philly  mayor: flash mobbers ‘damaging their race.’” NO WORD FROM OBAMA
14.  “Reading, Writing, Rioting. Philly Flash Mob Is From Oprah-Funded School” NWFO
15.  “Chased  home: Mob [black] attacks [white] man in his house.” NWFO
16.  “Beat Whitey Night?”
17.  “Knock out Game.” Hit a white person and try to KO them. NWFO
18.  Black Beach Week that turns a town into “living hell?” NO WORD FROM OBAMA
19.  Jul 4 2012? 11 episodes of racial violence against whitey involving more than 1000 black. AGAIN….NO WORD FROM OBAMA
20.  “Hate Crime, Robbery Against Brooklyn Yeshiva Student In Monsey” NWFO
21.  “Dunkin’ Donuts ‘rampage’ caught on video. Black teems cause more than $2,000 in damage.” NO WORD FROM OBAMA
22.  “I was beaten, taunted for being white, Bronx man says after subway attack.” NWFO
23.  “3 Arrested, More Sought In Gang Beating That Left NJ Man In A Coma.” NWFO
24.  “Update: Six teens face murder charges in Passaic beating, robbery.” NWFO

The ENTIRE list can be found at:

If you are a White person and you’re still patronizing the National Felon League, after what some dipshit tweeted about poor little ol’ Trayvon, you’re a fool. YOU are ENRICHING the enemy. HOW MANY blacks in the National Felon League have been arrested for violence? 30? 40? Damn good role models huh?

If you are a white person, ARM YOURSELF, if you have not already. A Carry Concealed Permit, open carry, etc., ARE YOUR FRIENDS. This violence is happening because President Vacation says stupid shit like, “the police (Cambridge PD) acted stupidly,” and the thugs KNOW that neither Dumbo the Kenyan Moron NOR Eric “racist” Witholder will anything to stop it, and THEY ARE RIGHT! This is the entitlement crowd, with NO self-respect for themselves and thus, have NO RESPECT for others. They care for nothing, want everything, and believe they have the right to rape, pillage, and plunder. They are little more than Huns and Vandals inside the gates and their so-called leaders, Al “Twanda Brawley” Sharptongue and Jesse “Love Puppy” Jackson are the worst of the bunch of squirming maggots.

Obama is instigating a white genocide in America, along the lines of his cousin Mugabe and his best friend Mandela and Eric Witholder is enabling it.