to Congress and brother, that is saying something, considering the likes of The Banking Queen Bonnie Fwank, Countryside Loans Chris Dodd, Biden, Obama, McLame, Linda Grahamnesty, Code Pink Traitor Nostrilus Waxman, Hank “Guam” Johnson, McKinney, The entire Black Caucus, Luis Gutierrez, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Better yet, maybe the Gunny should have done this like a carnival barker! “Step right up, watch this, and see if you can hold down your chow!”



ONLY a Liberal could bot only come up with some bullshit like this but BELIEVE IT! Using their logic WW2 was still FDR’s war even though he was dead and Korea still remains Truman’s war since no peace treaty was ever signed! Hell, these morons even tried to pin Vietnam on Nixon knowing fully that both JFK and LBJ were the clowns who expanded the war and the Democrats in Congress lost it! Evidently NOTHING is Obonehead’s fault. His Affirmative Action Teflon shield continues to stay in place.




the cellar as the shittiest and most corrupt pResident in American history. Somewhere, a senile old fool from Georgia has a shit-eating grin.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans are more than twice as likely to say they “strongly disapprove” (39%) of President Barack Obama’s job performance as they are to say they “strongly approve” (17%). The percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of Obama has increased over time, while the percentage who strongly approve has dropped by almost half.

President Barack Obama's Approval Ratings, by Intensity

In the first year of Obama’s presidency, the percentages of Americans who had strong views about the job he was doing were essentially tied, but the strongly negative responses now significantly outweigh the strongly positive ones. The largest segment of Americans today, 39%, strongly disapprove of Obama’s job performance, while 14% moderately disapprove. Another 27% moderately approve, while 17% strongly approve.

The only question that the Gunny has is, if his disapproval rate is so high, then WHY has the GOP not moved to impeach this POS, and if the Senate, under Dingy Greid doesn’t convict, then it exposes THEM as the scum.


Formerly known as Minnesota, Lewiston Maine, Dearborn Michigan, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

EXCERPT:  “At about 9 p.m. on Wednesday, leaders in the Somali-American community heard that State Department officials notified a Minneapolis family that a second American was found among the dead militants. According to Fox 9 sources, Abdiraaman Muhumed — who was the focus of an MPR story just two months ago — died in the same battle as Douglas McCain, a former Robbinsdale-Cooper High School student.

The many faces of Douglas McCain were captured in at least nine mug shots taken in Minnesota for minor offenses, but many still struggle to believe the quiet student could have become a fighter overseas. Shelly Case remembers him as a friendly neighbor who played basketball with her young son and kept him out of trouble.

“Shocked, shocked because that was nothing like him,” Case said. “He was always respectful. He was always looking out for other kids here. He was a good kid.”

AMAZING how dirtbags like this shitstain and Saints Trayvon and Michael Brown are ALWAYS such angels after they’re brought to room temperature.

Case knew McCain when he and his family lived in an apartment building in New Hope, Minn. — but federal investigators say he became increasingly radicalized with age. In fact, they say he showed his support for ISIS on Facebook and Twitter before traveling overseas to join the fight — and sources now say he’s not the only Minnesota man who took a one-way trip.”

Ah, ain’t multi-culturalism and forced diversity working lovely? Importing Third World scumbags so ignorant that they don’t know a flush toilet from a recycling bin and while enjoying the fruits of OTHER PEOPLE’S LABOR, they leave the USA to fight with our enemies against freedom. Perhaps the best thing to be said is that these douchebag Muslims are dead. The goddamn Federal Colossus and the idiots in the State Department, import these losers to places like Dearborn Michigan, Minnesota, and Maine, and then expect them to assimilate, while they suck down welfare and other benefits that they’ve never paid into. Even back in 2002 it was reported that more than HALF of the Somalis in Lewiston Maine were on welfare and it has only gotten worse as these welfare leeches got more and more of their fellow leeches imported from Somalia, through our lovely Liberal-ridden State Department. The same State Department that employs morons like Psaki and Harf!

WHO should we thank for the importation of these useless food eaters?

EXCERPT:  “In 1999, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) declared the Somali Bantu “refugees,” and the United States agreed to resettle them.”

The UN and BJ Bubba Clinton and that stupid hag who ran the State Department, Maddy Notbright.

So instead of resettling these vermin in their former homeland of Tanzania the UN and the Clinton State Department spent our tax dollars to ship these dirtnbags thousands of miles to the Land of the Round Door Knob and virtually overnight, Lewiston Maine went from a prosperous mill town to something resembling N’Djamena Chad. And back in 2002, there was 130,000 of these varmints desiring to be resettled in the good ol’ US of A, on our tax money, bringing with them the peaceful religion of Islam. You know, the same religion that has committed 97% of the terrorist acts in the world since the 1960’s.

So today we have Muslims from Minnesota and other Muslim enclaves in the USA, i.e., Dearborn, leaving here to join ISIS, to hack off a few heads, murder unarmed prisoners, and then expect to come back to the USA as if nothing happened! With the Muslim president squatting in the White Mosque, with his Muslim advisors like Valerie Jarrett and an administration thoroughly infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, it just might happen! This importation of useless deadwood and welfare pigs has turned America from a prosperous nation into a nation sliding into the Third World. The Gunny would rather see his tax money used to round these scumbags up and send them BACK to whatever shithole they crawled out of or send to live in the gated communities where our lords and masters live, i.e., Northern Virginia, The District of Corruption, etc. Indeed, send a few dozen to live with Sate Department hacks like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Jan Psaki and the other loon Harf.

Zainab Aweis, 20, is one of the Somali Muslim shuttle drivers Hertz suspended for not clocking out during prayer.

This is the perfect example of the lunacy of liberalism run amok. Norway, like the UK, has been overrun by Muslims who come in, suck down welfare benefits that they’ve never paid in, like the illegal aliens swarming over our border like human locust, and now the number one name is Mohammed and some liberal douchebag in Norway is EXCITED about it?

EXCERPT:  “Statistics Norway (Statistisk Sentralbyrå – SSB) has counted the population of Oslo and found that Mohammed is the most common male name in Oslo for the first time ever.

Jørgen Ouren of SSB said to NRK: “It is very exciting.”

The Lunacy of Liberalism marches on towards the destruction of Western Civilization. The Gunny wonders if Ouren will be excited when his daughters are being raped by Muslims and he becomes their dhimmi in his own nation.


recently discovered in Africa. WHO says that academia is all in the bag for their wannabe messiah, Barack “President Golf” Obama, especially when THIS happens?

EXCERPT:  “In nature, once released from their cricket hosts, male and female hairworms pair and mate. However, since gordiids rely on large and long river systems and areas with vast aquatic habitats, they must overcome the problem of release by the host distantly in space and time, which can result in worms finding themselves trapped in aquatic systems without mates. This is certainly the case in the Kenyan stream where Hanelt collected the hairworm containing snails, since it is a long stream with a moderately-fast flow of water, especially during the rainy season.

Several weeks after his discovery, Hanelt returned to his laboratory in the United States with live snails containing these hairworm cysts. In order to describe a new hairworm species, it is necessary to examine and describe adult worms. Again, on a hunch, Hanelt fed the Kenyan hairworm cysts to crickets. After 30 days, the hosts were checked for infection by placing the crickets into water. The American species, P. varius, normally matures within 28-30 days, and crickets placed into water will release up to 30 worms. However, no worms emerged from the crickets exposed to the Kenyan cysts.  Crickets were checked every 5 days thereafter without success. Finally, after almost 3 months, worms began emerging from these crickets (Figure 3).

Of 12 infected crickets, 24 worms emerged. However, much to Hanelt’s dismay, all 24 of the worms shed were females! He knew that in order to successfully establish the new species in the laboratory, he needed both male and female worms; to mate and produce eggs. He separated the worms into individual containers and went home that night disappointed.

The next morning, ready to fix all worms in alcohol, Hanelt made an incredible discovery—every worm had produced eggs. After a few days it became apparent that the eggs were developing normally and a few weeks later larvae hatched and easily infected snails and turned into cysts. But, how could this be? There were no males!”

THE PERFECT NAME for a parasitic worm that resembles not only the metrosexual pussy in the White House but also the millions of liberal men, sufferers of Low T, and whose women often have more facial hair and bigger balls than they do! A Kenyan parasitic worm discovered near where Obama’s drunken bigamist 100% tax rate loving Mau-Mau daddy lived. One could not make this up in fiction and here, life imitates The Democrud Party aka The Parasite Party aka The KKK Party aka The Tax and Spend Party.

Only one question remains. Does this parasitic worm go golfing as much as its cousin in the White House?


is a good question but would you want THIS mentally challenged ignoramus in the Oval Office?

57 States? Shooting shotguns off of a balcony? Through bedroom doors? And now this? “There is no reason the nation of Africa cannot, and should not, join the ranks of the worlds [sic] most prosperous nations,” Biden said. Africa is a continent NOT a nation and it IS evident that thinking has become obsolete, in the Jackass Party.

If a Republican had said this, the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media would parrot it forever, like the potatoe thingy but since they kiss the asses of their masters, the Progressives, well, this one ALMOST went down the memory hole.

Shotgun Joe Biden, the best impeachment insurance there is.