besides being America’s first incompetent/inept (worse than KGB Karter), homosexual, cowardly, self-serving/narcissistic, anti-American treasonous scumbag? A piece of shit foreign born maggot who thinks that America needs to suffer along with everyone else because is his eyes, we’re not exceptional, just another “nation among nations.” If we had a REAL Congress, this steaming pile of shit would have been tossed out and jailed in 2009. Now that we have ANOTHER Ebola patient in Texas and a flood of illegal alien vermin bringing in pestilence and disease, let us thank President Obola, who is probably golfing today.

Oh, and in keeping with the fine traditional that President Obola has set, of blaming everyone and everything for shit gone wrong on HIS watch, the Obola Crime Cartel’s dumbass director of  the CDC blames the nurse for catching Ebola, not the Regime for allowing it to ENTER the USA!

“We have spoken with the health care worker,” who cannot “identify the specific breach” that allowed the infection to spread, said CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden.”

BTW, Dr. Thomas Frieden worked for the Nanny of New York City, hoplophobic Mayor Bloomberg, and both being liberal fascists, went after tobacco, salt, sugar, transfat, evil big sodas, etc. It is a good thing that Ebola doesn’t smoke or was carrying a 32oz soda or Doc Frieden would REALLY be looking to crush it. You know, for the children.





empties out in Mexifornia and like a disease, the germs spread out and infect the body.

EXCERPT:  “A car-jacking turns into a police chase which ends with two teens in custody.

Police say the two Guatemalans, 16 and 17, escaped a facility in Des Plaines around 6 this morning, hijacking a car there and making their way to Moline and Walmart.

Officers say that’s where they ordered a 91-year-old veteran out of his car and took off in it, ramming another car on the way out of the parking lot.

Iowa officers initiated a short pursuit this afternoon, deploying stop sticks on Interstate 80 near Iowa City, arresting the teens. They say no one was hurt.”

Too bad the illegal alien scum wasn’t hurt. Imagine, carjacking a 91 year old veteran, a WW2 veteran. In the Western days in American history, horse thieves were hung. Why? Because they threatened the very existence of the person that they stole from. Is it any different today? Those of us who work for a living and have families NEED and RELY on our vehicles for our livelihood and safety. Thus these pigs need to be hung and done so publicly and right afterward, the round up of the illegal aliens needs to start and booted out of the country once and forever.

IF there was ANY damn justice left in America President Obola, his scumbag rump swab Eric Dickholder, and the joke running the Department of Homeboy Security, Joke Johnson, would all be charged as an accessory to EVERY crime committed by the illegal alien vermin that they have permitted to invade out nation. Obola and his minions have OPENED the border to disease and pest-ridden illegal aliens who are nothing but criminals! They should be tried and exiled from the USA, which to Obola, means going back home to Kenya…where the sumbitch belongs.





out of Zimbabwe, under Socialist pig Robert Mugabe or maybe Kenya, under The Obomination’s cousin. Maybe their motto should be: “We work so you can sit on your asses like the Looters you are.”

EXCERPT:  “And I say it that way because, I need you to understand we all have a role to play and the Congressional Black Caucus cannot do it all by ourselves. Everybody has to do their part …

The black caucus fights for you every day. Even when you won’t fight for yourself. We fight for you. Whether it’s immigration or education, whether it’s food stamps or housing, we fight for you every day. So my message to you is to contain your complaining.”

So evidently the bottom line for the Democruds is: All of you slaves get in line and stay in line because we’re busy up in Congress, getting fat and happy with big paychecks, fat retirements after a few years at the trough, and insider trading, and if you speak out, if you stray from the plantation (and go Conservative GASP!), if you refuse to vote early and often for any Democrud, why your free food stamps, your free Obamafone, your subsidized housing, your free health care, your free ride may stop! Democrats created the KKK after the Civil War and have never changed, they just went underground and subverted a class of people to do their bidding, like the Sonderkommandos and the SS.

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…”

And the Left vilifies Conservatives who seek to live their lives w/o a government titty in our mouths unless we have EARNED it, i.e., military retirements. To enjoy our Natural Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of (our) Happiness and to prosper or fail by our own hand. The shame of the Democrud Party is that it sucks the souls out of its cult-like followers and they confuse “all men are created equal” with “all men are created equal therefore all outcomes must be equal and government must make sure of it.” Slaves live at the behest of their masters, free men and women live by their own hand under their Creator, as it should be. All Democruds should be ashamed that this idiot is a Congcritter and they probably would, that is, if Democruds had any shame in their nasty corrupt souls. After all, they still think a perverted rapist was a great president and want his corrupt hag wife to run for POTUS!

One point MUST BE MADE and that is, when a former slave, of any color, jumps the Democrud Party plantation, we must make a concerted effort not only to welcome them into our midst but to educate them on how Conservativism and following the Constitution benefits them and their descendents because fellow patriots, many of these folks HAVE BEEN LIED TO for decades, by the Jackass Party bastards.





on 7 Dec, 1941 at 0755 Hawaii Territory Time (HTT): “Pearl Harbor Attacked. This is not a drill.” Flash message to White House. Obama acts THEN as he does NOW!

1356 (EST):  President Obama notified of attack.
1400 (EST):  President Obama gets initial Presidential Daily Briefing on Japanese.
1415 (EST):  President Obama attends brunch at a private residence in Georgetown.
1515 (EST):  President Obama departs private residence.
0815 (HTT):  USS Arizona has exploded and sunk.
0830 (HTT):  USS Nevada runs aground at Hospital Point.
1630 (EST):  President Obama arrives in Baltimore, attends DNC fundraiser.
1030 (HTT):  US wounded pour into hospitals and are laid out on lawns. Medics convert barracks, dining halls, and schools into temporary hospitals.
1800 (EST):  President Obama departs Baltimore, arrives Philadelphia, attends DNC fundraiser.
1100 (HTT):  USS Oklahoma rolls over trapping numerous US sailors inside.
1805 (EST):  President Obama dodges questions on Pearl Harbor attack.
2000 (EST):  President Obama departs DNC fundraiser.
1300 (HTT):  Last Japanese planes returns to their carriers.
2030 (EST):  President Obama arrives at the Waldorf Astoria for DNC fundraiser over coffee and desserts by world class baker Monsieur Nomaduria.
2145 (EST):  President Obama attends a fundraiser for Senate Democrats at a private residence outside of Philadelphia.
2300 (EST):  President Obama in bed. 
1700 (HTT)   Pearl Harbor continues to burn.
0300 (EST):  The phone ringing in the White House goes unanswered.

Golfing While the World Burns


we can blame The Obomination and his minions in the American Communists and Liberals Union (ACLU) that is, if we’re alive to do it! AGAIN Obumbles failed to do his Constitutional duties and he did it sub rosa back in 2010! (The Obomination pronounced it “eboly” in a speech on Thursday.)

EXCERPT:  “The Obama administration has quietly scrapped plans to enact sweeping new federal quarantine regulations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention touted four years ago as critical to protecting Americans from dangerous diseases spread by travelers.

The regulations, proposed in 2005 during the Bush administration amid fears of avian flu, would have given the federal government additional powers to detain sick airline passengers and those exposed to certain diseases. They also would have expanded requirements for airlines to report ill passengers to the CDC and mandated that airlines collect and maintain contact information for fliers in case they later needed to be traced as part of an investigation into an outbreak. …

The American Civil Liberties Union had objected to potential passenger privacy rights violations and the proposal’s “provisional quarantine” rule. That rule would have allowed the CDC to detain people involuntarily for three business days if the agency believed they had certain diseases: pandemic flu, infectious tuberculosis, plague, cholera, SARS, smallpox, yellow fever, diphtheria or viral hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola. …

CDC officials had stressed the rules would only be used in rare circumstances when someone posed a threat and refused to cooperate. The new rules, they noted at the time, added legal protections and appeals for those subject to quarantines.”

The Gunny hopes that these disease infect every damn Liberal and Proggy in America and ends their efforts to impose their misery on us.


RUMINT (Rumor intelligence) has it that the US troops send to fight ebola with nothing will be put into isolation upon their return. But Obama lets thousands of disease and pest ridden illegal aliens swarm over the border like red ants at a picnic with no isolation and no accountability. The so-called commander-in-chief puts US troops in danger, basically unarmed to face the threat, and when they return, they’ll be treated like lepers. It is not hard to see that Obumbles and the Democruds hatred for the US Military continues unabated. Maybe The Wookie and the eldest Obama daughter can go over to Liberia and entertain the troops. After all, what is good for the goose is good for the Wookie.

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politically correctly appointed Secret Service Director. Her shitty performance is EXACTLY what one can expect when things like merit and character and past performance and experience are no longer taken into account. Failure was inevitable because the Obomination surrounds himself with losers, idiots, has-beens, and criminals. Her resignation should be followed by the Obomination himself.


because “we” did not follow the herd.

EXCERPT:  “On the other hand, Wynn continues to disparage the White House: “I am stunned at the immaturity of this administration. … We elected a man as president who had no experience at anything.”

We? Sorry Steve but there was a legion of Americans, the Gunny included, who not only researched the chump (the information was out there and readily available) but who also warned that Obama was a douchebag and Charlie Foxtrot just looking for a place to happen. Steve not only voted for Dumbo in 2008 but he worked to GET him elected AND he supports a scumbag named Dingy Gried. So much for being an informed voter. Well done Steve, and thanks.