Here is something to laugh your asses off at.

EXCERPT:  “Among the highlights of President Obama’s State of the Union address plans to pull the American family out of economic plight is a $500 tax credit for two-earner families. Here’s how the White House presented it in a fact sheet: “Provide a new, simple tax credit to two-earner families. The president will propose a new $500 second earner credit to help cover the additional costs faced by families in which both spouses work — benefiting 24 million couples.”

The provision is included in his effort “to help middle class families get ahead.” Like who? Administration officials said families earning up to $210,000 would get a piece of the tax credit. That is four-times the earning of the “typical” middle class income of $51,939 calculated by the Obama-supporting Center for American Progress.”

A $500.00 tax credit? Really? That is a whopping nine bucks and change a week MORE in the Gunny’s pocket! LOOK OUT! Retirement is here. Man, with that windfall the Gunny might be able to get an extra couple of pounds of ground beast at the supermarket! Yeow! Of course we should be thankful that King Putt bestowed such a tax credit on us. Why, we might even be able to dine out once at the level that he and Sasquatch have been doing since Jan 2009, i.e., on his lastest vacay, the Grifter Twins spent 300 bucks on dinner, not counting the wine and tip (if any).


like a turd in a punch bowl! The abject stupidity of this dickhead rivals Shotgun Joe Biden!

EXCERPT:  “You are the ones who are the rule makers. They want to try to turn you into people who are trying to do something to hurt others when the only thing you’re trying to do is do your job that will help others be able to live lives and create a better America for ourselves and most importantly, our children.”

“So don’t get it twisted. Don’t think that regulations are hurting you. Regulations are causing what benefits you are taking advantage of now.”

There you have it folks! Regulations are GOOD for you! After all, there are only about 30,000 regulations on cooking a f*cking burger at Mickie D’s so WTF! And thankfully the Obola Regime has given us another 11,237 pages of NEW regulations (as of 2012) with probably another 5 or 6K since then to live by. Here’s a clue to this blithering idiot. The massive amount of regulations passed by these big government morons is literally killing industry in the USA as was reported yesterday, with more businesses closing than starting up. What this dumbass Democrud doesn’t know or understand and is probably too f*cking stupid to understand is that regulations are, in actuality, LAWS that businesses have to comply with every day and they are very costly/impossible to follow. Then, enter Economics 101 (which NO Liberal understands), the business passes the costs of compliance along to the consumer, that is, US!  

Thank God that Hank Johnson replaced that moron Cynthia McKinney! (end sarc) This is proof positive that much of Congress is made up of mental midgets too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time.


“Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Obama 2008.

EXCERPT:  “The average price for a kilowatt hour of electricity in the United States was 13.5 cents in December. That is the highest average price for KWH of electricity in the month of December since the BLS started recording the December monthly price for a KWH in 1978. In December 2013, the average price for a KWH was 13.1 cents.”

So when King Putt couldn’t get his crap and trade plan passed because Americans would have woken up sooner and likely throw the bum out in 2012, he used the EPA, led by his socialist cronies Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy, to shut down almost 300 coal-powered power plants, which produced about 70% of our electricity and accordingly, energy costs skyrocketed, just like Obama wants. 

Electricity Price Index Hit All-Time High in 2014

Ask yourself WHY did Obola allow the EPA to close 280 coal-fired power plants? Because his rich 1%er cronies make more money off of us AND to “nudge” us ala Cass Sunstein, into using LESS electricity so that we can live like the Euros. In other words, the Progressive elite lives large, the commoners live like peasants.


Everyone knows the feeling of saying something extremely stupid and feeling like an idiot shortly thereafter but the Gunny wonders if Halfwit Harf actually believes the bullshit that she spews and if she feels like a used condom afterwards.


“Well … it’s not the only type of extremism we face. … Much of it [is] Islamic … but some of it not. So we’re going to focus on all the different kinds of extremism, with a heavy focus on people who do this in the name of Islam, we would say falsely in the name of Islam. But there are other forms of extremism that are also important.”

This is the famous Obama strawman argument. They decry a situation while deflecting attention to the strawman, i.e., “other forms of extremism that are also important.”

Really? Which one? Catholics running amok? No. Protestants running amok? No. Ah, those insane Amish at it again? No. The only two other forms of extremism in the USA that the Gunny can readily identify is the extremism of the Obomination, that seeks to control and oppress American citizens and the extremism of the feral apes running amok in the inner city, attacking whitey and looting businesses.



God help the Republic in that we have 741 more days of this blithering idiot.

EXCERPT:  “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama wants to make two years of community college free and universally available, a proposal he said on Thursday he would flesh out in his State of the Union speech later this month.

White House officials acknowledged the plan would come with a significant price tag but declined to disclose projected costs, saying those details would come in Obama’s budget on Feb. 2.

“Put simply, what I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody’s who is willing to work for it,” Obama said in a video message released by the White House.”

Another strawman promise from King Strawman himself. Free student loans. Free college. Free two years of community college. WHERE is the call to serve in the US Military? How about King Dumbass spewing out something like, “if you serve honorably in the US Military, instead of sitting on your fat asses and playing Xbox 24/7, you can PAY for your GI Bill that will HELP you pay for YOUR schooling.” But no, once again, offer pampered pussies a free ride that will be paid for with OPM (Other People’s Money).

What a pathetic transparent little man King Strawman is. Offer free college when most of the idiots coming out of government indoctrination can barely read at the 7th grade level and no idea how it’ll be paid for. What happens when some douchebag goes to community college on our dime and flunks out? Do they reimburse the taxpayers? Kids today ALREADY get 12 YEARS of a free ride and the national high school dropout rate is a whopping 25%! What a waste of the property taxes forked over, by threat of the State taking your house away from you. Imagine teachers demanding more and more money, other people’s money, for producing a shittier and shittier product, i.e., the dumbing down of America. Would you buy a product that had a failure rate of 25%? No.

What is the bottom line here is that King Strawman has a legacy of failure and it is intentional. He and his Iranian Communist handler and advisor, Valerie Jarrett, WANT this nation run down, how else to explain six years of constant failure, lies, malfeasance, ignorance, stupidity, and treasonous betrayal? So now what to do? Flail about promising anything and everything, desperately hoping something will stick.

The ultimate insult to millions of GIs is that while they sweated and bled for their GI Bill and later college degrees, this whiny ass pencil-neck punk in the White House offers another entitlement to a generation of snivelers, on the backs of others.



working for ya?

Liberals, actually Progressives really, LOVE to tax and spend. Even now that Nobel Peace Prize recipient but fiscally ignorant clown Paul Krugman STILL yaps about spending our way out of debt. So they tax and spend and tax and spend, never considering that the goose that shits the golden egg will one day fly the coop.

EXCERPT:  “Some New Jersey Republican leaders are renewing their call to lower taxes after Mercedes-Benz’s announcement this week that it’s moving its headquarters to Atlanta. Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, whose district includes Montvale, where Mercedes has its offices, says the state’s incentives for businesses to move or stay here are helping cities but are not doing as much for Bergen County. She says there need to be bigger changes to the tax system to keep companies from moving.”

As Obama’s pastor, Reverend “I hate me some honkies” Wright would say, New Jersey’s, “chickens, are coming home, to roost!” Why? Because Democruds have controlled the NJ legislation for 40-50 YEARS and have raised taxes and taxed the Hell out of corporations so that they are leaving as fast as they can!

Now here is the crux of the issue and the Gunny ID’d this modus operandi of Progressives back in 1999 in regards to The People’s Republik of Kalifornia taxing, spending, and driving out corporations. Here is what happened in Kalifornia and is what is going to happen in New Jersey.

1.  Mercedes spilt for Atlanta, taking jobs and tax dollars with them.
2.  NJ realizes a tax shortfall in 2015.
3.  NJ Legislature raises taxes across the board to make up the shortfall.
4.  More businesses and people leave in 2015 due to high taxes.
5.  NJ realizes a tax shortfall in 2016.
Rinse. Repeat.

And America as a whole?

EXCERPT:  “America has lost 1 million corporations since their height during the Reagan era, in part driven out of business by the industrialized world’s highest corporate tax rate.” (35%)

But never fear America, Killary Benghazi Clinton said that corporations do not create jobs, so we’re safe!


FILL your mugs with some SWEET schadenfreude!

EXCERPT:  “Josh Earnest was questioned about President Obama’s former colleagues at Harvard, who are now complaining about the Affordable Care Act– an act they once supported. Harvard released a statement that the law is raising health insurance costs, and that accordingly, the university would have to change the plans for its staff.

Ed Henry asked Earnest whether it was “hypocritical” for these professors to claim that Obamacare was good for the country until they personally had to pay more because of it. Earnest, for his part, was stumped by the question. He stumbled through his answer before rattling off White House talking points about the law.”

Maybe the clowns at Haaaavaaahd can subsidize their Marxist professors with some of that endowment money, roughly a billion dollars but more likely President Putz will wave his magic EO wand and exempt them from what the rest of us have to deal with. After all, professors making a fat wad of cash WITH a guaranteed job (tenure), should not have to have ObamaKare, that they themselves supported!


in the march of Socialism!

EXCERPT:  “Dec 30 (Reuters) – Venezuela entered a recession in 2014, with the economy shrinking in the first three quarters, the Central Bank said on Tuesday, blaming political opponents for the dismal figures. In a statement, the bank said GDP contracted 4.8 percent in the first quarter, versus the same period of last year, then it fell a further 4.9 percent in the second quarter and shrank 2.3 percent in the third quarter. The statement added that 12-month inflation, which is the highest in the Americas, reached 63.6 percent in November.”


EXCERPT: Venezuela’s socialist government blames political opponents, who protested in the streets for four months earlier this year, for damaging the South American OPEC nation’s economy. The protests resulted in violence that killed 43 people. “These actions against public order blocked the correct distribution of basic goods to the population, as well as the normal development of production of goods and services,” the bank statement said.”

Blaming others? They getting lessons from our very own King Putt? Oh wait, Dumbo’s on vacation number 5,324.

Say it ain’t so Joe! Socialism fails again? Oh the Humanity! Imagine the government running everything and it all shits the bed. Imagine human initiative to better one’s self and family being stifled by an oppressive socialist government, like, oh the Gods, the former Soviet Union? Cuba? Chad? Imagine a market regulated so heavily that no one produces anything of worth because the government steals for redistribution, like, in the Obomination! The…horror.

You just KNOW that somewhere in America some moronic Progressive Liberal idiot (sorry, the Gunny digresses) is reading this and thinking, “but we’ll make it work in America!”

Progressives are the stupidest animals on the planet. Seriously they should be relegated to the level of serf, working for the betterment of America by working and living in very nice work farms where their insanity cannot harm anyone anymore. This would be a win-win for the Proggies! They can work all day raising crops for the rest of us, producing goods that are redistributed to the 57 states, and at night, in their off-time, they can discuss the merits of socialism but without infecting the rest of the nation! Within their work farm they can share and share alike! Everyone of them will have equal everything while outside, the rest of us will work, keep what we make, prosper, and enjoy the American Dream! Inside, the Proggies will enjoy that which they so desire, a Nanny State that rules their every movement while outside, the rest of us will enjoy freedom and liberty to win or lose, succeed or fail, and live as we want to live, acknowledging the fact that our rights end that the tip of the other person’s nose.