That is how the Progressive Statists work. Let slip a rumor and then test the prevailing winds to see if the masses are digging it. Now, after 75 YEARS of Democrat rule and about 45 years of Black Democrat rule, Detoilet is the Liberia of the Northeast. In other words, a Third World shithole better suited for a bombing range and MOUT training than anything else. Democrats taxed and spent and taxed and spent and lined their pockets and finally, the cesspool overfloweth. Bankrupt. Crime-ridden. Homes that can’t even sell for a buck. Detoilet Michigan, the end result of Progressivism.

But YOU knew it was coming because the Gunny said about a year ago, when Detoilet’s bankruptcy was announced, that Barry the Clown would run to their rescue with lots of OPM (Other People’s Money).

EXCERPT:  “Michigan officials and President Barack Obama’s Administration are discussing a plan to free up $100 million in federal money to aid Detroit’s retired city workers, the Detroit Free Press reported on Tuesday.

Citing two people familiar with the talks, the newspaper said the talks were centered around federal money flowing to Michigan for blight removal. Under the plan, $100 million would be earmarked for Detroit, reducing the $500 million the city’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, plans to use to eliminate blight over the next 10 years.

The $100 million saved could then be used by Orr to ease pension cuts for retirees under the city’s plan to adjust its $18 billion of debt and exit the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, according to the report.”

So corrupt Black Democruds make shitty deals that line the pockets of their union buddies and reap the reward in bribes and kickbacks and when the bill comes due, why, just pillage the US Treasury to make it up!

Obama, saving his union buddies in Detoilet. Just like he did with the illegal GM bailout. As usual, with Democrats, money talks and the millions of union dues that get funneled into the DNC’s coffers speaks pretty damn loud. Who cares that the money used to bailout Detoilet was looted from other people under the threat of fines and/or prison. Indeed, nowhere in the Constitution does it permit bailouts but then again, it might, in Congcrtitter Conyer’s mind:  “the government is empowered to do anything it deems
necessary or useful under the ‘good and plentyclause.

Never fear America, it’ll come out of “Obama’s stash.”


Everywhere we look we see these 60′s dregs running our government getting flim-flammed like they were little kids forking over their lunch money, which no doubt happened considering that many of them are stick-armed pencil-necked geeks (Obama, Podesta, Baghdad Bob Carnet, etc) who now have a revenge mentality to get back at us bullies! haha.

If you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for everything.

Consider what these imbeciles from the 60′s, in the Democrud Party, listened to and it becomes more clear as to how f-d up in the head they are.

“Maybe I’ll be there to shake your hand (Shake your hand)
Maybe I’ll be there to share the land (Share the land)
That they’ll be givin’ away
When we all live together, we’re talkin’ ’bout together, now
(Guess Who, “Share the Land.”)

Now don’t get the Gunny wrong, the Guess Who rocked but when you have mentally arrested development people who’s mental age is stuck at 15, who listen to the above and garbage like “Imagine”, etc., then they become dangerous not only to themselves but the rest of us.

Consider Ovomit’s anti-nuke drivel that he wrote at Columbia provides a clear insight into what he calls a mind and indeed, the liberal mind itself. Our Dear Leader wrote:

“The Reagan’s Administration’s stalling at the Geneva’s talks on nuclear weapons has thus already caused severe tension and could ultimately bring about a dangerous rift between the United States and Western Europe. By being intransigent, Reagan is playing directly into the Russian’s hands.

One, note that Obama fails to call them “Soviet’s” throughout the article because as we all know they were communists and if one researches history, REAL history not the Progressives’ revisionist drivel, the Soviets started the Cold War, not the USA. Second, the absolute ignorance of that sentence is mind-numbing and one loses 1o IQ points in reading it. Reagan knew full well how to deal with the Soviets, which was from a position of power. In negotiations one never ever wins when they negotiate from the underdog position, especially when confronting communist, liberals, progressives, or other assorted vermin. Three, Ronaldus walked out at Kaflavik again, because he BELIEVED that OUR FREEDOM (and Star Wars) was supreme and thus he refused to be bullied like Obama gets bullied by Putin today, more like bitch-slapped really.

The different between Ronaldus Magnus and King Barry, among many things, is that Ronaldus Magnus BELIEVED IN AMERICA! He KNEW that when unleashed, a free people will ALWAYS win over chattel who were told where to live, how to live, what to say, when to say it, what school to go to, what they could buy and where they could buy it, forced to serve in a subhuman military, etc, while King Barry HATES America and seeks to drag us down to be just another nation among nations. Which is what his master Soros has told him him to do.

So these liberal idiots run around in their dreamer state of Lennon’s dreck, “Imagine” and deal with the world, getting it shoved up their asses each and every time…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

Thus they get owned by human nature every time they make a move. Strength is respected, weakness is laughed at AND taken advantage of. Consider the old saying, “like taking candy from a baby.” THAT is the very essence of liberalism! Getting owned and LIKING IT! Thinking that somehow you’ve won a victory when your enemy takes you to the mat and pins those massive ears back, only a stupid fool would think that but today our government is chock full of them. Hopefully in November we flush a bunch of these turds out of the cesspool that is DC and make the air smell a little better.  

In closing, it is near the time to separate ourselves from the Leftists. Should a scumbag lying murderess like Killary Benghazi be elected potus (doubtful) then our inherent need and desire for FREEDOM and LIBERTY demand that we revolt and secede from what would no longer be a just and free United States of America. Indeed, considering the actions of the Obama Regime we probably should already be in revolution and there can be no doubt that our Founders would approve.

A LEADER                     A CHUMP




and they’re still poor.” Charles Barkley

Truer words were never spoken and when put into a graphic, it becomes gospel. Here is a graphic for Chicago, RULED BY DEMOCRATS FOR OVER 75 YEARS. The middle class is going bye-bye. Why? In a word, Democrats. They tax and tax and tax and use OPM (Other People’s Money) to buy the votes of the lazy and stupid, who are very comfortable using welfare to sit on their asses and watch Oprag and get off of the couch to vote for the biggest promiser of freebies every couple of years.

EXCERPT: “Watch as the grey squares, which illustrate the middle class that dominated the most of the city’s neighborhoods in 1970s, quickly vanish over 40 years. The poor, represented by the orange and red colors, explode across the map. And watch what happens in the green areas representing the upper middle class and wealthy. Not surprisingly, it spreads from downtown to the north side, but not with the same ferocity as the reds and oranges. Especially in 2000, the greens-the color of money–grow much darker. It seems the rich simply got richer. In later years, the wealthy pushed the poor out of the near West Side. It appears that area bypassed the middle. The data comes from the U.S. Census.”




The more Liberals get involved, the more they fuck things up. They “fix” things that aren’t broken and screw them up and then claim success and walk away in triumph, leaving hate and discontent in their wake!

EXCERPT:  “Four restaurants, including three McDonald’s outlets, will close within the next three weeks on Navy installations, according to Navy Exchange Service Command officials. And two other contractors — a name-brand sandwich eatery and a name-brand pizza parlor — have asked to be released from their Army and Air Force Exchange Service contracts to operate fast food restaurants at two other installations, according to AAFES officials. A source with knowledge of military on-base resale operations said the issue likely has to do with two new government regulations — one implemented, one pending — that will affect wages for contract workers in such on-base concessions.

These closings “are the tip of the iceberg,” the source said. “I don’t think anybody has realized what the far-reaching effects of this will be.”

Martin said new Labor Department rules issued last fall for fast food workers on federal contracts under the Service Contract Act require an increase in the minimum wage for such employees, varying by region. The rules also require payment of new, additional “health and welfare” fringe benefits at a rate of $3.81 per hour to those employees.”

Stupid liberal scumbags who have never run a business making rules for those that do! The very definition of tyranny from a Nanny State.

The Gunny truly feels for those on active duty. Once upon a time when Free Men and Free Women served we smoked, we drank, we got two beers per day per man in the field (when possible), we watched porno flicks while on “weekend duty”, eyeballed “fuck books”, we chased and caught women of dubious virtue (and had a great time doing it), talked all kinds of shit, and glorified in being in the best Gun Club in the World. Then came the liberals and began to fuck things up and now we can’t drink, can’t fuck, can’t smoke, can’t drive a car on Okinawa unless you are a Corporal or Above, Head DoD Moron Upchuck Hagel is taking tobacco out of the PX, no more porno mags in the PX, and now the military is losing the eateries where a Marine or a Swabbie could take ten and enjoy a taste of home and shot of morale. Instead we’re served up homos swapping spit in the open, trannies trying to serve, Army women whining about racist hair regs, brass more concerned with their next promotion than their troop’s welfare, and an increasingly pussified and feminized military that gets weaker and weaker with every year Ovomit is in office.

The military exists to kill the enemy and bomb their shit back into the Stone Age, not for “Meals-on-Wheels” trips to Somalia or peacekeeping here there and everywhere. So WHEN the Hell are the civilian dickheads who’ve never served a DAY on active duty going to STFU, take their pansy asses away and go play with themselves, and let the military get back to being the supreme asskickers they were circa 1950, drinking beer, smoking cigs, talking trash and farting wherever they damn well pleased and BEING ADULTS? That’ll be the next thing the pussy liberals ban, farting in uniform because it upset someone, somewhere, sometime.

Better still, when can we start hunting down liberals and nailing their hides to the barn doors?


Obama touted the Government Motors Cobalt as a sucess story but it turns out that it is a bigger piece of shit than the Edsel, although the Edsel never killed anyone. And of course fake Vietnam Vet Senator Blooming Idiot chimes in with THIS great solution…

EXCERPT:  “Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is among those calling for GM to make a stronger statement and tell owners to stop driving their cars immediately. Blumenthal believes GM made a decision to hide the defect of ignition switches.”

Considering the risk from the switches, Blumenthal’s advice isn’t the most outlandish conclusion in the world. If an owner of one of the recalled cars wants to drive it at all, he should remove everything from the key chain and drive the car to the dealer, very carefully, over the smoothest roads possible, and get the car checked out.”

EVERYTHING that Obama has touched has turned to shit. GM. Solyndra. Foreign Policy. Domestic Policy. Therefore, let it be known across the land, from sea to shining sea, that Lord Barackus Obomination is the Master of the Brown 25 touch and that he is elected as Chairman of the Board of the Uranus Corporation. WHAT is AMAZING is that this problem suddenly comes out one, BEFORE the election in November AND two, AFTER the Goobermint has sold all of their stock in GM (at a massive loss to the US taxpayers). The Gunny wonders how much pressure from The Obomination was exerted on GM Execs to STFU until the deal was done. Funny how that happens. 


BIOHAZARD WARNING! DON MOPP LEVEL 4. (Mask, Gloves, Suit, and Booties – NO Buck, not booties as in women’s asses but the ones on your feet). When you go into the mind of a liberal, it is like wading through a cesspool so suit up my friends before you read this drivel from a lib. (All spelling and grammar errors are the Lib’s)
Cameraman  Submitted on 2014/03/30 at 11:39

hypocrisy, guilt, hatred, and envy… all displayed in your post. i’m sure jebus would be proud of you. Obviously the racists here believe the pope because he;s white!

Both statements could be true without there being any inconsistency between them.

But since you racists hate everything the President does, you’ll go with the Pope, even though you have no reason to.

were you there? how the heck do you know hes lying and the other side is so truthful,

Putin rules nothing but your manhood ms Schause. Your hatred of President Obama’s skin color is way to evident in the title of your article.

You say in the years under Obama’s presidency we have had the most disastrous and dangerous years in our republic. WOW! Let’s talk some REAL truth here!

Under Obama the stock market has recovered and has hit the highest level in American history. Unemployment has slowly but steadily dropped. Auto companies and other businesses are now making record profits. The housing market has recovered and homeowners have seen a huge jump in home values in the last two years. WOW, THAT IS DISASTEROUS!

Obama’s policies have saved millions of American jobs and prevented us from slipping into another depression. It is a slow recovery but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The increase in the deficit was inevitable with the challenges our economy was facing. All you ever hear from Republicans is doom and gloom and that Obama is destroying America. None of it is based in fact! The only thing Republicans have done is shut down the government and cause the worst congressional deadlock we have ever seen! They make America look weak to the outside world by second guessing and trying to block everything the president tries to accomplish! It’s embarrassing! You lost the election! Republicans: it’s time to get over it! Move on and turn your focus towards working for the American people instead of your own political agenda!

The ACA (Obamacare) has its problems but something has to be done to get the ball rolling on heath care reform. Every time someone who has no health insurance goes to the emergency room we all end up paying for it in the end in exorbitant medical costs and insurance premiums. In time the reform will lower health care costs and premiums for everyone but it is not going to happen overnight. At least health care reform is now being seriously talked about and debated. We all can agree something has to change!

Let’s state the REAL truth here! I think with most of the people that have these bloated, unreasonable and radical views about how bad things are in this country just plain HATE Obama! We’re turning into a socialist country; our freedoms are disappearing; Obama hates America and is trying to destroy it. PEOPLE, GET A GRIP!

That lie that Obama hates America has been repeated so many times by you

conservatives that you’ve come to believe it.

And by the way, for those things you ought to give the man credit for should include killing our current greatest enemy.”
THAT, brothers and sisters, is what voted for The Obomination not once, not twice, but likely early and often. Note that there is not one credible link to back up this idiot’s drivel, it is all pure emotionalism and hanky-twisting. 

Several sentences are almost laughable that this clown would actually include them in his diatribe of shit are:

1.  Obviously the racists here believe the pope because he;s white! (Isn’t Obama 50% White?) We believe the Pope because Obama is a confirmed liar. “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” “Obamacare will save each family $2,500 a year!”

2.  Under Obama the stock market has recovered and has hit the highest level in American history. Unemployment has slowly but steadily dropped.

Like a typical liberal moron this fool laps up the puked up pablum of PMSNBC and the like heedless of the REAL unemployment number (U6) which is still over 13%, not to mention that 92 million Americans are OUT OF THE WORKFORCE and no longer counted. Indeed, this moron babbles about the stock market, clueless that dumping 85B in fake money into it every month since Dumbo took over PROPS IT UP! There is no economic basis for the stock market to be up so far and soon the bubble will break.

3.  (This one made the Gunny laugh) “They [Congress] make America look weak to the outside world by second guessing and trying to block everything the president tries to accomplish”

Again, here is plain liberal stupidity on display. The Founders DESIGNED our government so that there is a balance of powers and GRIDLOCK was preferred over one fool doing whatever he or she wanted to do! This idiot is blinded by Obama’s skin color (and calls US RACISTS!) and thus thinks that Obama should be able to do whatever he wants, when he wants, which he does ANYWAY! If Obama was 100% WHITE, not 50%, he’d have been impeached long ago for exceeding the power granted to him by the US Constitution but evidently this dingbat slept through Civics 101…if it was even taught in his government indoctrination school.

4.  “And by the way, for those things you ought to give the man credit for should include killing our current greatest enemy.”

Almost too funny to respond to. Once again this uniformed boob missed the fact that Bathhouse Barry dithered for MONTHS on this intel and it was Rasputina Jarrett who prodded the coward into giving the go ahead. And Cameraman, it was the SEALs who did it, not Bathhouse Barry. Although in typical Affirmative Action mode Obama took credit.

Now it is time for decon….


or just simply stupid and ignorant?

First off we have dementia-ridden Dingy Reid denying that he slammed people who said that ObamaKare F-D them over.

EXCERPT:  “We heard about the evils of Obamacare, about the lives it’s ruining in Republicans’ stump speeches and in ads paid for by oil magnates, the Koch brothers. But in those tales, turned out to be just that: tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies distorted by the Republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements.”

“There’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.” Dingy Reid, Feb 26, 2014.

Chief Asshole Dingy Reid yesterday:

Too bad it is not the 1920′s so a gangster could take this dickhead for a ride.

Now for more on ObummerKare…

EXCERPT:  “A new poll shows that just 26 percent of Americans support Obamacare, but at the same time only 13 percent think the law will be completely repealed. The Associated Press-Gfk survey was completed before the White House announced this week that it had signed up 6 million people for private health plans through the state and federal exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

The AP noted that support for the law has dropped 13 points since 2010, when 39 percent favored the law. Opposition also has dipped 7 percentage points from 2010, when it stood at 43 percent. The number of people on the fence, the AP reported, has tripled from 10 percent to 30 percent.”

Now that is a Leftist rag running a poll so add about a 25% fudge factor to the opposition to ObummerKare and you’ll be close. As a matter of fact let us remember that in 2010, before this Obomination was passed, 75% of Americans WERE AGAINST IT! But a shill from the White House bleated:

“I’ll give you one example,” Schiliro told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday. “Just this week, the first three days of this week, more than a million people have called the call center. Yesterday (Wednesday), 1.5 million — more than 1.5 million — came to the website.”

“There’s tremendous demand. This is a very popular thing for people. We want to make sure everyone who’s trying to get insurance has the opportunity to complete the process.”

They called, they visited… But did they BUY in? Did they pay up?

What a load of bullshit. Are these people THAT out of touch with reality? Are they brainwashed ideologues like their master King Ovomit? Or are they just simpletons, brain dead liberals mouthing the same old bullshit that they’ve been yapping since the 30′s, in just a different format? It appears to the Gunny that these morons inside the Beltway need to:

1.  Pull their heads out of their asses
2.  Go outside the Beltway and look around
3.  Interview REAL Americans, not the canned bullshit puked up by the WH Press Corps
4.  Buy, rent, or steal a fucking clue.

But then again, if they did THAT then they would be liberals for very long!


The US Government gives the American people the REAL STORY…