to their fellow parasites invading The District of Corruption!

EXCERPT:  “The Architect of the Capitol took emergency measures Wednesday to handle a bed bug problem in a Senate Office Building, including closing off a restroom for a couple of days with yellow police tape. So watch out Senate aides and tourists approaching the sixth floor of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Bedbugs are not easy to shake. The trouble began prior to a Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing held Wednesday in which some attendees—lobbyists, presumably—employed people to wait in line for them. This is a common practice and sources tell us it falls under the jurisdiction of the Rules Committee chaired by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

A female in line–one of the placeholders–had bedbugs. Sources tell The Mirror she was physically removed from the scene after one of her fellow line sitters noticed bugs crawling all over her. Apparently the bugs were also found in a women’s restroom.”

Wow, a Democrat crawling with parasites. Whoda thunk it? Moreover, the District of Corruption is ALREADY infested with blood-sucking parasites, like Pelosi, Feinswine, Rangel, McLame, Hank Johnson, Linda Grahmanesty, McConnell, Dingy Greed, Elijah Cummings, Obama and his spawn, AND their remora-like lobbyist vermin cohorts who sink their fangs into the US taxpayers, drain them dry, and refuse to retire even after senility sets in, i.e., Dingy Greed, Maxine Waters, etc.?

Considering that the denizens in The District of Corruption are pests and parasites themselves, they should welcome their fellow blood-suckers with open arms, well, unless they don’t want any competition feeding off of the labor of others. HOWEVER, the question begs to be asked, HOW do you tell a Congcritter or Senator from the other parasites like roaches, crotch crickets, and bed bugs?



and in other obvious news, the sky is blue, Michael Mooreon is a fat smelly slob, and Bill Clinton is a disgusting sexual predator STILL cheating on Killary. Kudos to El Rushbo for bringing this to the forefront, even just for a moment. As Paul Harvey would say, “now for the rest of the story.”

EXCERPT:  “Lars Hornuf of the University of Munich and Dan Ariely, Ximena García-Rada and Heather Mann of Duke University ran an experiment last year to test Germans’ willingness to lie for personal gain. Some 250 Berliners were randomly selected to take part in a game where they could win up to €6 ($8).

The game was simple enough. Each participant was asked to throw a die 40 times and record each roll on a piece of paper. A higher overall tally earned a bigger payoff. Before each roll, players had to commit themselves to write down the number that was on either the top or the bottom side of the die. However, they did not have to tell anyone which side they had chosen, which made it easy to cheat by rolling the die first and then pretending that they had selected the side with the highest number. If they picked the top and then rolled a two, for example, they would have an incentive to claim—falsely—that they had chosen the bottom, which would be a five.”

To anyone with a working brain (excludes liberals) this is obvious stuff. Commies have been lying for over 100 years and continue to do so, just watch an Obama speech! That red diaper baby would not know the truth if it kicked him in his pencil-neck having ass! Of COURSE socialists have to lie about their ideology because one, it sucks, and two, it is an epic failure. Just ask a socialist moron to point out ONE nation, under socialism, that works! It is like putting BJ Bubba Clinton in an all-girl’s school and telling him to behave himself. HINT: It ain’t gonna work out well!

EXCERPT:  “All the same, when it comes to ethics, a capitalist upbringing appears to trump a socialist one.”

No screaming eagle shit. Just listen to Killary Benghazi or Squaw Walking Eagle Warren.


So President Obeyme is at a gathering of goons today and of course before blaming Republicans, the Pacific Vortex, Bush, the Kahoutek comet, did the Gunny mention blaming Bush, for his multitude of failures, the cheesedick managed to squeeze out of Reggie Love’s “home port” a few words for the downed plane in the Ukraine…

EXCERPT:  “‘Before I begin, obviously the world is watching reports of a downed passenger jet near the Russia-Ukraine border. And it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy. Right now we’re working to determine whether there were American citizens on board. That is our first priority.’

‘And I’ve directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the Ukrainian government. The United States will offer any assistance we can to help determine what happened and why. And as a country, our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and passengers, wherever they call home.”

But then, back to dickhead mode…

EXCERPT:  “I want to thank Jeremie for that introduction’ he said. ‘Give Jeremie a big round of applause.’ ‘It is great to be in the state that gave us Joe Biden. We’ve got actually some better-looking Bidens with us here today.  We’ve got Beau and his wife, Hallie, are here. Give them a big round of applause. We love them.’”

Hey, over 3,000 Americans died on 9/11, looks like a “terrible tragedy!”

Hey, over 1,000 Americans died in December 7, looks like a “terrible tragedy!”

Hey, our economy collapsed thanks to me and Keynes, Marx, and a few other idiots, looks like a “terrible tragedy!”

Hey, inflation is wiping out the middle class’ savings, looks like a “terrible tragedy!”

Wow, I just spent millions on another vacation, looks like a “terrible tragedy!”

Energy prices are necessarily skyrocketing, looks like a “terrible tragedy.”

Now for the comments of a REAL President after the Soviets shot down the Korean Airliner…by accident.


And of course, President Obeyme’s next stop is, naturally, a fundraiser. Just 32K a plate. Of course ANY American could afford that. Oh wait, maybe only the 1%ers that Obeyme scorns can afford it.


The Gunny wonders how many of these cheesedicks still pledge allegiance to the skivvie stain soiling the White House after six years of this dumbass screwing the pooch both foreign and domestically. NOTE: Have a puke bucket handy but if you cvan handle it, it IS funny to watch these chattering dickheads. The collective IQ in La-La Land cannot be higher than the freezing point of water and that on a good day. No wonder that 90% of the crap flowing out of Hollyweird is either remakes of remakes of remakes or computerized crapola.  


in the White House. Every time this poltroon opens his oral sewer he reconfirms that he is likely certifiably insane and a dumb jackass as well. Here President Bystander tells China and India to stop using coal…

EXCERPT:  ““Developing countries have some of the fastest-rising levels of carbon pollution. They are less equipped to cope with the effects of climate change than we are. But they’re also trying to deal with hundreds of millions of people in poverty,” he said. “The trade-offs for them are even tougher than for us sometimes, unless we describe how development should leapfrog some of the old technologies [how they should] learn lessons from us and go right to a clean energy future. And we should be a part of that conversation, but we’ve got to lead by example. They’re waiting to see what America does.”

Hopefully the ChiComs and the Indians are smarter than the 51% who reelected this simpering pansy and refuse to listen to his jabbery on climate change, now so thoroughly debunked and refuted that only one who wishes serious damage to the United States, i.e., Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, Obummer, Owl Gore, and the rest of his ilk continue to spew the bullshit. In fact, ANYONE who listens to this steaming turd, after his numerous FAILED green energy scams, is in fact dumber than dog crap.

A few facts about the damage this dickhead has wrought…

1.  “Last year, U.S. coal production dipped below 1 billion tons for the first time in two decades, according to EIA data.” THAT MEANS LOST JOBS!

2.  “Coal still generates nearly 40 percent of the nation’s electricity, but the White House predicts that will drop to about 30 percent by 2030 if its climate change agenda continues as planned.” (HIGH electricity bills!)

As the scumbag himself said, “under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.” Not a problem when you are a 1%er like Barry and his Master Soros or a welfare leech like much of his voter base, but to the average WORKING (or unemployed American thanks to Ovomit) American, this is devastating.

Like getting screwed at the gas pump and in your utility bills? Keep voting for Soros’ party, the Jackass Party.


Introducing President Crybaby:

EXCERPT:And my message to Republicans is:  Join us.  Get on board.  If you’re mad at me for helping people on my own, then why don’t you join me and we’ll do it together?  (Applause.)  We’ll do it together.  I’m happy to share the credit.  You’re mad at me for doing some things to raise the minimum wage, let’s pass a law — Republicans and Democrats giving America a raise.

If you’re mad at me for taking executive action to make it easier for women to find out if they’re not getting treated fairly in the workplace, let’s do it together.  You can share the credit.  (Applause.)  You’re worried about me trying to fix a broken immigration system, let’s hold hands and go ahead and make sure that this country continues to be a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.  I want to work with you, but you’ve got to give me something.  You’ve got to try to deliver something — anything.”

This is SO typical of President Crybaby. Epic fail. Whine. Moan. Complain. Then go golfing. Progressives want cooperation all right, but THEIR idea of cooperation is the Republican Party giving them whatever it is that they want, i.e., more taxes, more spending, etc. This moron yammers about raising the raising the minimum wage when it is an abject failure in Seattle! President Crybaby is little more than a spoiled toddler in a pencil-neck twerp’s body. His lawlessness, i.e., allowing illegal immigration on a scale never before seen, is indicative of said spoiled brat! He wants what HE wants and by God Mommy and Daddy had best give it up or he’ll whine and mewl and cry until the cows come home! His multitude of lies are just cinder blocks for the foundation that supports his numerous scandals, Operation Fast & Furious, Libya x 2, Egypt, the FAILED Arab Spring, the IRS scandal, the VA scandal, Killary and Benghazi, the loss of Iraq AND Afghanistan, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Oh, and his whining about being sued by another crybaby, Boehner. Laughable.

This red diaper baby is so predictable that it is a joke. He is a walking joke. A global joke on America. President Rspect is nothing but a ill-tempered, thin-skinned, whining little bitch, who is nothing but a blithering idiot spouting Leftist tripe for his drooling LOW IQ crowd. He was elected by these idiots because he reads a teleprompter well and is 1/8th black. In reality, as the last six miserable years have revealed (and what the Gunny knew in 2007) is that President Worthless is a lazy, serial narcissitic, egotistical and arrogant dullard better suited to getting people to sign a petition than in running a nation. Especially when the Dickhead could not run a lemonade stand! It boggles the mind of anyone with a working brain that 52% of the American population voted for a race hustling, lying, petition-signing, socialist scumbag and snake oil salesman. We’ll still be digging out from under his Force 15 hurricane while the Boil on the Ass of America is living large, on our dime, for the rest of his miserable life.

There once was a president who visited Cape Cod,
Who thought all good things came from Allah, his God,
But it wasn’t the Allah the Almighty,
who lifted Barry’s nightie,

It was Reggie H. Love, by God.

Will Nelson release his final Ha Ha?


whether to laugh, shit, or go blind! WTF is next?

EXCERPT:  “A former member of SEAL Team Six has become the poster girl for a Pentagon effort to include transgenders — people who have undergone sex-change operations — in the ranks. Kristin Beck, formerly Senior Chief Petty Officer Christopher Beck, spoke recently at several high-profile events at intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to promote the integration of transgenders.

“Transgender service in the armed forces, yes it will happen soon,” she said on Twitter.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, among the most politically correct Pentagon chiefs of the past several decades, fueled the effort within the Pentagon to integrate transgenders in May when he said the policy of banning transgenders should be reviewed continually. The transgender drive is the latest element of the Obama administration’s social engineering within the U.S. military.”

One can have their junk lopped off, their Adam’s apple shaved, fake boobs, hormones, etc., but guess what, every cell STILL has a MAN’S DNA. So Chuck Hagel, nothing but Obama’s rump swab, continues to destroy the US Military through social engineering and social experimentation because hey, liberal experiments like segregation (Woodrow Wilson) and McNamara’s 100K (LBJ) worked out so well. In the end, may those responsible dangle at the end of a rope.

Hagel the most politically correct? How about the most high-ranking treasonous scumbag since Benedict Arnold? When the US Military is reduced to a f*cking joke who will take the blame? When the US Military can no longer recruit decent red-blooded Americans but must resort to bringing in freaks, criminals, dirtbags, and other assorted vermin, who will take the blame? When the US Military is awash in STDs, HIV/AIDs, and other infectious diseases thanks to the inclusion of openly gay members, who will take the blame? Who will foot the bill? Who will pay the Piper?

Secession from these vermin looks better and better. Jindal stated that open rebellion is brewing? If so, when it breaks, vermin like Hagel will be lucky to escape with their lives because we outnumber them and we’re f-ing pissed. 

Fighting trannies from the sky
Fearless, um, whatevers
Who jump and cry
Men, er, ah, whatevers
Who are glad that they are gay
Trannies of, the Pink Berets!

Pin pretty pink wings upon their breasts
These are whatevers, Obama’s best 
One hundred trannies will test one day
And Hagel awards them all, their Pink Berets 

And to think that Upchuck Hagel approved a few hundred thousand bucks of OUR tax money for Chelsea Manning’s sex change op! The Gunny don’t know where Obama stops and Hagel begins, his head is so far up Obama’s ass.


The Obama Criminal Cartel will be reviled by Americans for all eternity.


“Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.

Fellow Republicans, it is the cause of Republicanism to resist concentrations of power, private or public, which enforce such conformity and inflict such despotism. It is the cause of Republicanism to ensure that power remains in the hands of the people. And, so help us God, that is exactly what a Republican president will do with the help of a Republican Congress.

It is further the cause of Republicanism to restore a clear understanding of the tyranny of man over man in the world at large. It is our cause to dispel the foggy thinking which avoids hard decisions in the illusion that a world of conflict will somehow mysteriously resolve itself into a world of harmony, if we just don’t rock the boat or irritate the forces of aggression – and this is hogwash.” Barry Goldwater, 1964

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats are the enemy of freedom and liberty. Why?

What was the Founder’s intent for this nation? One, to be a Republic governed by the Constitution and two, to have a self-reliant population capable of taking care of themselves through hard work with a good work ethic and to rely on God, self and family, and then community, not the Federal welfare and redistribution machine. Three, to live under the Rule of Law, not the Rule of Man, as the Left would have it.

Consider the following:  Liberals bemoan the fact that Conservatives stand in the way of change but nothing could be further from the truth of the matter. Change is implemented slowly, in order to guage the effects on society at large wherein the Left (Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, whatever) seek to usher in change, for the sake of change, in order to change the change of the change. Think mob rule in revolutionary France and you have modern liberalism all wrapped up in one smelly box. Indeed, whenever a liberal program FAILS the call goes out for MORE OF THE SAME! Amtrak? Fail. Solution? More light rail. Social Security? Fail. Solution? Raise taxes and cut bennies. Welfare? Fail. Solution? Expand the program so EBT/SNAP cards are used at BK, liquor stores, etc. Watch a libprog (Liberal Progressive) at work and you can see their corrosive venom gnawing at the very bedrock of our society. Why? Because a Conservative is concerned with the effect of change on their society as a whole whereas the LibProg only cares about retaining power with their change, the Conservative is portrayed by the LibProg as an obstructionist to change, which Obama does every single day when he whines about Congress standing in his way, as the Separation of Powers demands! And then, when the LibProg DOES obtain the change and power therein, they are quick to change the rules of the game, i.e., Dingy Greed changing filibuster rules (nuclear option), in order to retain their position of power.

Still do not think so? What happens when a State decides NOT to use Common Core or some other harebrained scam from the Feds, i.e., 55 MPH on Interstates? They use tax money as a weapon against the very states that funnel the money up TO the Federal Government. ObamaKare? Epic Fail. Lie and fudge the numbers. Obfuscate and spew bullshit.

LibProgs ENSLAVE, they do not free.

Conservatives want less government while the LibProgs want more. Conservatives want more money in the pockets of people who EARN IT while the LibProgs seek to tax and spend. Case-in-point: The District of Corruption just passed a yoga tax! The LibProgs call it, “broadening the tax base to lower resident’s tax rates!” In other words, we have to burn the village down in order to save it. We have to raise taxes in order to lower them!

Why are LibProgs the enemy of freedom and liberty? (Not counting their anti First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Amendment stance)

LibProgs LOVE to champion their ideology as standing with the “little man” on the side of freedom and liberty but this is complete crap. WHO sides with tyrants and dictators? LibProgs. FDR was Stalin’s Bitch i.e., Eastern Europe, KGB Karter STILL kisses the filthy asses of tyrants and dictators around the world, Obama bows to them and is Putin’s bitch, Nutsy Baloney kissed Assad’s ass WHILE WEARING a scarf, and on and on. Thus it can be said that individual freedom is the biggest threats to the corrupt ideology of Liberalism. WHY? Because when free individuals think of themselves AS free men and women, then they automatically reject the group think and group act enforced by the LibProg. “Some speech can be disappeared.” Elena Kagan

Indeed, the LibProgs seek to subjugate us to the collective/international community and SCOTUS crone Ginsburg even stated such. Why? Because if a free people think of themselves as AMERICANS first, then the hypenated collective bullcrap gets tossed out the window. A collective is the antithesis to individualism, to freedom and liberty. As a point of fact, simply log into a liberal website like HuffyHo and post a Conservative viewpoint. The collective wipes it out faster than Stalin airbrushing out an enemy from a picture.

Speaking of the collective the welfare state is little more than an outgrowth of the slavery of the 1700’s-1800’s. This does not mean that we cannot help those who truly NEED it but it should be at the local and state level, not the Federal level because it saps the spirit and human initiative of a free people. Why work when you can sit back and collect 60K in bennies (Alaska)? Thus then the handouts become the heroin mainline for an increasingly lazier and lazier people who in the end, find themselves ensnared in golden chains but chains nonetheless because if you do not do as the master wants, the welfare stops. Then what? The old adage of “give a man a fish and he eats today, teach a man to fish and he feeds himself for life,” has never been more true. And minorities who break away from the Democrat’s plantation? Who reject the notion of welfare for life? Who dare to think and act and do Conservatively? They are torn to shreds by the Liberal Media and various race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharptongue call them Uncle Toms, because an escaped liberal slave exposes the fallacy that is…Liberalism. Progressivism. The Democrat Party.

Consider the attempt of the LibProgs to Balkanize the United States through scams like Amnesty and the current anchor baby crimes going on in the Southwest. The ONLY reason that this is going on is because the LibProgs KNOW that the jig is up, that we’re on to their decades of bullshit and thus MUST ship in as many illegals as they can and either grant them Scamnesty or have them continue to vote early and often, and to keep the entitlements flowing! As Shaq said, “the poor have been voting Democrat since the 40s and they’re still poor,” and this is no different. The Dems will expect the vote for some crumbs from the table but the illegals will still remain poor, they’ll still only be able to cut the lawns of the Hanoi John Fonda Kerry’s and the Limosuine Liberals in La-La Land. No habla ingles. No need to assimilate. No need learn the American way of life. Just keep voting Democrat and all will be well but cease voting for us and the welfare stops. Dependency is the keyword for the LibProgs. Keep voting for us granny or the GOP will throw you off of a cliff and stop your Social Security! BTW, WHO bankrupted the SS Trust Fund? LBJ and the Democrats in 1968.

Here is the crux of the issue and Ronaldus Magnus called the shot. BOLD COLORS, NOT PALE PASTELS. The GOP AND the DNC are the problem. The RINOS and the CINOs ARE the problem. They whine. They bribe. They pander. They betray us time and time again. General Betray-us, once the Crown Prince of the GOP, is a member of the Bilderbergs. Betray-us was the perfect description of him and the Country Club RINOs, the Rockefeller GOP, who sees us as serfs and they as our lords and masters. As a matter of fact the corrupt Karl Rove RINO machine overcame McDaniels and put a senile old dipshit named Cochran BACK in the Senate. Why? Because Cochran is a tool. The DNC seeks to pander to the various “protected groups” that they have created, all with more rights than us common folk, and what does the GOP/RNC do? Piss down our backs, tell us its raining, and then pander to the same clowns the DNC is pandering to! And who did the gimme-gimme run to? The Democrats who can dip into “Barry’s stash” (Union “donations”) anytime they want to.

The solution? WE the People must get out in force, know our facts and figures, and properly inform and educate our fellow citizens so they know NOT to enslave themselves or their kin to the slavery that is Liberal/Progressive policies. Conservatism WORKS and we must learn it, speak it, embrace it, and live it and use IT to return America to the great nation that we once were. Let the Left lie and cheat and steal, we will use THE TRUTH and what does the truth do? It sets you FREE!