that was won.

EXCERPT:  “BAGHDAD — The last Iraqi security forces fled Ramadi on Sunday, as the city fell completely to the militants of the Islamic State, who ransacked the provincial military headquarters, seizing a large store of weapons, and killed people loyal to the government, according to security officials and tribal leaders.

The fall of Ramadi, despite intensified American airstrikes in recent weeks in a bid to save the city, represented the biggest victory so far this year for the Islamic State, which has declared a caliphate, or Islamic state, in the vast areas of Syria and Iraq that it controls. The defeat also laid bare the failed strategy of the Iraqi government, which had announced last month a new offensive to retake Anbar Province, a large desert region in the west of which Ramadi is the capital.

“The city has fallen,” said Muhannad Haimour, the spokesman for Anbar’s governor. Mr. Haimour said that at least 500 civilians and security personnel had been killed over the last two days in and around Ramadi, either from fighting or executions. Among the dead, he said, was the 3-year-old daughter of a soldier.”

Shades of Korea and Vietnam, where liberal dickheads forced a tie when US Marines were pissing in the Yalu River and then threw in the towel AFTER the SVN Army crushed a couple of NVN offensives, forcing their commie buddies to hold off until 1975, when a Democrat Congress cut off funding to the SVN government, ending the war that JFK and LBJ started, ran, and ultimately, lost.

So KGB Karter loses Iran to the Mad Mullahs, initiating decades of global terrorism (ala Qutb in :Milestones,” and now the chump in the White House, more concerned with selfies and golf, pretty much has lost Iraq to his fellow radical Muslims. And the GOP, where are they at on this? Hiding under their beds, afraid to do anything lest they be called, HORROR OF HORRORS….racists.

This loss and the blood of those Americans and Iraqis, KIA’d, WIA, or maimed for life rests solely on the head of President Shit-for-Brains and his cabal of gutless swine.


It is too early to get a kegger party going?

EXCERPT: “Washington (CNN)Amid health concerns, former President Jimmy Carter had to cut his trip to Guyana short.

A statement released by the Carter Center said the former president “was not feeling well,” but the organization did not provide more information about the 90-year-old’s health. Carter is expected to return to Atlanta on Sunday.”

Can we get a twofer on this one? Hell yawns wide for KGB Karter and BJ Bubba Clinton. Be still, thine beating heart.

EXCERPT:  “He was in the South American country to observe the upcoming election.”

Now THAT is funny. Not only did this dickhead get blown out by Ronaldus Magnus in his OWN election but he actually sought after the KGB’s help in digging up dirt on Ronaldus Magnus to try to sway that election! Moreover, this is the same dickwad who refused to sign the budget in FY 81 (Oct 1, 1980) that left much of those in the military w/o pay and subsisting on their savings and “emergency pay” that only sufficed for haircuts, etc., until RM was sworn-in! And who can forget the 52 hostages, a failed rescue, and TS material left for the Iranians to salvage and sell to the Russians, all because Carter forbid the US Military to bomb the downed helos because some goat herders might get hurt.

Under KGB Karter’s watch, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan was assassinated by the Soviets and The Peanut Farmer did nothing. High interest rates, creating the Department of Energy (another useless shitty agency), gas lines, gas rationing, the sweater speech… This steaming pile is long overdue for the grave and will not be missed. His claim to fame is coming out of the cellar as the shittiest president in American history, replaced by an illegal alien from Kenya. Fuck em both.

When Satan recalls this Democrud, the Gunny WILL be celebrating.  For you Jimmy…picture-10857


terrorist groups with the weapons that they need to wage war against us and our allies.

EXCERPT:  “The ongoing unrest that forced the United States to close its embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, last month also has caused Pentagon officials to admit that they’ve lost track of $500 million in military equipment, including helicopters, Humvees and ammunition, that it donated to the country, The Washington Post reports.

U.S. officials told the newspaper that they fear the “small arms, ammunition, night-vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies” may have slipped into the hands of Iranian-backed rebels or al-Qaida.”

Donated? In other words the US taxpayer gets soaked for the cost of the weaponry, ammunition, and accessories and then it gets “donated” to our enemies by Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian communist running the White House.

The items “donated” to ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other Iranian-backed terrorists include but are not limited to:

• 1,250,000 rounds of ammunition
• 200 Glock 9 mm pistols

• 200 M-4 rifles
• 4 Huey II helicopters
• 2 Cessna 208 transport and surveillance aircraft
• 2 coastal patrol boats
• 1 CN-235 transport and surveillance aircraft
• 4 hand-launched Raven drones
• 160 Humvees
• 250 suits of body armor
• 300 sets of night-vision goggles

The Obomination seeks to ban ammunition available to AMERICANS in the USA but it gives away over ONE MILLION rounds of ammunition? This reminds the Gunny of his construction days when the black limo would pull up to the job site to sell tools that “fell off of a truck!” The Obama Regime, with their “Solyndra Touch,” backs the “Arab Spring demonstrators” in the Middle East, it all goes tits up, and now $500 million dollars of U.S. taxpayer paid for weapons and ammunition “fall” into enemy hands!  

Obama and his handler Valerie Jarrett want to make a nuke deal with Iran but seem to overlook the fact that Iran supplied and fully backed the rebels in Yemen who threw out the President of Yemen, who was our ally. Shades of Jimmy Carter and Iran 1979.

Is Eric Witholder behind this? Call it Operation Fast and Furious II. Arming our enemies at the expense of the US Taxpayers. If you want to read about WHY all this is happening, read “Milestones,” by Qutb. Jimmy “the Dhimmi” Karter gave them step one back in 1979. Now they’re on a roll to a Pan-Islamic State and Obama and Valerie “The rat” Jarrett, aided by Soros, is helping them. We could line I-95 with the scumbags who need a rope around their necks for their treason and treachery against the United States.

NOTE:  This was previously done in Egypt, Obama aided the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise during the “Arab Spring,” and it was done before that in Libya, with Obama sending arms to Libyan “rebels” who turned out to be allied with al-Qaeda! Once again it must be noted that if a WHITE President, who was a Republican, had done these acts, the Left would be screaming for impeachment. Unfortunately the GOP is run by sissies and cowards.


Remember Saint Pancake aka Rachel Corrie, the anti-Israel activist who volunteered to help Palestinian militants in their attacks on Israel? She was killed by an Israeli bulldozer when she got in the way of it. Note to libs. Bulldozers Big. Weigh a lot. Heavy. Crush people. Don’t stand in front. Wait. DO stand in front of them.

Here the lovely Saint Pancake burns a US Flag.

Well it seems that karma strikes again!

EXCERPT:  “Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the popular committee in the village of Bil’in where Kayla joined the protests [against Israel], told ISM: “Kayla came to Palestine to stand in solidarity with us. She marched with us and faced the military that occupies our land side by side with us. For this, Kayla will always live in our hearts. We send all our support to her family and will continue, like Kayla, to work against injustice wherever it is.”


EXCERPT:  “She was hostile to Israel and supported the ‘Palestinians,’ demonstrating against us in Bil’in, Sheikh Jarrah, and at checkpoints. She slandered Israel worldwide, and was a member of anti-Israel organizations like the International Solidarity Movement. She was like many other fools who collect illusions and didn’t understand how much she was being used. Incidentally, before she was killed, she was not kept as a hostage, but was given as booty to an ISIS commander to be his private maidservant.”

THAT is hilarious! The dumb bitch hates Israel, a free nation, supports a bunch of 7th Century throwbacks, and is given to some dirtbag in ISIS like a piece of trash to be used as his bitch, as his sex slave. God, the schadenfreude is so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it.

No doubt this idiot’s gourd was full of Leftist bullshit about the evil JOOOOOOSSSS and the righteous Islamofascists fighting for freedom by some dickhead professor(s) and off the dumbass Darwin Awardee went. Funny that some idiot goes into a war zone with a skull full of mush (h/t El Rushbo) and little else and winds up dead, after being used like a three dollar whore on payday! Oops, here comes another wave of schadenfreude…swoooooossssssh!

Now here’s the kicker. The US Government, in its INFINITE wisdom, spent money and put men’s lives in danger trying to rescue this liberal f*ckwit, who REFUSED to be rescued! Gee Obama, how much did THAT cost us? Liberals are the absolute stupidest creatures on the face of God’s green Earth. If they’re not aborting children or shooting three Muslims over a parking space in NC (yes the shooter is a Dem), they’re running off to get themselves turned into a pancake or a ISIS sex slave.

Well, another acolyte of Islamofascism joins Saint Pancake of the Intifada. The only thing more dangerous than joining ISIS as a woman is riding in a car, over a bridge, with Ted Kennedy.

Her blog sign off for those who still think she was a saint and remember who danced in the streets on 9/11/2001. The very people this fool was helping.

Forever in solidarity,

 Yeah. Right.


Russia has a former KGB Colonel, and America has a community organizing, pencil neck whiny ass pussifed pansy who could not fight his way out of a thick fog. There is NO WAY that anyone can convince the Gunny that the Democrud Party of traitors is not going down faster than Cankles Clinton on a Humma, or is it Huma? From an anti-Semite loser named Carter to a perverted impeached disgusting liar and pig BJ Bubba to the current pathetic piece of shit. Secret Service bros/sisters, the Gunny feels your pain guarding this sack of shit. And to the Marines who have to fly around with this turd? Try not to think what Chesty would have to say about the crybaby.

King Abdullah of Jordan FLYING combat missions against ISIS.


arrested in Oklahoma. There remains another at large in The District of Corruption or maybe a local golf course. Or maybe on another vacation.

EXCERPT:  “In a bizarre coincidence, a fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested Friday after a co-worker reported he threatened to cut her head off. Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million.

“We take these threats very seriously,” Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said.

The arrest came on the same day police in Moore revealed fired Vaughan Foods worker Alton Alexander Nolen beheaded a co-worker after he was fired Thursday. Nolen is a Muslim convert.

Muriithi was identified as a native of Kenya who is living in Oklahoma City. He worked at Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City, police reported.”

Just good ol’ workplace violence right, from Obama’s kin? Just like Obama’s religious advisor Hasan screaming “Allah Akbar” while shooting innocent men and women at Fort Hood. Departing piece of shit Eric Dickholder called that one “workplace violence” AND refused to try Hasan as a terrorist.

But hey, let’s keep importing these terrorists and illegal aliens through our porous southern border. The Gunny’s only hope is that the invade and burn down the gated communities of the scumbags who endorse them coming in and then one day, there will be a bounty on the heads of these vermin and we can hunt them down like the dogs they are and get rid of the varmints.


State Department, along with El Commandante Obama, got our six o’clock covered.

EXCERPT:  “Secretary of State John Kerry sought to stress to Congress Wednesday that no U.S. combat troops will be sent into fight extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – testimony that came ahead of a crucial vote in Congress to arm and equip moderate Syrian rebels.

Facing a panel of senators divided over the current request from the Obama administration, Kerry said arming the moderate opposition in Syria was the “best counterweight” against ISIL and emphasized to lawmakers: “ISIL must be defeated.”
“U.S. ground troops will not be sent into combat in this conflict,” Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “Instead, they will support Iraq forces on the ground as they fight for their country.”

So the Obama Criminal Cartel equips Libyan rebels who then proceed to attack, sack, and murder FOUR Americans in the Embassy there, while Obama slept and Killary/ValJar ordered a stand down. They arm Syrian rebels who then turn into ISIS/ISIL and seek to drag everyone under their Moon God and back to the 7th Century. Obama and his idiots blab to the world that THIS time, the Syrian rebels are the good guys here! Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood that they armed for the Arab Spring. Yeah, that’s right, IGNORE the machinations of idiots like Killary Benghazi and Lurch, who having armed scumbags who are now selling Iraqi oil and making bank on it, to finance their global terrorism. Oh, and let’s not forget that the Southern border is as open as Fluke’s legs and ISIS/ISIL maggots are already here. But hey, Obama, knowing far more than his generals (just like Hitler and Stalin!) got our back on this one. Really, just like the utopia under Keynesian economics is right around the next corner!




can trade the Jackoff in the White Mosque for THIS GUY who absolutely gets it. Islam is a false religion that promotes hate and violence under the guide of peace and love! Almost like Liberalism, which promotes chaos and division under the guide of tolerance and diversity! While President Jackwagon is busy bowing and scraping to the filthy Islamic hordes, foreign AND domestic, i.e., Dearborn Michigan, this Swiss Member of Parliament is spot on! Anyone who thinks that they can coexist (the Gunny HATES that fucking bumper sticker AND the assholes who have it on their Pruis’) is living in a fantasy land complete with unicorns and Obummer speeches running 24/7! Enjoy.


so look out Putin, you’ll be getting a nasty note from Barry any day now!

EXCERPT:  “WASHINGTON     (AP) — Delivering a blunt warning to Moscow, President Barack Obama expressed deep concern Friday over reported military activity inside Ukraine by Russia and warned “there will be costs” for any intervention.

He did not say what those costs might be.”

What? A nasty note? A mean look? More red lines drawn? NO more missile secrets given to Russia? Bathhouse Barry running and telling Valerie Jarrett? His mommy-in-law? Look out Vlad!

What is really sickening is that The pResident Clown Obama, Susan “Lyin Bitch” Rice, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry and Samantha Powers cannot even be called useful idiots for Putin because they simply have NO IDEA what to do, how to act, or what to say in these geopolitical situations. Just because one can bundle $$ for Dumbo, hold their pinky out while drinking a flute of champagne with the other beautiful people, writing term papers, coming up with ludicrous doctrine like R2P, and kissing one another’s asses is not the place to learn statesmanship.  No wonder the world laughs at Obama and his tools.




Remember back in 2008 when the liberals cackled like hens that Conservatism was a history lesson with the election of The Kenyan? Oh yeah, the Left was all twitterpatted and tingles ran up and down Chrissy Matthew’s leg whenever his fuerher was in sight. But there is one big problem for the Left and that is, the principles that make up Conservatism cannot die because they are human nature, “working hard to get ahead and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor,” whereas liberalism relies on the “codependency” of its adherants.

Consider this fact. The Black Family PRIOR to LBJ’s Great War on Poverty was strong, there were numerous black-owned businesses, and abortion was very low. Fathers were with their families and not just sperm donors to ghetto rats. Enter Liberalism. We have spent 11 TRILLION dollars, taken from some Americans for the redistribution to others, and the situation has gotten WORSE not better. Why? Because Liberalism creates codependents who become accustomed to the government titty in their mouths, from the cradle to the grave. This includes the criminals entering the USA from the South who suck down benefits that they’ve never paid into or earned and noly because the Liberals see ANOTHER dependent class to milk votes and money from, as they enrich themselves through Insider Trading ala Nancy Pelosi.

Now ask yourself WHY are Democrats pulling out all of the stops to implement drones in the US skies, NSA wire-tapping of Conservatives and other “enemies of the State,” using government agencies to implement their agenda, using morons like Bernanke to destroy the dollar, trotting out sluts like Sandra Fluke, and Obama’s embracing of everything homosexual, etc, etc.? It was their massuh who stated in 2009: “I hold myself as president to a new standard of openness …. Let me say it as simply as I can: Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.” Of course it was all bullshit because Liberalism IS 100% pure unadulterated bullshit. Like its sister ideologies socialism, communism, progressivism, is nothing but smoke and mirrors, an ideology of illusion, a utopia of hot air and nothing else. And Americans are on to it now, thanks to Obama and his myrmidons.

Think the Gunny is wrong here? Americans awaken slowly but they do get their asses out of bed and begin to smell the coffee albeit slowly. Take, for example, the movement of Americans AWAY from gun control towards open/concealed carry. In 1987, Florida passed a law “permitting” ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons where prior they could carry openly. Liberals mewled that it would be the OK Corral every Friday night but the opposite was true and today, there are 41 States with “Shall-issue” concealed-carry laws and even Heller v DC overturned the Liberal’s apple cart. Why? Because Americans see the shitty effects of Liberalism on a daily basis while morons like Duncey Pelosi, Dingy Reid, Obama, and the rest of the clowns are immune from the daily effects since they live in gated communities, send their kids to the best schools money can buy (avoiding public schools like the plague), and have full-time security, i.e., Bloomberg, so in their eyes, Liberalism is a success! WE are growing MORE Conservative while the Libs abort themselves out of existence! (The one benefit of a horrific industry that is sacred ground to CATHOLIC Duncey Peloser.)

Consider this. It has been NINE MONTHS since four Americans were murdered on Obama’s and Clinton’s watch and we still don’t know the full story. Why? Because to admit that THEY failed is to admit that LIBERALISM has failed because liberalism with these chumps means that they bend over and KY up for any dictator, thug, meanie, tinpot UN douchebag, etc, etc, ad nauseum. The four murdered were simply “useful tools” in the “FORWARD” march of Progressivism much in the same manner than Marines getting killed in Jordan, for exmaple, running guns to al-qaeda, er, Syrian rebels, will simply be considered broken tools, let’s move on, what difference does it make? Americans are seeing that the Obama Cartel is comprised of authoritarian thugs who seek power OVER us and to RULE us, which, it should be said, many of us SAID was gonna happen back in 2008.

The Gunny has read numerous comments on various pages wherein people say that we should keep our kids OUT of the service. No. No. No. THIS is EXACTLY what the Left wants. A military of faggots and fembots with an allegiance to a homo in the White House and NOT to the US Constitution. No, we FLOOD the services with our kids and then demand that things be repealed, like homos in the service, women in combat, and the freedom of religion be brought BACK into the services. BTW, a nation that allows women in combat, to die in combat, is a dead nation. WE make up the US military, not the Left, so let’s keep it that way and again, we thwart the machinations of the One Worlders on the Left.

How many Americans had read the U.S. Constitution before Obama took over and the Gunny means REALLY read it? Few. Since 2008 Americans have taken a renewed interest in preserving this wonderful document and are standing up to a tyrannical government that had to buy a billion rounds of .40/9mm in order to try and intimidate us back into sheeple status! Too bad for those scumbags because Americans simply bought MORE guns and AMMUNITION in a fuck you Obama movement. Indeed, after Liberalism, BJ Bubba Clinton, and Janet Reno murdered Americans at Waco, WE THE PEOPLE held an “armed overwatch” over the FBI at the siege of the Montana Militia, just in case the Feds went on another murder spree. WHEN hada that ever happened before in America? NEVER!

So now, at 17 TRILLION dollars in debt, a dollar worth 95% LESS since Wilson (Dem) created the unconstitutional Fed, a bankrupt and corrupt government, and a president that when the going gets tough, beats feet out of town, on hundred mmillion dollar vacations, faster than a Frenchman can throw down his rifle and surrender and American ask themselves WHAT THE FUCK has this done for America and the answer is NOTHING GOOD! Atlas Shrugged I and II were a sucess and that is because Americans realize that WE ARE LIVING IT right now. We the Producers are being pillaged by the LOOTERS and we’re getting damn sick and tired of it. Taxed Enough Already Party. No shit.

Rests assured bretheren, liberalism IS on the ropes but like Dracula, rubbing some garlic on his ass and tossing a little holy water on his grill AIN’T gonna kill him. We’re gonna have to settle in for a long intergenerational fight. Take control of the public schools and watch them like hawks (Common Core Curriculum for example). Give the District of Corruption a million gallon enema and KEEP DOING IT under we flush out the shit like Rangle, Dingellberry, Reid, McLame, and all of the other traitors that have been feeding at the trough for decades upon decades. We’re going to have to march on DC, over and over, demanding that the Constitution be upheld, defended, and adhered to or else. Term limits and a repeal of the 17th AM would be a great start as would be states passing recall laws for scumbag politicians who lose their minds, i.e., McShame, Grahamnesty, Collins, Snowe, Murkowski, etc, etc.

Only then will we be able to drive a stake into the heart of liberalism and even THEN, afterwards, we must be vigilant to make sure that that weed never again sprouts in America for it is a malicious one. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Jefferson

UPDATE:  A BLACK DEMOCRAT SWITCHES TO THE GOP! (Another slave freed from the Democrud’s plantation) Elbert Guillory states:  “The idea that blacks, or anyone for that matter, need the government to get ahead in life, is despicable.”

SHAZAM! Take THAT libs.