Apparently without us knowing it, the freedom of assembly and the freedom of speech has been revoked by the Liberal Fascists currently “fundamentally transforming” our Republic into a Nazi-like police state.

EXCERPT:  “In a deliberate “show of force,” federal and local police forces raided a political meeting in Texas, fingerprinting and photographing all attendees as well as confiscating all cell phones and personal recording devices.

Members of the Republic of Texas, a secession movement dedicated to restoring Texas as an independent constitutional republic, had gathered Feb. 14 in a Bryan, Texas, meeting hall along with public onlookers. They were debating issues of currency, international relations and celebrating the birthday of one of their oldest members. The group, which describes itself as “congenial and unimposing,” maintains a small working government, including official currency, congress and courts.

According to “Minutes into the meeting a man among the onlookers stood and moved to open the hall door, letting in an armed and armored force of the Bryan Police Department, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, agents of the Texas district attorney, the Texas Rangers and the FBI.”

An old theme. A group is infiltrated by the Federal Bureau of Intimidation and are betrayed from within. Do note that the one calling for the most drastic action, i.e., whacking a judge, hanging a traitor to the US, blowing up something, etc, IS the rat in the nest.

Soooooooo the Gunny wonders if the Reverend Wright and his Black Liberation Theology group was recently rounded up and photographed as well. Did the Feds also swoop in and raid the New Black Panther Party, who preach breaking away from the white devils and forming another Zimbabwe in the USA? Probably not. It appears that once again only white males were targeted by the Regime and the corrupt DOJ, run by a corrupt scumbag named Eric Dickholder, a black militant in his younger days, soon to be replaced by a worse goosestepper named Lynch.

EXCERPT:  “The irony of the situation is that the thuggish tactics employed by the police and federal government actually validate the concerns of the members of the Republic of Texas and other Americans who would prefer independence from the United States federal government.

Like the violent crime we’re seeing against whites in America, only white on black crime matters, i.e., the Gentle Giant vs a white cop. But white girls being gangraped and murdered by black teens? No problem for Dickholder as he ignores it. After all, he promised back in 2009 not to prosecute “his people” and he’s keep that promise even as he ran guns to Mexican drug cartels and lied to Congress over and over.

Our last chance to fix what the Village Idiot from Kenya has done is 2016. After that, if we lose and the gutless GOP refuses to grow a set, we may as well secede because we have nothing to lose and everything to gain! BTW, did anyone see Janet Reno hanging around trying for another Waco? Hell, Eric Dickholder was involved with THAT, nothing happened to him, why not try for another one?

Imagine, an America where the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, American History (not the commie Zinn version) and the Declaration of Independence are cherished, taught in school, and actually FOLLOWED by the politicians and the police. Imagine if you will, an America where equal justice is dispensed to all hands, politician, rich man, poor man. Where the laws of the land are followed. Where there are no moochers, welfare rats, or freeloaders. Where freedom and liberty reign supreme.

It’s easy if you try.

DEAR OBAMA REGIME…picture-10857


the Gunny.

So it appears that the Clinton Foundation violates ethics while Cankles was the SuckState. Gee, go figure. Clinton’s violating ethics is like the sun coming up every morning, it just is!

EXCERPT:  “The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday.

Most of the contributions were possible because of exceptions written into the foundation’s 2008 agreement, which included limits on foreign-government donations.”

So let us flashback to a few of the numerous scandals of HillBillary.

Cankles gets the rapist of a child off and then laughs about it.
Cankles is so f-d up ethically and morally speaking (even for a lib) that a LIBERAL lawyer fires her from Nixon’s Impeachment Committee for lying, trying to circumvent the Constitution, etc.|
Gennifer Flowers
Rose Law Firm
Vince Foster

Now here comes the weenie. Comments from Liberal idiots EXCUSING this behavior. Apparently, in the mind of a Liberal, well, what one MIGHT call a mind, these idiots cannot comprehend that criminal acts ARE criminal acts! In their fetid minds, only the GOP can commit crimes, i.e., one idiot wrote about Bush 43 & WMDs heedless of the fact that the NY Obama Times recently confirmed what we all already knew. Saddam HAD WMDs and the Marines found a shitload. Duh. Unfortunately these stupid asses cannot comprehend FACTUAL material and even worse, these dumbasses VOTE! Our Founders had the right of it, limiting voting to those with a stake in society, not the mob.

This is just a short sample; even the Gunny has a limit to reading the scribblings of demented liberals.

Do you think the cons will try to make this into another one of their phoney scandals? They’re so cute when they do that.
AntiGoob (In response to another anti-Killary comment)
How’s your Haliburton stock doing?
Boy the tin-foil hat crowd is at it tonight. Reread the article slower this time, you might learn something.

You mean like how foreign governments gave millions to Clinton’s foundation while Hillary was SoS?

Yep, and how it was all legal!

There weren’t any laws against selling nights in the Lincoln bedroom either.

Benghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazi !!!!
Tellum Sumpthing
And sadly there are still people out there that truly believes she is presidential material. So how did that organizer do fo you?

Pretty good actually, after he straightened out the oil man’s mess.

Shawn Swigart
Those people in Haiti are so lucky to have the Clintons taking care of them.

GWB could send paintings of his toes. Or clear some brush. Maybe that would help. Oh wait, he couldn’t even help our own people during Katrina.

Make a list and compare her with GWB. And don’t leave out the 250,000 Iraqi civilians. Go!

Prof Robinson
That’s easy. There’s already been 500k civilian casualties in Libya. Done. Do I get a prize?

So Libya is her fault too? See, this nonsense is why your not going to win the presidency for at least 20 years.

“So Libya is her fault too?” Well it WAS her idea. The entire “Arab Spring” was her

What am I to make of this? Trolling, or legitimate concern from a tragically misinformed con? How am I to tell the difference, and how sad is it that I even have to ask.

                                     Liberalism truly IS a mental disorder.offended-liberals


of being right. Readers of The Anti Liberal Zone will note that several days ago the Gunny reported a short list of groups wanting the Internet under the control of The Obomination, so that it works as good as ObamaKare does! In it, do note that the Gunny reported that it was Soros money behind it all.

EXCERPT:  “Liberal philanthropist George Soros and the Ford Foundation have lavished groups supporting the administration’s “net neutrality” agenda, donating $196 million and landing proponents on the White House staff, according to a new report. And now, as the Federal Communications Commission nears approving a type of government control over the Internet, the groups are poised to declare victory in the years-long fight, according to the report from MRC Business, an arm of the conservative media watchdog, the Media Research Center.

The Ford Foundation, which claims to be the second-largest private foundation in the U.S., and Open Society Foundations, founded by far-left billionaire George Soros, have given more than $196 million to pro-net neutrality groups between 2000 and 2013,” said the report, authored by Media Research Center’s Joseph Rossell, and provided to Secrets.”

Don’t forget that Soros tried to buy himself a president in 2000 (Gore) and again in 2008 (Hanoi John Fonda Kerry) and the third times the charm (Obama).


EXCERPT:  “These left-wing groups not only impacted the public debate and funded top liberal think tanks from the Center for American Progress to Free Press. They also have direct ties to the White House and regulatory agencies. At least five individuals from these groups have ascended to key positions at the White House and FCC,” said the report which included funding details to pro-net neutrality advocates.”

The #1 ENEMY of FREEDOM and LIBERTY in the USA is Soros. And under Obama’s leadership of the USA, Soros has gotten RICHER! In the picture below you can see the Devil Himself in the lower right hand corner.


the families and servicemembers in the 1983 Beirut attack that was done by Hezbollah, the lapdogs of Iran. There was 241 Marines killed by Hezbollah/Iran but its all good because Obama is busy making a secret deal with Iran.

In this Sunday, Oct. 23, 1983, file photo, rescuers prepare to lower a U.S. Marine on a stretcher down to safety below, in Beirut, Lebanon, following a truck bomb attack on the Marine barracks near the Beirut airport. The blast _ the single deadliest attack on U.S. forces abroad since World War II _ claimed the lives of 241 American service members. (Bill Foley/AP Photo, file)<br />
EXCERPT:  “(Bloomberg) — Victims of the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut lost a legal bid to seize $1.6 billion of Iranian assets from a Luxembourg account managed by Deutsche Boerse AG unit Clearstream Banking SA. U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in New York dismissed a lawsuit seeking to seize the money because it belongs to Iran’s central bank, Deutsche Boerse said in a statement Friday. The case was brought by servicemen injured and the families of those who died in the attack, according to court records. The truck bombing killed 241 Americans.

“We acknowledge the court’s decision and consider it to be consistent with well-established U.S. and international financial-infrastructure regulations and obligations,” Deutsche Boerse said in the statement. The specific order cited by Deutsche Boerse doesn’t appear in records in Manhattan federal court. There is a Feb. 19 notice that Forrest has made a ruling in the case and will make it public at noon Friday unless the parties object. That deadline passed without a posting to the case’s electronic docket.”

This flies in the face of an earlier judgement FOR the Plantiffs AGAINST Iran.

Okay, here is what we know right now. Obama is a puppet dancing on Valerie Jarrett’s strings. Valeria Jarrett is an Iranian communist with deep ties to Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other fetid Muslim groups.

Now for the weenie.

WHO is U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest?

1.  She was appointed by one Barack Hussein Obama  MMM! MMM! MMM!
2.  THEN the Gunny goes straight to Open Secrets and what does he find?


5/18/07 $500 Obama, Barack (D)
8/12/05 $5,000 Keeping America’s Promise (D)
1/13/10 $250 Coakley, Martha (D)
9/22/07 $2,300 Clinton, Hillary (D)
8/29/06 $1,000 Courtney, Joe (D)
3/6/08 $500 Obama, Barack (D)
4/14/10 $1,000 Leahy, Patrick (D)
10/5/04 $5,000 DNC Services Corp (D)
10/13/09 $1,500 Schumer, Charles E (D)
5/27/04 $500 Kerry, John (D)

Small wonder why the families and survivors of the Iranian attack in Beirut got screwed over. A liberal judge, appointed by Obama, who gets his marching orders from an Iranian Communist, told her to vacate their claim and let Iran off of the hook. Oddly enough that $1,500 donation to Upchuck Schumer paid off since he was the varmint who recommended this liberal pig to Obama for a Federal Judge position. Funny how that works. Pay to Play, the Liberal Way.



When Barack Husseini Obama MMM! MMM! MMM! met with African dignitaries in the State Department auditorium for a group photograph, he flashed the shahada, and the AP caught it and the Daily Mail printed it. The American Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media ignored it.

WHAT is the Shahada? The index finger points straight up, the thumb wraps around underneath to the middle finger. The other fingers are folded under to the palm, which highlights the extended forefinger. What this means, as a Muslim “gang” sign is that the person doing it is a Muslim and believes that there there is one God and Muhammad is his Prophet.

There can be no denial that there is a traitor in the White House and who needs to be removed ASAP. It makes a lot of sense when you consider how many Americans Obama allowed to die in Afghanistan, with stupid ROEs, led by incompetents that his Administration removed, the Arab Spring, removing Khaddafi so that A-Q could take over, the rise of ISIS or as The Muslim Obama says, ISIL (L is for Levant), the loss of Iraq to ISIS, and his asskissing of Iran, led by Iranian communist Valerie Jarrett.

Shahada Revoloution 555px.png


For those of us who do investigative work, work in intel, etc, when someone blocks something, and they have a trail of lies and corruption like the Democrats do, you can bet your ass that there is something to hide.

EXCERPT:  “WASHINGTON – Democrats on the Senate Banking committee on Wednesday voiced opposition to a bill that would expose the U.S. Federal Reserve to a full government audit. The support from Democrats shows they are starting to form a united front against Republican-led efforts to open the Fed’s internal discussions of interest rate and other policy matters to the public.

Republicans say the Fed needs greater transparency after it gained too much power during the financial crisis. Fed officials say exposing policy discussions to public scrutiny would increase political pressure on the independent government body.”

WHY would the Democrats work so hard to prevent the audit of a financial institution because as we all know at the Anti Liberal Zone, the Fed is NOT a government institute like they try to pass themselves off as but a central bank run by and for elites. So WHY would the Dems obfuscate this audit, like they’ve done to every scandal in The Obomination, from Operation Fast and Furious to the IRS v Conservatives scandal?

Where there is smoke, there’s fire.

Now dig what the Leftists are saying:

EXCERPT:  “Sherrod Brown of Ohio, the top Democrat on the committee, is against the bill, his spokeswoman said. While Brown has supported certain Fed transparency bills before, “he does not see how this legislation will benefit working Americans” Brown Spokeswoman Meghan Dubyak said in an email. Committee member Jack Reed is also against the bill, the Rhode Island Senator told Reuters on Wednesday. Another key Democrat on the committee, Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren is opposed to it as well.”

An audit of the Fed WON’T benefit “working Americans?” BULLSHIT. The Fed is so f*cking out of control and so full of shit that they MUST be audited and the guilty scum involved lined up and shot. Case-in-Point: The Fed was created under Democrat Fascist and overt racist Woodrow Wilson. Since that day, the value of the dollar has DROPPED 96%! WHY? Because the Fed has constantly SCREWED “working Americans” for the elite, period.

1.  It is estimated that 40% of the Fed’s liabilities are mortgage-backed securities. In other words, JUNK. SHIT. GARBAGE. The same shit that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd covered Freddie and Fannie on and we all know how THAT turned out. What that means is that the dollar, “working American’s dollar” is tied to loans that will go belly-up, as in 2008, when the kitty needs to be paid for shitty home loans made under the CRA and bogus derivatives.

2.  The Fed has a total of $4.5 TRILLION DOLLARS in liabilities and its equity is a measly 57 billion dollars. The Lehman Brothers shit the bed at a leverage ratio (a measure of risk) of 32:1 and yet the Fed has a leverage ratio of EIGHTY to ONE!

Of course the Fake Indian, Old Spreading Bull, She Who Fell from the Ugly Tree, Elizabeth Warren, a raging socialist, had this to say: “It promotes congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions, which risks politicizing those decisions.”

HOW does an audit of the Fed’s financial standing become politicized? They are either solvent or they aren’t. They’re either up shit creek without a canoe or they’re not. And if any measure of how our dollar has fared under the Fed in the last 100 years, the Gunny would say that a carpet bombing of the Fed is needed, with the guilty parties locked inside.

The crux of the issue is that the Fed is corrupt, the Democrats have screwed that thing up and over and down in the last 100 years and they DO NOT want an audit because it would reveal their perfidy. Otherwise, why stand in the way of an audit?

“Most Americans have no real understanding of the operations of the international moneylenders… the accounts of the Federal Reserve have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and…manipulates the credit of the United States.” Barry Goldwater.–business.html


Remember Saint Pancake aka Rachel Corrie, the anti-Israel activist who volunteered to help Palestinian militants in their attacks on Israel? She was killed by an Israeli bulldozer when she got in the way of it. Note to libs. Bulldozers Big. Weigh a lot. Heavy. Crush people. Don’t stand in front. Wait. DO stand in front of them.

Here the lovely Saint Pancake burns a US Flag.

Well it seems that karma strikes again!

EXCERPT:  “Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the popular committee in the village of Bil’in where Kayla joined the protests [against Israel], told ISM: “Kayla came to Palestine to stand in solidarity with us. She marched with us and faced the military that occupies our land side by side with us. For this, Kayla will always live in our hearts. We send all our support to her family and will continue, like Kayla, to work against injustice wherever it is.”


EXCERPT:  “She was hostile to Israel and supported the ‘Palestinians,’ demonstrating against us in Bil’in, Sheikh Jarrah, and at checkpoints. She slandered Israel worldwide, and was a member of anti-Israel organizations like the International Solidarity Movement. She was like many other fools who collect illusions and didn’t understand how much she was being used. Incidentally, before she was killed, she was not kept as a hostage, but was given as booty to an ISIS commander to be his private maidservant.”

THAT is hilarious! The dumb bitch hates Israel, a free nation, supports a bunch of 7th Century throwbacks, and is given to some dirtbag in ISIS like a piece of trash to be used as his bitch, as his sex slave. God, the schadenfreude is so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it.

No doubt this idiot’s gourd was full of Leftist bullshit about the evil JOOOOOOSSSS and the righteous Islamofascists fighting for freedom by some dickhead professor(s) and off the dumbass Darwin Awardee went. Funny that some idiot goes into a war zone with a skull full of mush (h/t El Rushbo) and little else and winds up dead, after being used like a three dollar whore on payday! Oops, here comes another wave of schadenfreude…swoooooossssssh!

Now here’s the kicker. The US Government, in its INFINITE wisdom, spent money and put men’s lives in danger trying to rescue this liberal f*ckwit, who REFUSED to be rescued! Gee Obama, how much did THAT cost us? Liberals are the absolute stupidest creatures on the face of God’s green Earth. If they’re not aborting children or shooting three Muslims over a parking space in NC (yes the shooter is a Dem), they’re running off to get themselves turned into a pancake or a ISIS sex slave.

Well, another acolyte of Islamofascism joins Saint Pancake of the Intifada. The only thing more dangerous than joining ISIS as a woman is riding in a car, over a bridge, with Ted Kennedy.

Her blog sign off for those who still think she was a saint and remember who danced in the streets on 9/11/2001. The very people this fool was helping.

Forever in solidarity,

 Yeah. Right.