to cover his tracks. Notice that the ones whining the loudest are the ones who profit from the issue, either the ones wanting to buy the team or the ones using the issue as a red herring.

Red Herring:  noun. 1. anything that diverts attention from a topic or line of inquiry

EXCERPT:  “The travel costs for vacations taken by the first family and the Bidens have reached over $40 million with the Air Force’s revelation that two golf outings by President Obama this year cost $2.9 million, according to the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch. 

The group said that the Air Force provided documents and records that put the price of the first family’s trip to Key Largo, Fla., in March at $885,683 just for flying Air Force One. The travel costs to golf in Palm Springs, Calif., in February, where the president also met with King Abdullah II of Jordan, was $2,066,594, said the Air Force documents, according to Judicial Watch.”

FORTY MILLION BUCKS ON GOLF TRIPS AND VACATIONS! Are you F*CKING KIDDING! In a time when 90 MILLION Americans are out of the work force and 45 MILLION Americans are on welfare! The First Grifters are living high on the hog, taking vacations in Spain, for example, when they have a MANSION in Shitcago they could go to or Camp David for that matter! Bathhouse Barry and the Moocher are nothing but con artists who lie and cheat (like on unemployment figures) and fool the LOW IQ voters into thinking that they’re working for them when in reality, the Obama’s flim-flammed the American people into allowing them to live like some king and queen when the nation is suffering. These two grifters have a total lack of ethics, morals, or conscience.

The Gunny DARES a Progressive to justify this behavoir and the expenses.

IN RELATED NEWS, Obama blames a shitty economy on the weather. Next quarter it will return to being Bush’s fault.

And the CHICOM’s surpass our economy. This must be the fundamental transformation the asshole in the White House mewled about.





their asses and gets something done, “WELL NO SCREAMING EAGLE SHIT!”

EXCERPT:  “BATON ROGUE, La, April 23, 2014 — The Republican Party of Louisiana filed a formal complaint with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics against Senator Harry Reid on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The subject of the complaint was “Senator Harry Reid’s Use of Tax Payer Resources for Campaign Purposes” and dealt with the use of Senate staff and facilities for support of political candidates and for campaign programs defaming the Koch brothers with false and misleading attack ads in the last election cycle.”

Not that this will mean much, really nothing more than a circle jerk, because Senator Dianne Feinswine was nabbed routing military contracts to THREE companies that her hubby Ralphie Blum owned and THAT was sent to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics and of course nothing happened. There can be no doubt that the Senate is run by crooks for crooks and they do nothing but yap like mutts, betray the USA to the UN and other foreign scum, and line their pockets. The House is little better but at least THEY provide comic relief when morons like Cummings, Waxman, Hank Johnson, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and the other imbeciles open up their oral suckholes and vomit idiocy.

The fun starts at 1:00 and the words from the elderly lady reflect 90% of America’s feelings towards the imbeciles, morons, cowards, traitors, Progressive trash, French Repubics, and other assorted lowlifes in Congress. 

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain



Governor Perry tosses down a challenge to debate Governor Cuomo on the business freedom of Texas vice the Liberal Fascist Hell of New York and guess what, as El Rushbo says, they cannot defeat us in the arena of ideas and thus, Cuomo cut and ran like a little girl.

EXCERPT:  “Texas Gov. Rick Perry was in New York today to make his pitch to business leaders he hopes to lure to the Lone Star State, and took the opportunity to reissue his debate challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo–who today declined the request.

“Yes, I’m here recruiting business. I’m don’t shy away from that. I’m very upfront about that. But I’m also here to help stimulate a conversation with the people of New York state, the people in New York City, the legislators, the governor,” said Mr. Perry, speaking to reporters after a lunch with business owners at Hill Country BBQ.

Earlier this week, Mr. Perry said he wanted to sit down with Mr. Cuomo face-to-face to debate the two states’ approaches to economic policy, which Mr. Cuomo–whose office did not respond to requests for comment–today dismissed as “unlikely,” according to reports.

“I hope he’ll seriously consider doing it. I think it would be good for the people of New York and it’d be good for the country,” said Mr. Perry. “I’ll leave that to you all to probe him on.”


Sung to the tune of the Battle of New Orleans

In 2014 we took a little trip
Along with Colonel Perry up the mighty Mississip.
We took a little bacon an’ we were a little giddy
And we caught the Liberal fascists at the town of New York City

We looked down the street an’ we seed the Liberals come
There must a’been a hundred of ‘em screaming like a drunken bum.
They goosestepped so high an’ they made their screeches ring,
We stood beside Ol’ Perry an’ we didn’t say a thing.

Ole Perry said we could take ‘em by surprise,
If we didn’t debate em ’til we looked ‘em in the eyes.
We held our words ’til we seed their faces well
But Governor Cuomo turned and ran away pell mell

Yeah, the Liberals ran through the trash an’ they ran past the rats 
An’ they ran through the slums where a crackhead wouldn’t go.
They ran so fast that the Fascist Cuomo couldn’t catch ‘em
Down through the boroughs like a bunch of ragged ho’s.




wrong to illegally seize State’s lands for their own goals, i.e., making it off limits to citizens by designating it “wilderness” or charging fees, grazing fees, etc. The matter was settled in 1845 but the Federal Colossus simply ignores the SCOTUS ruling and the law, like we’ve seen 100 times before. The next step for the BLM is to try to seize 90,000 acres along the Red River in Texas. The Texas AG’s response? “Come and take It!”
U.S. Supreme Court
Pollard’s Lessee v. Hagan, 44 U.S. 3 How. 212 212 (1845)
Pollard’s Lessee v. Hagan
44 U.S. (3 How.) 212


The stipulation contained in the 6th section of the act of Congress, passed on the 2d of March, 1819, for the admission of the State of Alabama into the union, viz.:

that all navigable waters within the said State shall forever remain public highways, free to the citizens of said State, and of the United States, without any tax, duty, impost, or toll therefor imposed by said State,” conveys no more power over the navigable waters of Alabama to the Government of the United States than it possesses over the navigable waters of other States under the provisions of the Constitution. And it leaves as much right in the State of Alabama over them as the original States possess over navigable waters within their respective limits.

The shores of navigable waters, and the soils under them, were not granted by the Constitution to the United States, but were reserved to the States respectively, and the new States have the same rights, sovereignty, and jurisdiction over this subject as the original States.

The United States never held any municipal sovereignty, jurisdiction, or right of soil in and to the territory of which Alabama, or any of the new States, were formed, except for temporary purposes, and to execute the trusts created by the acts of the Virginia and Georgia legislatures, and the deeds of cession executed by them to the United States, and the trust created by the treaty of the 30th April, 1803, with the French Republic ceding Louisiana.

Upon the admission of Alabama into the union, the right of eminent domain, which had been temporarily held by the United States, passed to the State. Nothing remained in the United States but the public lands.” (A reference to the 10sqm reserved for DC, WHICH, it should be pointed out, was originally a site for Federal business NOT to be lived in so any Congressional Representation therein is illegal.) 




One, ask yourself, as your read the below excerpts, “WHAT is MY legislature doing on these matters?” And two, What am I doing to facilitate these for MY State if they are not doing so now?”

House Joint Resolution 22 and it is on the way up the food chain towards Governor Parnell. It reads in part: “Requesting the United States Congress to call a convention of the states to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office of federal government officials; and urging the legislatures of the other 49 states to request the United States Congress to call a convention of the states.”


WHEREAS the founders of the Constitution of the United States empowered state legislators to be guardians of liberty against future abuses of power by the federal government; and
WHEREAS the federal government has created a crushing national debt through improper and imprudent spending; and 
WHEREAS the federal government has invaded the legitimate roles of the states through the manipulative process of federal mandates, most of which are unfunded; and WHEREAS it is the solemn duty of the states to protect the liberty of its people, particularly for the generations to come, to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States through a convention of the states under art. V to place clear restraints on these and related abuses of power.”

The bill goes on to call for a Convention of the States, now numbering 34, with 37 needed for the 3/4s requirement. The Gunny would like to see added in:

a.  Repeal the income tax and replace it with a Fair/Flat tax so EVERYONE pays.

b.  That the Federal Colossus is held strictly to the enumerated powers within the US Constitution and that violators are swiftly and seriously punished.
c.  All bills MUST be no more than 3 pages, written in clear language, with NO attachments, and MUST have a Constitutional justification in the first sentence or paragraph.
d.  Repeal the 17th Amendment.
e.  Eliminate the lifetime membership of the SCOTUS club and allow any Justice to be removed by a 2/3 vote of the state legislatures.
f.  An independent reevaluation of the Congressional pay and benefits with reduction and elimination of them as the goal.

HB 284: The Balanced Budget Amendment

Section 1 – balances federal budget by limiting spending to taxes except for borrowing under a constitutional debt limit.

Section 2 – establishes a constitutional debt limit equal to 105% of outstanding debt at time of ratification
Section 3 – requires approval of a majority of the state legislatures if Congress desires to increase the debt limit
Section 4 – requires the President to protect the constitutional debt limit through impoundments Congress can override
Section 5 – encourages spending and tax loophole reductions to bridge deficits, as opposed to general tax increases
Section 6 – provides necessary definitions
Section 7 – provides for self-enforcement of the amendment

Time to get busy and if your state is not involved with the Convention of States ask your legislators WHY NOT!?