Consider the following:

“To the evil of monarchy we have added that of hereditary succession; and as the first is a degradation and lessening of ourselves, so the second, claimed as a matter of right, is an insult and imposition on posterity. For all men being originally equals, no one by birth could have a right to set up his own family in perpetual preference to all others for ever, and tho’ himself might deserve some decent degree of honours of his contemporaries, yet his descendants might be far too unworthy to inherit them. One of the strongest natural proofs of the folly of hereditary right in Kings, is that nature disapproves it, otherwise she would not so frequently turn it into ridicule, by giving mankind an ASS FOR A LION.” (Common Sense, T Paine.)

Hereditary succession. Is that not what we are experiencing in the United States of America right now? One Bush. One Clinton. One Bush. One Obama. One Clinton. One Jebbie Bush…and on and on and on. The idiots on the left are actually clamoring for Sasquatch Obama to run for president, as surreal as that sounds. In the state of Masshole, we see the continuing line of Kennedy’s, with their wading pool deep gene pool, getting elected time and again, turning out politicians that in the words of The Bard, are more suited for turning good food into shit. Really, RFK Jr? A drunken drugged out greenie bum? Caroline, you know, you know Kennedy? In Georgia, another Carter raised its ugly head. And even worse, subhumans on the Left actually want Chelsea Clinton to run for office whose only claim to fame is…nothing really. Well, other than giving birth to a child after the union of two crime families that is. God Help the Republic.

Note Paine’s words here: “a degradation and lessening of ourselves…” Have we not seen this time and time again with it getting worse with each passing president? Bush 41 went fishing and lived in the house that the Bush’s owned in Kennebunkport. Clinton took a few vacations but nothing too out of the ordinary for he was too busy nailing anything with a skirt on it, in the White House, as was Killary. Bush 43 took his vacations at his ranch in Crawford wherein he could hold meetings, have foreign dignitaries come it, and yet allow much of his Secret Service detail to spend time with their families. In come the Grifters from Chicago, or Hawaii, who knows, but their lavish lifestyle, their awesome eats, their children getting not only the finest education money can buy (in a private school-Obama himself is against school vouchers) but also the finest eats while America’s kids eat slop not fit for a pig, and best of all, their lavish and expensive vacations.

It is not enough for the Obamas to take a vacation themselves to say, Spain. That could be understandable but they take the mommy-in-law, Obama’s handler Valerie Jarrett, and assorted friends, along with a massive entourage, that we pay for. The Little People. Us Commoners. Consider the vacation to Barry’s homeland of Africa. Tens of millions of dollars spent. A naval fleet diverted to provide cover “just in case.” But hey, they DID drop that expensive safari and saved us about twenty thousand bucks or so. Yet in all of this, the Obamas have yet to go to Chicago for a vacation, in their mansion, preferring to fly Air Force One, at 182K an hour, to a lavish resort in Hawaii. And why not, we’re paying for it.

Moreover, it should be noted: “no one by birth could have a right to set up his own family in perpetual preference to all others for ever.” Note that many in Congress do just this. Nancy Pelosi used the US Air Force like a private taxi service, complete with free food and booze, and not just for her but for her family members! MILCON Feinswine used her connections to route military contracts (MILCON) to her husband’s three companies and received a slap on the wrist…after making a few million bucks. They have done insider trading, until that law was passed, and if you think that they have stopped, the Gunny has a bridge for sale. Indeed, the friends of the elite, i.e., Al Sharpton, can rack up $4.5 MILLION DOLLARS in back taxes and go unpunished while elitist enabler Lois Lerner and the Infernal Robbery Service go after the commoners who do not have powerful top cover. Rest assured, if our Founding Fathers were alive today, to see the perks and bennies that Congress and the President have awarded themselves, they’d be picking up weapons and cussing a blue streak.

In closing, is there anyone out there that can defend the excesses of the Congress? The President? Or any other politician for that matter? They who WERE once servants of the public now consider the public as THEIR servants. Indeed, many politicians no longer hold townhalls because they knew they are fucking things up and don’t want to hear it from their constituents and neither do they care to…except at election time! How many freedoms do we have to sacrifice for the elites? How much of our paychecks do we have to surrender, by threat of force, so that the elites in Congress can buy Obamafones for their useless food eaters and thus garner their votes? How much longer do we have to watch elites like Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame lie and get away with it? For Obama to tell bold-faced lies and get away with it? Or to give his sympathy for dead cops that HE got killed, from the 13th tee? For politicians like Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the Country Club RINOs to ignore the will of the very people who put them in office to fix the very things that they have ALL fucked up?

If Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” inspired the first American Revolution, then let it inspire the Second American Revolution, because there are many wrongs that need to be righted. Dare any liberal deny that? The Gunny does not think so


HOW can it be that high?

EXCERPT:  “For the last nine years, the Military Times newspaper has surveyed an average of 2,300 active-duty service members. Their latest poll has just been released and concludes that “Obama’s popularity — never high to begin with — has crumbled, falling from 35 percent in 2009 to just 15 percent this year, while his disapproval ratings have increased to 55 percent from 40 percent over that time.”

How many slaps in the face has the US Military had to put up this jackoff in the last six years and the Democruds in general for the last fifty? JFK and LBJ sacrificed tens of thousands of American men for their stocks in Colt and Sea/Land. KGB Karter was a complete douchebag. BJ Bubba Clinton hacked away at the military, lowered our morale in every way possible, and his being a draft dodger was a continual poke in our eyes. Enter the Kenyan Rodeo Clown. Fort Hood was “workplace violence” when we all knew that it was Islamic terrorism performed by Hasan, a guy who once worked on Obama’s religious transition team (whatever the fuck THAT means)! He puts a moron like Panetta in charge of DoD and then doubles down by putting an even stupider hack named Hagel in! He anoints General Gay-Mos as Commandant for Corps instead of the firebreathing asskicking highly-motivated Devil Dog General Mattis! (Mattis probably made Bathhouse Barry wet himself.)

Not to be outdone, President Putt trades FIVE Taliban leaders for a piece of shit who deserted to the enemy in a time of war and ALL FIVE went right back to jihad! His reward SHOULD be a firing squad after his dishonorable discharge but more likely is that Obama and Eric Dickholder conspire to grant Benedict Bowe Bergdahl with an honorable discharge and full veterans benefits. The idiot even referred to the troops as “Santas in fatigues.” Right. We joined to fly around the world and give out presents. What a moron. The Democruds inflict a massive cut to DoD yet increase welfare and other entitlement programs, i.e., Obamafones, without a second thought. They, the Democruds, have slashed and burned the US military to pre-WWII levels and the U.S. Navy is at pre-WWI levels!

The bottom line is that those of us in the military, retirees, etc, who lived on the tip of the spear for decades have no respect for a simpering pansy who has never dirtied his hands in the military, throws like a girl, whines like a little bitch, and bows and scrapes to foreign leaders in between posing as Putin’s punching bag. What the Left never has learned and will NEVER learn is that respect, er, rspect (as Dumbo spells it) is EARNED and so far, this clown in the White House has only earned our contempt.


Great wordsmithing by Victor Davis Hanson. This article hits the Obomination harder than a broadside from the USS Iowa and every single syllable is right on the money.

EXCERPT: “Obama ran on his iconic status as the would-be first black president. For the most part, he hid his spread-the-wealth agenda. A plumber did better than establishment journalists at prying out a smidgen of Obama’s worldview. The media helped reduce Obama’s Chicago friends such as Bill Ayers, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Tony Rezko to complete strangers. To evoke them was tantamount to racism.

The result was a full-fledged liberal presidential agenda of a sort not seen since the New Deal. Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy were more centrists and realists than progressive true believers. In other words, since the 1940s voters have not trusted the left wing of the Democratic party to run the country. And for good reason. Barack Obama’s signature achievements — rammed through a Democratic Congress or enacted by questionable executive orders — now lie in ruins.”

When one looks at the big picture, President Golfer is just another grifter like every other Democrat who steals from the working man, with flim-flummery and well-articulated bullshit and gives it to his Obamafone base. President Golfer, who golfs like a hack in reality, reads his teleprompter lines well, speaks in a black dialect at will (Biden’s words), and has a nice smile for the female voters to swoon over. The kakistocracy that is The Obomination is run by Barry’s handler, one Valerie Jarrett, who pushes her Iranian Communistic views though Soros’ puppet, President Golfer. The DNC thought that they were getting a guy with a steel spine (Joe Biden again) but what they got was a grifter with a spine akin to boiled linguini, steeped in Affirmative Action, dragging a beast along with him, grabbing for all that they can get their grubby paws on, from multi-million dollar vacations to Kobe Beef, to lobster tail galore. They got a clown so soaked in left wing ideology that America has rejected him, his agenda, and as of 4 November 2014, the Democrat Party! The Obamination has sealed their doom and he doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about it. Why should he? He got to play president, just like the Gunny predicted in 2008, and he now has a fat pension, free security, and a  retirement wherein he can replace Jimmy “the dhimmi” Karter as the bleeding hemorrhoid on America’s anus.

Obama’s dream is our continuing nightmare as he continues to void the Rule of Law in America, ie., voided the claim of the GM bondholders, made illegal appointments when the Senate was not in session, Eric Witholder is the first USAG to be held in contempt by Congress and Federal Courts, uses the IRS, NSA, DHS, DOJ, and other agencies against his enemies, and has usurped US immigration laws, to name a few.



you damn crackers because Bathhouse Barry and Sasquatch need YOUR money to continue to live the lavish lifestyle to which they have been accustomed since they were libspawn.

EXCERPT:  (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on December 8, 2014, it obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that the October fundraising trips by President Obama to Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, cost taxpayers $1,176,120.90 in flight expenses alone. On October 9, Obama attended a fundraiser party hosted by Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow in Los Angeles. He also attended a closed-door “roundtable” fundraiser at the home of restaurateur Michael Chow.  A second event shielded from the public was scheduled for October 11 in San Francisco.”

The “secret” fundraiser cost us an extra $165,069.60.
This is the THIRTIETH fundraiser to LA-LA LAND in six years for this assclown.
The price per plate at the so-called “actress” Paltrow was $32,400.
The price per plate at the “secret” fundraiser was $15,000 per plate.

So while all of you crackas out there are working hard and paying your taxes, keep THIS in mind…

1997:  Legislation was passed that limited Secret Service protection to former Presidents and their spouses to a period of 10 years from the date the former President leaves office. Our very own Dear Leader, on 10 January 2013, signed into law, new legislation that REVERSED this limit so that he and Sasquatch get lifetime protection by some poor schlubs working for the Secret ServiceWhat does this mean? Why, our very own Dear Leader will have lifetime transportation provided by the US Taxpayers. Have lifetime Secret Service protection that will make sure that they park his car, never have to stop at a traffic light (too dangerous), never have to pay for gas, insurance, maintenance, or a driver and the Secret Service will always clear a path for our very own Dear Leader so that he never even has to stand in line again…for the rest of his life. And best of all? This brown stain in America’s underwear plans to remain in DC so we’ll be hearing from this assclown for a long time to come. May Allah, the Merciful and All Compassionate rain meteors upon his house and ONLY his house.

SAVED ROUND:  Imagine that this dickhead get a pension as well, for the rest of his miserable fucking life, for screwing this country up to the point where we may not recover from it.

SAVED ROUND II:  WHY does this dickhead need to fundraise if he never has to run for office again? Walking ’round money for Al Charlatan? Whatta wanna bet that SOMEHOW, after 61 trips to the White Hut, Al Charlatan’s 4.5 MILLION dollat tax debt disappears like a Democrat’s ethics and morals?

So…“FORWARD” fellow crackers and keep working hard and quit bitching because Barry needs our hard-earned cash to continue living it up!


BTW, it will be a cold day in Hell before the Gunny ever sees another movie with Paltrow in it. Not only does she suck ass as an “actress” but the bitch is nuts.


they want, what would happen?


So these dickbeaters are running around the USA chanting their bullshit and screaming about how they want “dead cops!” Are their scumbag cops who seriously need an asskicking? Fucking A skippy but broad-brushing all cops as evil is like saying all blacks are born criminals, all college students have skulls full of mush (ala El Rushbo), or A Democrats are corrupt. Wait, they are. The bottom line is that these pencil neck idiots, usually unemployed losers wearing masks and running around with their skateboards want nothing but chaos and anarchy. In such a world, they would be helpless little bitches as belligerent criminal sociopaths like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown rob, rape, pillage, and plunder whenever and whatever they please. These fucking pussies would be beaten and assaulted at will, probably to death, in a world wherein the law of the jungle replaced the Rule of Law  and the civilization that they hate.

So the question is, what would happen to these pukes calling for dead cops if anarchy took hold?

First Day, 1200: The pencil neck anarchy crowd finally wakes up, but they sense that something is wrong. The smell of smoke is in the air, radio traffic is down, cable TV is down, and the Internet is sporadic. In the inner cities, electrical power is spotty, with rolling blackouts and brownouts. They go out into the streets only to see no cops around…at all. The riots immediately start as they throw rocks and bottles into empty businesses and begin to loot. It’s a free for all with dope being smoked, chicks getting raped, fights all over, and total chaos. At the end of day one, Hell has come to the USA.

Week one: Almost all utilities are down hard. No internet as fires started by Anarchists have burned down server centers, etc, and since electrical power is toast, it is a moot point. People who understand the nightmare are in hiding. Feral gangs, led by the stronger, go after the weaker, like in many Third World nations and corpses litter the streets. These gangs rob, rape and murder and the pencil-neck anarchy crowd gets shown no mercy, especially since many are white. They are beaten, robbed, raped, set afire, hung, used as human shields, etc. And since there are no cops, there is nothing or no one to protect them. Life is Hell.

After 30-45 days, all fresh food is gone, looting has died out as stores are emptied and only the strongest gangs have stockpiles, like in Somalia. War erupts on the streets as their no cops to prevent it and more fires and destruction occurs and most of the young anarchy crowd have either been murdered or enslaved and some have been eaten as cannibalism breaks out. The ignorant fucking pencil necks anarchy crowd cannot hide behind their masks and their skateboards cannot outrun feral gangs in whatever vehicles are left. Perhaps the worst is that the water pressure has run out as broken lines finally bleed out. The water in the USA is as deadly to drink as in Mexico.

After 90 days, the anarchy crowd has been killed off as all food pretty much ran out and virulent diseases break out and begin to take their toll. Vermin like rats, lice, bedbugs, mosquitoes, etc multiply unabated and life is one big tormented Hell. Gang rule is the order of the day, any sort of travel is impossible, and because there is no longer any police, the USA has been turned into a wasteland.




cock holster once again and makes himself into a jackass, yet again.

WHAT in the name of Odin, Crom, Lir, and Mannahan is wrong with this idiot? It is so obvious that he is so mentally fucked up that he should be on a shrink’s couch or in a padded room, not in the White House.

President Obama said, “We are free and safe and secure over here because you are willing to serve over there,” adding “You never stop serving, you never stop giving, you guys are like Santa in fatigues. Although I bet one of those C-130’s is a little more efficient then Santa’s sleigh.”

The Gunny feels sorry for today’s military.

It was bad enough under KGB Karter, it was worse under BJ Bubba Cartoon, especially when he and Cankles came to The Rock and we were ORDERED to attend his speechifying at the base theater (no one wanted to go), but it is horrendous under this jug-earned triple vested jackanape, little more than Soros’ puppet dancing on his leash. Santa in fatigues? First of all, you ignorant ass, we wear CAMMIES or Marpat, not fatigues, they went out in the 70s. Second, the US Military, contrary to the thought processes of Dummycrats, RINOs, and idiots like you, exists to BLOW SHIT UP and ANNIHILATE OUR ENEMIES. We’re not a fucking global “meals-on-wheels” and we’re not goddamn Santa fucking Claus flying around distributing toys to poor little kiddies in Third World shitholes, except when there is a dumbass like you in the White House, i.e., Karter, BJ Bubba. Third, the fact that you allowed MILCON Feinswine to release the CIA and thus put not only the troops in MORE danger but Americans overseas on business/recreational travel reveals the fact that you’re nothing but an imbecile, a tool, someone who should never have risen higher than fry cook at a fast food joint. Next, the slap in the face of the US Military has been the firing of Admirals and Generals who stood up to be counted and were purged by OStalin, his sending asswipes to the funeral of a dirtbag thug while IGNORING the funeral of a General!  

Finally, who can forget that great medal struck under his watch, the “heroic restraint” medal? The first time in American history that troops were ordered NOT to kill an ARMED enemy.  

Let us be reminded of a few other stupid shit that the dumbass in the White House has vomited up. (Cue up the teleprompter for President Dumbass)

“One such translator was an American of Haitian descent, representative of the extraordinary work that our men and women in uniform do all around the world — Navy Corpse-Man Christian Brossard.” National Prayer Breakfast, Washington, D.C., Feb. 5, 2010. BTW, the idiot got the Corpseman’s name WRONG as well! It is Christopher, not Christian.

“It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” – San Francisco fundraiser April 11, 2008

“I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” Beaverton, Oregon, May 9, 2008

We need to keep asking ourselves HOW IN THE HELL did this stupid ass get elected as the CEO of the USA. That’s a rhetorical question Libs. We know how. Massive voter fraud, STUPID White LIBERAL guilt, and a population steeped in entitlements, i.e., Obamafones, EBT cards, subsidized housing, etc!
 Leftists Get Clown Banned for Wearing Obama Mask