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EXCERPT:  “Obama is an unpopular president in the eyes of the men and women in uniform. Yet his two-term administration is etching a deep imprint on the culture inside the armed forces. As commander in chief, he will leave behind a legacy that will shape the Pentagon’s personnel policies and the social customs of rank-and-file troops for decades to come.

For Obama’s supporters, the cultural changes he’s overseeing are on a level with President Truman’s 1948 order that desegregated the military and put it at the forefront of the national push for racial equality.

But to his critics, his moves amount to heavy-handed social engineering that erode deep-seated traditions and potentially undermine good order and discipline.”

Just three points to discuss here.

One, it needs to be stated that Wilson was the very one who REsegregated the US Military. Now, when Truman desegregated the US Military that in itself was long overdue. Case-in-point: When the Marines were heavily engaged on Peleliu, Black Marines on shore party were finished unloading the supplies onshore and reported to Puller for duty and his response was to the effect, “Black Marines, White Marines, who  the Hell cares as long as they’re Marines.” But herein lies the rub concerning Obama’s opening the doors to homosexuals in the military. Let us go back to the day after Truman desegregated the military in a hypothetical. A White Marine and a Black Marine could find common ground in appreciating the beauty of a female of the species and begin to see eye-to-eye however, that doesn’t work with a straight/gay because they are different. Can they find common ground? Sure. But as anyone who has been in the military knows, females are right up there with good chow in the field and adding religion into the mix adds another dimension to the problem!

The policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” was working fine and the only reason Obama changed it was to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the military. To create chaos where there was little or none. To create hate and discontent where there was little or none. As the Commander-in-Chief, he was supposed to enable and support the military not cause it to stumble or the morale to plummet.

Second, consider Obama’s efforts to put women into combat roles. One point remains salient. A woman’s upper body strength is nowhere near the level of a man’s, especially an adrenaline charged man. In hand-to-hand combat, they lose. No matter what Hollywood shows in their bullshit movies. Moreover, for the sake of argument, say we have a male Marine who weighs 190 pounds in his uniform. Add a nine pound rifle, a four pound helmet, a twenty pound Kevlar vest and plate, a few pound for ammo, water, etc., and you have a man weighing in at 235 pounds or so. Imagine him wounded and needing to be dragged to cover. Imagine a woman trying to do that. Imagine them both getting killed because that is what will happen. Not to mention what will happen to a woman taken prisoner by a Third World enemy.

Lastly, the Obama military is being staffed with idiotic yes men/women who spew the bullshit that Obama wants them to. One glance at who this idiot has fired and who he has retained is enough to convince even the staunchest skeptic and even worse the dunderheads that he put in as SecDef…Panetta and then even worse, Hagel! Two complete morons so stupid that they couldn’t tell a bouncing betty from their asses! Not to mention asskissing generals like that Air Force turd who squirm on their bellies to their master merely to keep their jobs! The men that the clown in the White House fired are more honorable than the vermin that Obama anoints and appoints.

This leads to the growing problem of troops enlisting, doing their four or eight, and then bailing out for civilian life. The growing gap between the senior SNCOs and Officers and the junior level troops is a bad thing because the services lose the experienced personnel just when they are getting to the point where they will be Platoon Sergeants, senior Sergeants in the promotion zone to Staff, NCOs capable of running a platoon, taking on more important duties, doing “B” billets, etc. Perhaps the worst result of this exodus is that the lessons learned, usually in combat and at the cost of blood, are lost to the services. A Sergeant who has done multiple tours in Afghanistan and who separates takes his knowledge with him and cannot be replaced by adding another recruit at Parris Island. The Marine Corps has known this since forever but evidently senior leadership and the civilians running this Kakistocracy never knew it.   

So the question is WHY does the military hate Obama? Because he is a liar. Because he is without honor. Because he has a yellow streak a mile-wide up his back, even more so than Hanoi John Fonda Kerry. Because the US Military can smell a poltroon faster than BJ Bubba Clinton can jump a fatty or Obama and Sasquatch split on a taxpayer-funded vacay!

HONOR. COURAGE. COMMITTMENT. The troops have it, the Democrats do not.


Did the Gunny call it this AM or what. An international embarrassment now squats in the White House like an illegal alien in an empty house in Phoenix.

EXCERPT:  “The city of light became a beacon of leadership Sunday when more than 40 heads of state came together to denounce terrorism, with one glaring exception: the lack of a high-ranking U.S. official.

French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and dozens of other world leaders — including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas — all took part in the powerful denunciation of last week’s terror attacks that left 17 innocents dead.

But the nation that stands as the symbolic face of the war on terror was nowhere in sight.

Neither President Obama nor Vice President Biden showed up — and in fact, America’s only representative was its relatively unknown and low-profile ambassador to France.

One protester waved a banner with Voltaire’s most famous line: “I do not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death to defend your right to say it.”

The Gunny’s father had saying that rings true here and that is: “silence equals consent,” and the silence from the White House and the Muslim asskisser in it is deafening. The Obomination is a train wreck looking to happen and it happened today. To bad the Low IQ voter base on the Left will never hear about it on the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media.


The headline on Drudge is: “Obama finally invisible.” No, the douchebag has ALWAYS been invisible, from doing nothing at the Hardvard Law Journal to voting “present” 205 times in the Illinois Senate to a do-nothing dickhead in the WH who had to be drug off of the golf course when SEAL Team Six was whacking OBL. What a fucking disgrace, a puppet on Soros’ string, yanked by the Iranian Communist pig Valerie “the rat” Jarrett. His Daddy shoulda rolled over and squirted him on the floor to be mopped up by the whorehouse’s janitor later on.

BTW, let us all thank Mr Speaker aka Balless Boehner and Ol Quiver Chin McConnell for taking impeachment off of the table. Well done morons.


Evidently his pathetic golf game was more important. You can bet your ass that Ronaldus Magnus would have gone, Bush 41, Bush 43, and even BJ Bubba would have gone if nothing else, to check out the hot chicks there. But the muslim-lover in chief? AWOL.

EXCERPT:  Noticeably missing is Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and Eric Holder. AG Holder was sent to Paris for the march and rally but was not seen at the march.


But in reality these world leaders were not expecting a wet-behind-the-ears snot-nosed back bench rookie without a shred of statesmanship in his bony pencil-neck ass to show up. After all, Barry’s very own handler is an Iranian communist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood!

“The future does not belong to those who insult the prophet Mohammed.” Barack Husseini Obama

“I have lived in a Muslim-majority country… I know, because I am one of them.” Barack Husseini Obama

“Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies is, in a dog.” Churchill

A radical Muslim cuts off your head. A moderate Muslim holds your feet for the radical Muslim to get his job done.”


These clowns are a natural for the party of criminals, traitors, scumbags, klansmen, and Socialist swine.

EXCERPT:  “Dartmouth college has suspended 64 students accused of cheating in a sports ethics class and charged them with breaking the exclusive Ivy League school’s honour code. 

College officials confirmed the number of students charged but declined to comment further until the appeals process ends later this month.

The students under investigation are all athletes who were being given special classes in ethics and religion.”

WHO do these kids think they are? Ted Kennedy? (caught cheating in Haaaaavarhd) The irony here is so thick that you can cut it with a chain saw. Cheating in an ethics class. These idiots are so perfect for the party that allows an impeached former judge, Alcee Hastings, to be in their party; the same party that lionized a murderer, a klansman, and who STILL follow a sexual predator AND his bull dyke wife like slobbering sychophants.

EXCERPT:  “According to college newspaper The Dartmouth, Prof Balmer has decided against failing those students found guilty of cheating and instead reduced their grades by one letter.”

Now THIS is exactly why our society is in the shitcan right now. Back in the day, if you were caught cheating, you failed that test or whatever, and got an F for the class. Period. End of story. Oddly enough, most of us were not tempted to cheat. Duh. But today, you can murder 100 people, throw down your weapon, surrender to the cops, plead guilty, and enjoy three hots and a cot, cable TV, weights, a library, and all the sex and drugs you can handle, all inside prison. Meanwhile, your victims stay dead and their families remain ripped apart.

Odd how little violent crime there was in the days when you got a free trip to “ride the lightning,” after you committed a capital crime, i.e., rape, murder, kidnapping. Now these maggots do a dime (or less) and get out on parole, to commit another crime within a matter of days. Who suffers? We do. Who doesn’t suffer? The bureaucratic shitbirds who released them. The Gunny wonders how many people will die at the hands of the five terrorists King Putz the Intellectual Pygmy set free for a deserter? And who will not suffer for it? That’s right, King Putz the Intellectual Pygmy, soon to be emperor of the world at the UN.

The Gunny throws down the gauntlet to any Libs reading this to defend today’s lawlessness, brought about by Liberal judges, against the days when a Thompson SMG was sold in hardware stores, violent crime was low, and criminals got a swift execution as needed.


working for ya?

Liberals, actually Progressives really, LOVE to tax and spend. Even now that Nobel Peace Prize recipient but fiscally ignorant clown Paul Krugman STILL yaps about spending our way out of debt. So they tax and spend and tax and spend, never considering that the goose that shits the golden egg will one day fly the coop.

EXCERPT:  “Some New Jersey Republican leaders are renewing their call to lower taxes after Mercedes-Benz’s announcement this week that it’s moving its headquarters to Atlanta. Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, whose district includes Montvale, where Mercedes has its offices, says the state’s incentives for businesses to move or stay here are helping cities but are not doing as much for Bergen County. She says there need to be bigger changes to the tax system to keep companies from moving.”

As Obama’s pastor, Reverend “I hate me some honkies” Wright would say, New Jersey’s, “chickens, are coming home, to roost!” Why? Because Democruds have controlled the NJ legislation for 40-50 YEARS and have raised taxes and taxed the Hell out of corporations so that they are leaving as fast as they can!

Now here is the crux of the issue and the Gunny ID’d this modus operandi of Progressives back in 1999 in regards to The People’s Republik of Kalifornia taxing, spending, and driving out corporations. Here is what happened in Kalifornia and is what is going to happen in New Jersey.

1.  Mercedes spilt for Atlanta, taking jobs and tax dollars with them.
2.  NJ realizes a tax shortfall in 2015.
3.  NJ Legislature raises taxes across the board to make up the shortfall.
4.  More businesses and people leave in 2015 due to high taxes.
5.  NJ realizes a tax shortfall in 2016.
Rinse. Repeat.

And America as a whole?

EXCERPT:  “America has lost 1 million corporations since their height during the Reagan era, in part driven out of business by the industrialized world’s highest corporate tax rate.” (35%)

But never fear America, Killary Benghazi Clinton said that corporations do not create jobs, so we’re safe!


with their attack in France?

Routinely in Sweden Muslims rape Swedish women and slap around Swedish men in a way that would make a Viking power puke. In England, they run amok, soak up welfare bennies in a way that would make our own inner-city Looters and Freeloaders ashamed, and bitch and moan about the evil English people. Here in America, these obnoxious vermin have thrown rocks at Christians, refused cab rides over a dog (which they think are unclean), and are a continuing insider threat to our national security, i.e., Fort Hood shooter aka Obama’s Religious Transistion Team Member.

They refuse to assimilate into a civilized society and all it takes is one visit to a Muslim nation of your choice to see how backward, corrupt, and illiterate they are. In many places in Europe there are zones where no civilized people, even the police and firefighters go or are willing to go into.

So we must ask ourselves WHY are these vermin being allowed into America in ever increasing numbers under the first gay Muslim president, Husseini Oblameo? The only answer can be a subversion of the United States of America. Especially when his handler is an Iranian Communist aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Period. End of story.

REMEMBER: Islam is a political system thinly disguised as a religion that uses violence and the threat of violence, along with terrorism, and lies (taqiyya) to intimidated its opponents into submission. Islam = submission

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