El Rushbo is proved right again with the Limbaugh Theorum. Liberals (Obama and the rest of the Scumbags) running against the very crap they passed! As a matter of fact, it was the gavel carrying centerfold hag for Necrophilia Monthly who worked hard in backroom deals, bribes (Cornhusker Kickback), and Blackmail (Justice Roberts), in order to jam ObamaKare down the throats of Americans WHO DID NOT WANT IT!

Let’s remember what REALLY happened that gave us the abortion called ObamaKare.

The Progressives touted this pile of shit.  The Progressives lied to the American people, from President Vacation on down, about this pile of shit. The Progressives pulled a switcheroo on the ballot in NJ and put Uber Leftist Frank Lautenberg on the ballot, in order to negate Scott Brown’s “NO” vote. The Progressive illegally framed Senator Ted Stevens, smeared him with fake charges, using Federal prosecutors who violated the law with false evidence, lies, Discovery violations, in order to get Progressive scumbag Mark Begich elected, for that 60th YES vote. They they RAMMED a 2600 page abortion, without reading it, down the throats of 76% of the American people who DID NOT want it IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, on CHRISTMAS EVE! It came with over 60K of regulations designed to kill the economy.

DEMOCRATS voted YES on ObamaKare
NOT ONE Republican voted Yes. 100% NAY. Even Juan McShamnesty.


  1. Look at the bright side: We never woulda known what was in it if we hadn’t passed it. DERP.

  2. The worthless pieces of shit have the mainstream media in the bag and that is our largest problem.
    The rat bastards are well over due for spending time with fellow cellmate Gyro Jerry, the 7′ dude who has a heart and provides prison skin care lotion right before bedtime 😉

  3. Gunny the low IQ voters have no idea who voted how on this shit. The dems can tell them that they voted against it and didn’t want it and the repubs voted it in and they will believe them. You know the saying. If you tell a lie enough people believe it. Hell most of them just say it once. Well they said it so it must be true.
    Oh this just in.. holder has decided now that felons should be afforded the right to vote because it violates their civil rights!! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!! This is nothing but a way to get more black dem voters. Yes I said it! That’s all this is. Everyone knows that the prison population is made up of mostly blacks.
    Gunny the fix is in. The so called repubs will say and do nothing hoping to gain a vote or two by not standing up. So scared they will lose their place in the pecking order and let this nightmare continue all the while they hide under their bed hoping the bad man will go away instead of fighting him.

  4. Yeah they are all against it but they will not vote to repeal it which proves they are lying through their eye teeth.

  5. Sad part is, in HER district, they aren’t fucking smart enough to figure out it was San Fran Nan who spewed this from her oral sewer: “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. Good post.

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