for the Lyin Hawaiian.

EXCERPT:  “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

Amazing isn’t it?

One, the Lyin Hawaiian is FIFTY PERCENT WHITE. The percentage of his honkiness far outweighs his brotherage so therefore, the Liar-in-Chief should be considered a honky. Hell, his gay lover Reggie Love had to TEACH him how to be black and even worse, Ovomit SUCKS at basketball, which is due to the constant interference of his WHITE SIDE!  

Two, evidently Oprag thinks that the Liar-in-Chief should get mulligan after mulligan for his continued fuck ups, his lies, his bypassing Congress, and his pissing on the Constitution. If a WHITE Republican pulled 1/4 of the shit Ovomit has pulled, he’d have been impeached LONG AGO and the same goes for Eric Witholder who REFUSES to prosecute “his people,” (blacks) via the Department of Just Us. 

Three, speaking of RACISTS, Oprag, the Liar-in-Chief, AND the First Wookie sat their asses in Reverend Wright’s Church of Hate for YEARS (Ovomit and the Wookie for TWENTY YEARS!).

So Ovomit is failing because white people don’t like him. Only a dumbass would even utter such tripe because THIS white man HATES Jimmy “KGB” Karter, BJ Bubba Clinton, The Hildabeast, and a whole host of other honkies who would better serve humanity by being fed to sharks.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdJB-qkfUHc&feature=player_detailpage Rev Wright Racist Rant


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdJB-qkfUHc&feature=player_detailpage Rev Wright Racist Rant


  1. No doubt Obama will get his library, but it should be called the Barack Obama Presidential LIEbrary.

  2. Oprah has already cooked her goose from the 2008 campaign. Nobody respects her anymore because she is just a pond for them to use when they need her. We are all becoming racists because they hate white people and are forced to listen to their spew. I am so tired of looking at everything is black……..black, black, black. There are no more blond people in tv…..black,black and more black and muslims dressed up and made up to look like white people.

    • judy kay,

      I was reading on another website where a commenter called it, “negro fatigue” coming from all of the gun crimes, beatdowns, “knockout games”, etc, etc. Do remember that there are MANY MANY fine Black Americans and on the reverse, many shit-splattered white trash that ain’t worth a cup of spit. Let US judge a man/woman by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. Let the racist Left do that.

  3. Yeah, they play the race card.
    Every time they lose an argument they play the race card.
    Every time their guy gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar,
    They play the race card.
    If they lose they the election they play the race card.
    If they can’t compete they play the race card.
    Its all they know.

  4. Well, as I wrote several months ago at my own blog, if anyone as inexperienced and incompetent as Obozo was running for President, and he was a white guy named Barry O’Bannion, he’d have been laughed off the ballot.

    So, “racism” it is. Just not the kind double-wide Oprah is whining about.

  5. Gunny sir I guess that I’m in a different boat. Being a Black Conservative I’m considered an Uncle Tom by my fellow Blacks all because I disagree with everything that Odumbo does. It’s people like that and dopes like HARPO who make us all look like fools. Well I’m not a fool and Oprag and other racist Black liberals can go pound sand. BTW that picture of the O’Clown, Chewie and Harpo makes Odummer look like the fake meat in a racist scum sandwich.

    • Ken B,

      I have a black buddy who is a Dem but as I tell him, there is a conservative inside of him clawing to get out. I got him to join the NRA as a Life member and I’ll get him to join us in the TEA Party. The shame of it all is that WE Conservatives, black, white, whatever, want EVERYONE to succeed, heedless of their color. The LEFT are the racists Ken and you just keep on chugging along. YOU are on the side of right.

      Ken, google “the racist history of the Democrat Party,” print it out, and simply leave it lying around where they can pick it up and read it. Don’t say a thing about it. Just do it.

  6. I wonder. Did goddamn Oprag get $ 600,000,000 rich solely from BLACK people watching her stupid assed show for 25 years? Patronizing her sponsors? Bitch is as stupid as she is heavy. As for you guilty white liberals who support these asshat racists, GO. FUCK. YOURSELVES.

  7. If you disagree with or criticize a black or hispanic (especially black) communist, fascist, tyrant, criminal, demigog, idiot, degenerate or liar you a racist. Period. If you are black or Hispanic, everyone has to agree with you, or at least shut up and do what they’re told, or else you’re racist. See the enlightened tolerant color blind new men and women are so smart and well balanced that they cannot understand how it is possible for anyone anywhere to disagree with anything they come up with–unless of course they are evil. So anyone who ever disagrees must be evil and therefore must be destroyed, figuratively, or if possible literally. When these people find they disagree with one another they quickly do the cognitive disownance scramble to get back in line with the ideas of their leaders. This thinking the way they are told and trying to destroy everyone who thinks different and isn’t afraid to say so they call tolerance.

  8. Over at newsbusters orca says racists have to die for racism to end. When are her, the osodomite and several million other worthless em emm emmms gonna finish solving that problem for us good decent white folk? Good riddance to all that think ????-American rather than just straight forward I am AMERICAN.

  9. To fat ass wide glide all I have to say is you’re damn right I’m RACIST except I spell it this way:

    I am a R.A.C.I.S.T. – Republican Against Communist Incited Statist Tyranny.

  10. If it wasn’t for dumbass white people the Kenyan would have never been elected. Shove that up your racist fat ass Doprah!

  11. The jackass party and their zombie supporters are a one trick pony. The race card is only card they have to play. True, it has worked in the past for shouting down the opposition, while allowing them continue in their state of denial. It is they who are the racists since that is the first thing they think of as a response when confronting them. If unable to beyond any doubt at all prove it, calling some a racist ought to be a shootable offense.

  12. People criticized President Bush because they said he was stupid.
    Yet when I criticize President Obama for stupidity they say I’m racist.

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