4 thoughts on “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  1. You goddamn right they’ll riot. $36 cut means NO malt liquor, cigs, or lotto tickets. Seriously, though, I could care less. Cut them. Let the WORLD see what happens when asshole liberals run things. Dry ammo, good to go.

  2. With the fags in the Military now and all of the rest of of the Chairman’s policies can anyone tell me that this is NOT DELIBERATE? He is now litmus testing Officers and Senior NCO’s about whether or not they will disarm the American People and if they (the people) refuse, will they FIRE on them. Forget about Posse Comitatus, this asshat Chairman MAObama (peace be upon him) want’s all out war with the Veterans of this Country and the American people in general.
    At the rate we are going I can see no future where a new civil war does not erupt in America. It will be between the REAL Americans and the welfare rats or the Real Americans and the current U.S. Government and it will all be the Chairman’s fault.
    Also based on some of the comments I make here and on other blogs on the web I’m just waiting fro the Secret Service to knock on my door either them or DHS.

  3. No,do not resist,the Communists have seized power,the 47% ,O sorry the 51%ers now fully support the Obamination.

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