Today, February 23, 2013 was The Day of Resistance around the nation.

Here in the Great Free State of Alaska, with the air temp at 25 degrees and the wind at 10mph and gusting to about 15, the wind chill was about 10 degrees. Even with the cold, about 50-75 people showed up in Newcomb Park. Lots of cars driving by honked their horns in support of the huge sign posted at curbside! We had the Mayor of Wasilla speak and he gave a good speech on the Constitution AND the fact that the original TEN AMENDMENTS cannot be changed, altered, amended, or done away with because they ARE in the original document. The ones after, they can dick with. (Kill the 16th/17th) Other speakers spoke on where our rights come from (God) and the history of the Second Amendment from the early days of self-defense and defense of self. The Oathkeepers were there as well as the Second Amendment group and the Three Percenters. Free Constitutional booklets were handed out as well. More than a few families where there and the kids were running around having a good time.

Mayor of WasillaMayor of Wasilla

Walking up to the group at 1230

Shall not be infringed...


  1. Ah, Guns…reminds me of our first GOE. Colder than a witch’s tit, but worth it all the same!!

  2. Hello, was at the Capitol in Phoenix for our Day of Resistance.
    Was told there were over 1500 Arizonans there.
    One thing that struck me, was I only saw one LEO there. One!
    It was an awesome rally, everyone was armed, very nice people there.
    I just wanted to say…..My Oath Still Stands…..
    Thank you.

    • BCAz,

      Yep, the evil assault guns were out in force in AK! The HORROR! No one got shot though, because the guns are well-trained to stay on their leashes and not shoot whenever they want to!

      I did not see any LEOs there either but up here, they’d side with us anyway.

      • Ten 4, I have a very good friend in LE , he has told me the same, only one county in AZ may have a Lib/Soc scumbag lapdog, Pima County.
        The LEOs here will stand with the people.
        You have ONE LEO for law abiding Americans fully armed, yet at hiphop concerts (etc), a company of LEOs. Or in my case , maybe a squadron.
        That should tell people alot.
        Thank you.

  3. I was there Gunny, and wondering if you were too, but don’t know (yet) what you look like….I was hoping to shake your hand. I knew I should have asked you here if you were going, but kept forgetting. I’m sure we did see each other, but just don’t know it. I was happy to be able to get a couple copies of the pocket sized Constitution of the United States. I actually left early though, because my knee is acting up, and I couldn’t stand there for too long. I heard a couple of speakers though. I asked the couple who organized it, why they didn’t order better weather, and they laughed good naturedly, seemed like great folks.

    • aPLWBinAK,

      I left after about 50 minutes as my foot was giving me fits. Good speakers and the folks who organized it own the tug inn. Good folks.

      I’m doing the Friends of the NRA Banquet on 16 March, let’s meet up there.

  4. There was about 100 to 150 at the Sarasota rally. I was surprised there were that many. It was about 85 degrees and muggy,but that ain’t NEAR as uncomfortable as losing our rights will be.

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