1. Nanna, Gunny. So Zero disarmed the Marine escort. Hmmm. Maybe he’s afraid of Marines. Ya’ think?

  2. Gunny,
    I don’t remember seeing you report on this. Forgive me if I am a telling you old news that I missed.
    I read on Gateway Pundit this morning that Obama disrespected the Marines by disarming them for his inaugural parade. He had their rifles rendered unuseable by removing a bolt, as if they couldn’t be trusted.
    Had you heard this?????

  3. It’s impossible to have a “rational” discussion with a group of people who are the most irrational and emotionally ridiculous people to ever walk the planet. Mr. Morgan did an excellent job maintaining his cool and laying out the facts to Mr. Media Puppet.

    I always love to see a good liberal ass-kicking, and this was no exception…

    • Charlie Delta,

      I agree. You simply cannot talk to liberals and I usually don’t. I go after the fence-sitters. THAT is who we need to target and convert.

  4. Bwhahahahahaha. Wish I could get my hands on M203 rounds..Now that would be fun

  5. Gunny,
    i just read that Brennen converted to Islam when he was in Saudi Arabia, have you heard anything?? If so, how in the world could Obama nominate him for CIA director??

  6. When he started talking about Federalist Papers I thought for sure he would mention the Second Amendment being the means to combat tyranny and politicians who wish to control us.

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