near you! We no longer have representation worth a cup of spit in the bowels of the Federal Imperial Government and what do Americans do when we are oppressed and someone tries to RULE US, like the little godking Obama wants to do?


John Hawkings at Townhall lists the five reasons WHY we MUST RESIST! Or in the words of Al “Twanda Brawley” Sharpton, “Resist We Much!”

1.  Barack Obama feels empowered.
2. The Republicans in Congress have lost their nerve. As a matter of FACT, Karl Rove and his establishment pals at American Crossroads are planning to target Conservatives in Republican primaries and only back Progressive RINOS like Juan McLame.
3. The Conservative grassroots is demoralized.
4. The Democrats want to take our guns away.
5. The Democrats are overreaching.


IF NOT…get off of your ass and ORGANIZE ONE!

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  1. I was in mid-drink and not ready for when I read, “resist we much.” Needless to say, I need a new beer, and tomorrow I’ll be picking up a new keyboard. I’ll never be able to look at “Rev.” (no-so) Sharpton without hearing those ‘inspirational’ words of his.

    Thanks for the information regarding D.O.R. I will be spreading the word…

  2. Check your email. Sent you an essay by Dean Garrison (yeah, a cop) pretty much on this subject.
    You’ll like it.

  3. Getting the Republican Party to actually be responsible and strive to return us to a small government along Constitutional lines is wishing that elephants could fly or that Unicorns will lead us into Utopia.

    The Democratic faithful are carefully avoiding the fact that the party is no longer the one of their daddy defending the civil liberties and rights of the small guy (even in misinformed ways, usually) and is not, in reality, a thinly veiled form of communism — the more successful the party is, the more the thin veneer cloaking the true rot of their goals slides away, and the more the faithful elect to ignore. Soon it will be just raw communism, a modern incarnation of the old Stalinist regime that will be holding the reigns of power. They are being lead by their self anointed Platonic philosopher kings behind the scenes. A coalition of pseudo intellectuals who believe they are somehow ordained to lead the benighted unwashed masses toward some elusive Utopian “social justice” are calling the shots.

    The Republicans are held captive by the establishment, or neoconservatives such as McConnell and Rove. They will never return to a small government and liberty seeking party that a lot of their faithful members seem to hope they will no matter how many Hawkings try to rally the troops. The Grand Old Party of olden times is nothing but a rotting corpse floating in the slurry of modern politics.

    There’s not much difference between the modern progressives (communists with a new moniker) of the left and the modern neoconservative (communists with a new moniker) of the right. Both want to have their incarnation of Platonic philosopher kings in charge of a carefully structured and obedient society — drones for the collective good.

    The two parties are nothing more than the left and right wing of the new national bird, the vulture, slowly circling over the dying carcass of our once proud and successful nation. The only real fighting they do is over who gets to be holding the reigns as we gallop into our national sunset.

    We can rally, pound our chests and demand the Constitution be followed and our unalienable natural rights be respected, but they’ll just shine us on and repackage their efforts at subjugation until they feel confidently that they can declare martial law and set society on their desired course. Until then, nothing matters except for preparation and keeping our powder dry. Then it will be our turn to do or die…


    • darfor,

      Excellent post. Rove is asking for us to contribute to his group so they can attack CONSERVATIVES in the Congress and keep them from getting elected.

      Prepping is good, keeping our mouths shut on who and where, and of course, stocking up on lead!

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