This clown has his finger up his nose more anyone the Gunny has ever seen in public. It must be that pharmo-grade cocaine the Leader of the Choom Gang is snorting, clogging up his nasty nose. What a pair these two dirtbags make. One shoveling in the Lobster, Bison, and Apple Pie, bought and paid for by the US Taxpayers and the other digging in his nose. Thank God the tape stopped so we did not have to see if the Kenyan Usurper snacked on it. 

3 thoughts on “OBAMA THE NOSE PICKER

  1. I keep saying, “WTF do you expect from them?”
    A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

  2. The two of them together have just become a “laughing stock.” One snorts coke, and the other just a plain “ole hog.” I just can’t imagine what the rest of the world is thinking of our beautiful, old, and tired America? I sure would like just one day of the old America. We really did live wonderful lives, before the two of them frauduently and quietly frauded every American. I still believe that we will WIN.

  3. Just wants to make damn SURE he loses NONE of that fine blow,eh? These two have less class than a whole damn truck driver bar.

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