You know what, some people are simply bottom feeders so caught up in their own self-importance that they cannot tell when their boorish behavior crosses the line into the area of common trash. Or maybe they were common trash all along, i.e., Moochelle grinding out cigs into the carpet at her university, in protest. If your stomach can stand it, watch the First Pig shovel food into her suckhole while in the background, the staff and caterers and you know, THE LITTLE PEOPLE the Left says the love so well are being thanked. Then the First Pig rolls her eyes like, “OMG! Stop talking so I can keep pigging out!” If anyone wonders why the First Pig is carrying a wide load, this video covers that aspect of the Obomination.

SAVED ROUND: Isn’t it AMAZING how the First Pig can shovel in the grub while telling everyone else to eat light, stop with the red meat already, cut back, kids lay off of the sodas, blah, blah, blah.

QUESTION:  HOW do you get two hams and a pork butt in a dress?
ANSWER:  Ask Moochelle Obama.

THANK GOD only 1461 more days of these freeloadering swine and we’re rid of them like a case of the clap, to be forgotten quickly.


  1. Just doing what a wookie does. I can’t wait for the maobamma family gold teeth enhancements. What class!

    • Jow,

      Put a grill in her yap and watch her REALLY go to town on the chow. Once Dumbo is out in 2017, she’s gonna blow up like a balloon.

  2. Gunny I have to tell you watching the First Klingon eat was like watching any scene from Star Trek where Klingons are eating. They keep shoveling food into their pieholes and get mad at the humans when they try to talk to them. This wide load may be FLOTUS but that doesn’t make her a lady. No matter what Brian the Obama shivvey holder Williams says.

  3. Gunnery Sgt Hartman (Full Metal Jacket) said it best – “her ass looks like two-hundred pounds of chewed bubble gum” under that dress. With all that padding in her Hippo-Ass she’ll never have to worry about Hemorrhoids.

  4. Hell,I don’t know,Guns. Sitting next to Boehner could be unappetizing. Didn’t seem to slow her down much.That ass looks like two bobcats fighting in a potato sack there.

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