sure working out well for our ONLY ALLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

EXCERPT:  “Egyptian presidential front-runner Amr Moussa pledged to adopt a tougher stance on Israel than his predecessor Hosni Mubarak if elected president next month. In an 80-page political program released by his office on Wednesday, Moussa dedicates the final chapter to “national security and foreign policy.” Under the article titled “returning to historic, honorable principles in dealing with the Palestinian question as a priority of Egyptian national security,” Moussa writes that Egypt has experienced “years of laxity” in its dealings with Israel.”

Man, when you have liberal asshats running the State Department, which makes it worse because the State Department is CHOCK FULL of liberal dirtbags ANYWAY, they simply F**K up our foreign policy like a toddler waving around a loaded Mac-10 with the safety off in a crowded closet!

FDR sells out Eastern Europe, thus ushering in a 60 year Cold War that Ronaldus Magnus had to win and end. Ronaldus Magnus’ foreign policy towards our enemies was and should ALWAYS be: “We win, they lose.”

Truman ALMOST lost Korea thanks to an Acheson’s speech, got thousands of GIs/Marines dead AND DID LOSE China (thanks to Launchin Currie (commie) in the State Dept!)

JFK lost Cuba through the Bay of Pigs and missile/LPs in Iran and Turkey.

LBJ lost Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia AND destroyed us domestically, i.e., Great Society, welfare, FAILED war on poverty, etc.

KGB Karter lost Iran AND gave the Panama Canal back, which was promptly sold to a ChiCom front company by Panama.

BJ Bubba Clinton sold missile secrets to China and screwed up in the Balkans and Rwanda as well as being IMPEACHED!

Anyone ELSE see a pattern here because when liberals run our foreign policy, they encourage our enemies to attack either US or our allies, start wars like Vietnam or Libya, lose allies like Iran and semi-allies like Egypt, and generally f**k up accounts as they dodge sniper fire in Bosnia.

                          (That’s Shrillary in the middle!)



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I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.

6 Responses to OBAMA’S ARAB SPRING

  1. Buck says:

    Seems like the State Department has been chock full of communists for quite awhile.
    At least back to Truman or Roosevelt.
    Maybe longer.

  2. Buck says:

    Yep. And the Democrats were at the helm for World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam and the loss of an Iranian ally.
    Great track record.

  3. Pack Rat says:

    Don’t the Egyptians remember what happened to them when they attacked the Jews?

    I would recommend the new Pharoah oops I mean president stay away from chariots and bodies of water.

  4. I can solve the “palestinian problem” today. Give the “palestinians” the lower 20 miles of Lebanon, the western 5 miles of Jordan for 15 miles south of the current Jordanian-Syrian border, and whatever part of Syria that connects those two pieces. Israel keeps all of Golan, West Bank, and Gaza.

    If the arabs don’t like it, then they can just give the “palestinians” a homeland in the nation they came from in the first place…ALL of Jordan.

    • Gunny G says:


      Good idea IF they were REALLY after peace but they simply like the violence and the killing. You know the saying in the Gaza about their children, “you watched em grow up, now watch em blow up.”

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