Amazing isn’t it? Holder IGNORES a video-tape of New Black Panther Party members brandishing deadly weapons (clubs) to keep whitey away from the polls in Filthadelphia, Holder IGNORES numerous flash mobs of blacks beating on whitey in several different cities and states, Holder IGNORES hate crimes against whites by blacks, i.e., black teens setting a 13 year old white kid on fire, but he goes after APPLE?

Oh wait, they’re a SUCCESSFUL U.S. company and we can’t be having that. Or maybe, since Jesse Jackson is not on hand, Holder is shaking down Apple for a fat juicy “donation” to Obama’s campaign since, as Obama the Whiner says, the prolonged GOP primary is hurting his fund raising. HAHA! Yeah, it’s not that he SUCKS as a president, it’s the GOP’s fault! Examples of Lord Barry the Kenyan Occupier greatness as the potus…

1.  SEBELIUS: ‘No Idea’ if Obamacare Adds to Deficit…’ (MORON!)
2.  POLL: 77% Say Gas Most Important Factor in Election…
3.  REPORT: Obama lobbying against Keystone pipeline… (20,000 jobs LOST!)
4.  Dems vow to kill…
5. Energy Secy: I don’t own a car… (Why should he? He gets a driver & a limo)
6.  GALLUP: UNEMPLOYMENT 9.1% (more like 16%+)
7.  Gov’t sets record deficit… 41 STRAIGHT MONTHS OF DEFICITS!
8.  DC took $885 million in stimulus, can’t say how many jobs created… (WTF!?)
9.  WASHPOST: More than half of top Obama donors given plum jobs…

It is too bad that the DOJ is not as diligent in investigating Obama’s bogus birth certificate, bogus SSN, and bogus selective service number. Moreover, the DOJ can’t seem to get to the bottom of Democrat corruption and criminal actions by investigating Eliot “Client #9” Spitzer who tipped off the madam of his favorite ho that she was under the eye of the NYPD. Now that USED to be a crime in America but since Crime Incorporated, er, the Democrats took over, that might have changed under the guise of Hopey/Changey. Too bad the DOJ can’t seem to get to the bottom of Maxine Waters’ corruption or the fact that Henry Waxman committed treason and likely murder when he helped Code Pink get $600K worth of aid to terrorists in Fallujah. But hey, go after Apple and toss out the red herrings.

BTW, in case anyone was wondering, the District of Columbia has about a 50% functionally illiteracy rate (but spends 25K per student) and is RUN BY AND FOR DEMOCRATS. That 885 million was likely rerouted to Obama’s stash.

About Gunny G

I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.


  1. Buck says:

    Why would Apple, or any other concern depending on the capitalist system donate bucks to a party determiined to tear down the capitalist system?
    It just don’t add up!
    It’s like Lenin said, “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with one another to sell us the rope.”

    • Gunny G says:

      Two words that sum up Apple’s predicament AND how an unqualifed and illegal alien got into the White House.

      “Liberal Guilt.”

  2. Buck says:

    Holder is a racist.
    Holder is a racist?
    Yep. But it aint racism if it is black on white.
    And anyone who continually plays the race card when run out of logical arguments is, himself a racist.

  3. clyde says:

    Along with shithead going down as worst potus EVER,Holder will go down as the worst AG. Save the nation. And the planet. Get rid of libs.

  4. kitman3 says:

    Great post Gunny – one would think e-book price fixing would bring down the economy unlike over spending and running up the most unprecedented deceits in history would.
    I thought Obumbler was trying to woo the tech sector and then he pulls this?
    Something is not quite right.
    Especially since Apple donates almost exclusively to demoRats.
    Keep up the good fight.

    • Gunny G says:

      I those evil whiteys at Apple ain’t fessing up the money for Obama. Maybe they were AWOL at the First Wookie’s $100,000 a PLATE fundraiser in NC.

  5. RE says:

    That 885 million was likely rerouted to Obama’s stash. You know it was Gunny and i bet peggy the osamaite moocher and osamaite moocher Henrietta Hughes don’t get any of it. Funny how all the black womens in his life have mooch in their names ain’t it?

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