Tyranny in the 20th Century resulted in tens of millions being murdered by their own governments and if you add in the results from WW2 into the mix, the amount of civilians murdered or killed as a result of the actions of dictators and tyrants, the number goes to nearly 100 million. What was the common denominator? They were virtually UNARMED and DEFENSELESS.

Before the Gunny goes into this essay, it should be noted that REPUBLICAN PROGRESSIVE NEWT GINGRICH wants use EXECUTIVE ORDERS to FORCE drilling in Alaska. This, brothers and sisters, is NO DIFFERENT than Obutthole using EOs to rule by edict and BLOCK drilling! Executive Orders must be banned because they are being abused by those in power and THIS is NOT how WE follow the Constitution. The Executive Branch is NOT the KING OF THE LAND and WE are not his serfs. That said…

The Second Amendment is under attack AGAIN as Obutthole and Hitlery Klintoon, along with BJ Bubba’s one world organization, align with the Useless Nabobs (UN) and endorse the UN’s Small Arms Treaty and IF the Demoturds grab the Senate in November (unlikely), they’ll f*ck us if they can. This government can no longer be trusted to KNOW the Constitution, much less follow it!

The Second Amendment provides WE THE PEOPLE with the arms necessary to defend hearth and home, life and property, and our FREEDOM against a tyrannical government, like we are seeing today, that bypass the Constitution, show no respect for out traditions, hold Congress in contempt, and refuse to follow the Rule of Law.

The Second Amendment provides us with the necessary arms to defend OTHERS if need be against the attacks by criminals on the streets and criminals like the ATF or the TSA, who give guns to drug cartels or who abuse and grope and rob Americans merely because they are traveling on airlines. (Americans, if you can, DRIVE to your destinations and make the airlines PAY for allowing the TSA into their airports.)

The Second Amendment provides our communities with armed citizens ready and willing to assist COMPETENT AND LEGALLY AUTHORIZED agencies (authorized as by the Constitution (Fed/State)), i.e., Sheriffs, local LE, etc, in protecting the community and in maintaining civil order. This is clear when one reads the historical documents on militias from Early American history that this was the intention of the Founders.

The Second Amendment provides us with the God-given right to defend OUR STATES against the threat of tyranny from a federal government gone mad and THAT can be read in the Federalist Papers. Indeed, “a well-regulated militia,” means an armed citizenry that is well-armed, well-led, disciplined, and knowledgable in the common defense of life, liberty, property, and this nation. This is why Admiral Yamamoto advised AGAINST invading the USA because there would be a “rifle behind every blade of grass.” This is why we MUST band together in the NRA, the GOA, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Owndership, and in local militias if necessary. There IS strength in numbers as the FBI found out in Montana when ARMED AMERICANS showed up as “overwatch” so that Lon Horiuchi could not pull another Ruby Ridge or Waco and get away with it.

Our Founding Fathers were oppressed by a King and in their writings, one can see that they fully expected a tyrant to rise in the government and here we are today, with an out of control serial liar and narcissist pissing on the Constitution and thinking that he can do whatever the F*CK he wants to do to us. Obonehead and his fellow liberal jerkoffs call us a Democracy but that is little more than a tyranny of the mob. The Founders designed a Constitutional Republic with branches sharing power but the majority of the power belongs to the people and the states, ala the Tenth Amendment. WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY! Their gift to us was ORDERED LIBERTY through a Constitution that LIMITED the power of the government and yes Barack, that means NEGATIVE LIBERTIES that tells the Federal Colossus what they CANNOT do or for us!

We must exhaust all possibilities in the political process that the Founders crafted  but when the system is corrupted by corrupt and criminal politicians and they FAIL in their Constitution DUTY to protect the nation and its people from invasion for example (illegals in AZ for one and Obama/Holder suing AZ to stop them enforcing immigration laws) we must then think to exercising our God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and use the Second Amendment as it was intended, to replace a tyrannical  government and begin again. Understand this fellow patriots, the Gunny DOES NOT advocate, as the Occutards do, anarchy and a conversion to commieville but rather, a restart USING the Constitution as our playbook and rulebook. It worked WELL until Teddy Roosevelt and later, Woodrow Wilson, pissed on it.

We can no longer sit back while Obutthole, BJ Bubba and Hitlery, and a host of other traitors sell us out to the UN in their quest for a one-world government, which is the goal of Progressives from Wilson onward. The armed citizenry must ensure that a tyrannical government is AFRAID (as our Founders intended) to force his/her will on the people as they and that their adherants will pay a steep price for their tyranny. When you die and you stand before your God, the Founders, your ancestors, will YOU be able to hold your head up and say, “I did my part at the ballot box until I had to do my part with the cartridge box,” or will your apathy in using ALL political means to HALT the Tyrant in the White House and his fellow Leftist (and RINO) traitors let them rule unconstitutionally over us as the Europeans are now by the one-worlders in The Hague that they sold their souls to?

“Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual discretion for the defense of the country, the over-throw of tyranny, or in private self-defense.”

John Adams

Time is short.

About Gunny G

I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.
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  1. Sally H. Walker says:

    A little off topic, as much as I love Santorum’s passion, patriotism and honor that he seems to have for God and Country, this article cropped up this week and besides its source (paranormal? pleazzze?) one should always consider the associations. I always do because they are almost always too fishy for good. My belief is, as a friend of mine’s Italian grandmother, who spoke broken English, used to say, “Birds of a feather flop together”. Hopefully it is not as it seems but it seems all political sides are tainted and we’ve not much a choice.

    This really worries me and I have other historical theories why we are where we are and it isn’t good. And I don’t mean rational endtimes is happening but I mean bigger players are forcing this end-of-our-times to happen worldwide. In many ways, I wish it were a rational endtimes as we could fathom the ruin, deception & punishment from above instead of all this evil from mankind.

    • Gunny G says:

      Sally, WHOMEVER is our nominee, I WILL VOTE FOR THEM against Obama! I’d vote for DOG CRAP before I voted for Obummer!

      • Sally H. Walker says:

        Agreed, Gunny! but we need to watch them ~*all*~ from now on and not be deceived anymore! Like a tornado watch, we should be watching the skies and be ready for a tornado warning and to duck and cover.

        • Sally H. Walker says:

          For example, Romney has had 4 years for the-powers-that-be to come around and corrupt his ass before this next election. This fact alone makes me trust the situation having Romney as president even less. But, a baby with lots of candy throwing a tantrum for more candy could be a better president than the one we have now.

        • Gunny G says:

          Believe me, the RINOs are AS GUILTY as the Dems are and maybe more so because THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER! I’ll vote for ANYONE BUT OBAMA but you can bet I’ll be watching them like a hawk, as will millions of other Conservatives.

  2. Buck says:

    …and the water is getting hotter….

  3. clyde says:

    Never have liked EO’s. Too damned easy to abuse. Excellent post,BTW.

    • Gunny G says:

      It pisses me the hell off because we have rules to follow in the Constitution and we expect THEM to follow them as THEY expect US to follow the laws THEY PASS, usually w/o our consent and IN OUR NAMES!

  4. Rick says:

    To be safe, if we get the presidency in ’12, in Jan, ’13, Obamacare should be abolished immediately by executive order. Then abolish the process.

  5. Bob H. says:

    It may already be too late. TSA VIPR teams(armed TSA agents pretending to be real cops) are now roving the country’s highways and train depots and randomly stopping vehicles & people to search for who knows what. When I was a LEO we needed a thing called “probable cause” to stop & search someone and we had better have had a damn good reason for the stop. Of course back then the 4th Amendment meant something. Now its just an old piece of trash to the libtards. I want my country back.

    • Gunny G says:

      I’m waiting for a TSA rent-a-cop to stop me. He or she will be a defendant on a lawsuit for interfering with my freedom of lawful travel and for violating the 4th AM and my civil rights.

      • Anybody pulls me over, and I don’t recognize the uniform, they better duck and cover.

        • Gunny G says:

          The trouble IS, is that they have staties pulling you over, which IS lawful and then TSA goes to work. I am of the opinion that once pulled over, I’m making them get a search warrant and I HOPE it holds up traffic for HOURS!

          More of us need to say F*CK NO!

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