Whether or not you like Glenn Beck, he called this one a long time ago.

EXCERPT: “An International Monetary Fund official said the Fund’s participation in the second Greek bailout is essential to make it work. But he also told journalists that the complex 237 billion euro ($314 billion) deal agreed Tuesday remains at immediate risk to the need to get a large commitment from private sector holders of Greek bonds to participate in a debt writedown.”

This means that the US is on the hook for a Greek bailout since WE fund the IMF to the tune of 45%, even though WE ARE BROKE, just like we pay a huge chunk of OUR MONEY to the corrupt scumbags in the UN. Whenever they talk about the IMF, that is simply libcode for the USA to shell out greenbacks. Not only that but the Fed does not answer to Congress so they can do whatever they want, like getting Turbo Tax Timmy to print more worthless money and since the Fed has debased our money about 80% since they were created, it’ll onl be a little more time until it is completely worthless and we go under. The Gunny wonders, “who will bail US out?” Why do WE have to bail out a bunch of lazy ass lard asses in Greece, who continue to expect the failed experiment of Socialism to work when it has failed since the Virginia colonists tried it out back when Governor Bradford was taking notes on it? THIS is how LIBERALS think brothers and sisters, they reward FAILURE with MORE money, looted from the producers and redistributed to the idiots. Socialism offers higher wages, free healthcare, unions, and more and more benefits but at the hefty price of more government, more social decay, more taxes, more laws, and ever more regulations, all resulting in the end of personal independence, i.e., slavery to the State.

When our economy finally crashes and the dollar is useful only as asswipe, we can thank Progressives, right before we hang them from the nearest lamppost.

BTW, Lord Barry, the Kenyan Usurper, uses Air Force One to flit hither and yon on “official” business as well as fundraising. Trouble is, it costs US a buttload of TAX MONEY!

EXCERPT:  “Air Force One – known in the military as VC-25 – costs $179,750 per flight hour alone in fiscal year 2012, Maj. Michelle Lai of the 89th Airlift Wing told ABC News. That figure includes fuel, flight consumables, depot level repairs, aircraft overhaul and engine overhaul. Pilot and airmen salaries are not included because they are paid regardless of the plane’s use, Lai said. Obama’s trip to Florida and back today will cost at least $674,000 in Air Force One flight time alone. His three-day, three-state swing that included two official events and eight fundraisers, netting more than $8 million last week, incurred flight costs of $2.1 million, based on the Air Force figure and flight times gathered from press pool reports.”

It would be cheaper FOR US if Obama simply stayed in the White House and used it to make illegal campaign fundraising commercials like he did last year. What makes this SO DISGUSTING is that our economy is in the toilet, energy costs are skyrocketing (to use Obama’s word), Obama has pissed away money on numerous vacations to RITZY resorts, not a working ranch, and his continuous golf trips are obnoxious, especially considering his work ethic SUCKS! Dumbo COULD show more restraint and frugalness in his travels and spending, considering that MILLIONS of Americans are out of work thanks to the Dems, the Obama debt is almost 16 TRILLION, and Medicare and Social Security are bankrupt and have been for years. 

But then narcissistic tyrants like Obama, spoiled and spoon fed by granny and affirmative action, don’t think that way. OTHER PEOPLE sacrifice so that HE and Moochelle can live large. 

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I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.

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  1. Porcelain says:

    Course the Greek freeloaders need a bailout. How else will they pay for the pensions of 120k dead people? Wonder how many corpses will vote for Obama this year. Maybe the libs can claim their pensions too since bankrupting the US seems to their priority.

  2. Buck says:

    Which candidate was it in the last debate that said,
    “When a tyrant speaks, I believe him.”?’
    or words to that effect.
    When Kruchev said, “We will bury you!” He meant it.
    When muslims say they will convert the world and kill the resistance, they mean it.
    When Ack…Achmadin…that Iranian pissant says he will wipe Israel off the map, HE EFFING MEANS IT!
    Why is it the left, and specially the left leading, believe they can talk to these people and convince them to sit down and sing kum by yah?
    The ONLY reason the world is not communist today is because we were stronger than the commies.
    The ONLY reason the muslims have not come out yet on a 6th century like rampage is because they do not yet wish the sheeple to understand their true intentions.
    When Zero said energy prices would naturally skyrocket… Did no one believe him???

  3. rycK says:

    Nice to hear from you G.

    I follow the EU Froot Loops in detail for an hour or more per day on Telegraph in London. What they are doing is to shuffle debt around and beg alms by arranging for bond holders to take hits called haircuts. The whack is some70% since they EU wants Greece to be refinanced and the loan extended at lower interest rates. This is sick.

    The Germans do not like this so, it may fail,

    “ECB boss Mario Draghi has sparked a blistering rally in global asset markets by lending banks as much as they want for three years at 1pc, but bond experts say the side-effects are toxic and the benefits are wearing off.
    “It’s a sugar rush,” said Alberto Gallo, European credit chief at RBS. “It lowers the risk of defaults, but also lowers recovery rates if things go wrong.”
    Lenders must provide the ECB with collateral, at a haircut of up to 65pc, using up ever more of their balance sheets. The ECB has first claim on these assets, pushing other creditors down the pecking order. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets.”

    What this all points to is that they are going to stick the bondholders the way O’Bozo and his slugs stuck it to bond holders at GM.

    The whole EU is going down in debt the same way as the US so they will look for wealth and that includes: pensions, 401(k)s. Roth IRAs, retirement annuities and will certainly restrict private ownership of gold.

    From previous comments on Telegraph and my blog”

    The debt, itself, at these high levels, are reducing our GDP growth by about 2%.

    Somehow, there are those who deny that debts must be paid. The US is engorged in debt beyond the ability to service without hyperinflation yet other countries with debt problems face bankruptcy.

    The US debt is 100% of GDP and increasing at about 8-9% per year with a 40% deficit, which puts us past Italy in two years and past Greece in 4-5. I know you understand that other countries that tried to print their way out of debt [Hungary, Germany, Argentina, etc] failed to do so.

    The US sovereign currency is strong in that it can be printed at will, but there are limits to this.

    If the Fed loses control of the interest rates then you will see our currency plummet and we will not be able to afford any products made outside the US. Prices will soar. Food will be beyond the reach of the average family and food stamps will be scattered about like salt on icy roads. The Austrians are the only ones who got this stuff right to date.”

    The system is going down.


  4. kitman3 says:

    Gunny you are right Glen Beck has a very good record at calling events.
    He is smart enough to believe what the progressives say and do instead of sticking their heads up their asses like the lame stream media lying and avoiding the truth to the public at large.
    If I am not mistaken the government swore they would not involve us in the Greek bailouts yet here we are bailing out those who are irresponsible takers at great expense to our producers.
    The march toward a socialist utopia goes on and of course it is all in the name of human progress while slashing our liberties and freedoms through back door treaties with the UN.
    And there a few who are willing to call the regime on it.
    Keep up the work and good fight – Thanks!!!

    • Gunny G says:


      Quite simply, the government thinks we’re stupid and for the most part, THEY’RE RIGHT!

      The 49% who pay NO TAXES and get a REFUND of “free money” from Earned Income Credit make me sick.

      • Mick says:

        The Earned Income Credit is out of control I agree. I do taxes for most all my kids, some get more money then you put in . It has nothing to do with need, it has to do with numbers and marital status . For instance the person receiving money could be living in a house with all their needs paid for , living better then you or I . But because of a Federal program , they get money from the government based on income of themselves and if they have a child .

  5. Mick says:

    I have a friend at work who always shares his Wall Street Journals with me . He was pointing to what happening to me about Europe before it became fashionable . I use to take it in stride , but reading the Journal did back up the logic of it . Now it is all making more sense , as pointed out the lack of tax payers , only 50 percent of us pay taxes, but the real problem is how many of us are depending on the Federal Government , the tax payers and non tax payers . Meaning we all have to give something up , and that is almost impossible from my understanding of politics today . Also the way the left wing media stages the arguments , rich against poor .

    We don’t need a Ronald Reagan , we need thousands of them .

    • Gunny G says:


      Your last sentence nailed it.

      There are, imo, two groups that deserve/need gov’t aid. One, veterans. Two, people REALLY in need of help. That last group excludes multi-generational lazy bastards on welfare and HUD.

  6. clyde says:

    Must be missing that page out of my Constitution handbook. (sarc off) The NEXT sonofabitch who ends up in the fetid spot had BEST have a plan to get BACK to a more Constitutional form of governance. Or,we’ll fire HIS ASS too.

  7. chip says:

    This is all by design and going according to plan. The destruction of the United States of America is in front of our faces but the forest keeps getting in the way of the trees.
    ovomit said it was and is his objective to “fundamentally change America,” well, as promised, here it is. This country will fold up like a cheap lawn chair if the tyrant in chief gets re-elected.
    Stock up!

  8. Mrs. AL says:

    Sounds like a plan to me, GunnyG. Bail out Greece, watch our economy tank, riots start and BAM – martial law and all the rest. (My cynic hat is on today)

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