Excuse and Blame 2012!

EXCERPT: “(Reuters) – Under fire from Republicans over rising gasoline prices, the White House on Tuesday highlighted factors beyond its control for gains in global oil markets, as it sought to deflect blame over a potentially damaging election-year issue. Gas prices, which rose 7 cents a gallon last week, could unsettle economic confidence at a time when the U.S. recovery appears to be gathering pace, hurting President Barack Obama as voters review his track record ahead of the November 6 ballot. Obama, a Democrat, acknowledged the risk posed by higher gas prices as he welcomed congressional approval of a payroll tax cut extension. The White House later argued that it was unfair to single out the administration over prices at the pump.There are no magic solutions to rising oil prices,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney. “The rising gas prices clearly the effect of a variety of factors on the global price of oil,” he told reporters, citing geopolitical unrest and rapid growth in India and China.”

THIS is the STUPIDITY and HYPOCRISY of Liberal F*cksticks.

Nazi Pelosi, Dingy Reid, Obama, and the rest of the Demotards criticized Bush over high gas prices that spiked, not though LACK of drilling but rampant speculators that no doubt had Soros in the middle of it, seeding the ground for Obama and the Demotards. The NY Obama Times and EVERY rag in the Liberal Lapdog Media ran story after story blaming Bush 43. In fact, back in 2008, ABC News actually ran a story calling Bush “in the dark” about high gas prices. But as the link below clearly shows, Bush 43 and his crew attacked and SOLVED high gas prices in FOUR MONTHS even WITH Soros interfering with the speculators and oil suppliers.

Next, that Carney could open his oral anus and burp up, “there are no magic solutions to rising oil prices,” is stunningly STUPID. SUPPLY AND DEMAND MORON! WHY in the name of Odin are liberals SO ECONOMICALLY stupid? Obutthead stops the XL Pipeline, kills 20,000+ jobs, Iran goes insane, the Saudis renege on their promise for more oil, and prices go up. Duh. Demoturds HAVE BLOCKED almost EVERY EFFORT for America to be energy independent since the KGB Karter days and here we are.

THIS is ALL on one unvetted affirmative action unqualified to be dogcatcher clown named Obama and the cabal of traitors known as the DNC.

Take for instance, the next President of the United States, Rick Santorum. The ONLY person in the election that is talking about the real solutions to our energy issues is Rick Santorum. He is for DRILLING, REFINING, and MINING for coal. He is FOR building the Keystone Pipeline and the Gunny would bet that Santorum, coming from a coal region, knows a helluva lot more about America’s energy needs than the Kenyan Usurper, who is more concerned with his next vacation than America’s interests. Not to mention that Rick is also IN FAVOR of nuclear energy. Again, 180 degrees from what the Demotards are in favor of. (Actions by Bush 43 DROPPED high gas prices in FOUR MONTHS)

About Gunny G

I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.

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  1. Buck says:

    I’m kinda dense I guess on this gas thingy.
    Supply and demand. Yeah.
    So if the demand in China is so much more they will pay 5 or 6 bucks a gallon what oil company in its right mind would not ship their product there?
    What happened here?
    All the BIG oil companies froze out all the LITTLE oil companies which was where competition came from in the first place.
    Premier had a refinery in Fort Worth……..30 or 35 years ago.
    There were so many small companies and so many stations the big guys couldn’t run the prices up. Until they merged with or froze out the small companies.
    Think about it.
    Exxon merged with.. Mobile, wasn’t it?
    And BP merged with Chevron or someone.
    All the big companies merged with or put small companies out of business.

    Talk about anti-trust. But until there can be independent drilling for independent oil companies who have refineries.
    Expect Obamagas.

  2. angry mike says:

    Well said Gunny, well said.

  3. Obama couldn’t balance his checkbook. Why are we letting him run things?

    Wake the f*ck up, America. The only viable solution to high gas prices is drilling. Here, there, on the f*cking moon. But we have to drill, or we’ll all be pulling rickshaws.

    • Gunny G says:

      We’ve been letting 20% of the populatin dictate to the rest of us for the last 25 years and that is why we’re where we are today. If America was smart, they’d put the Demoturds into a permanent minority and leave them to fester in their own pus.

  4. suds says:

    to bad some of our career politicians who work soooo hard and unselfishly to serve us the ignorant mass wont take time to read your posts they might wake up and realize how close their pushing us to do some REAL house cleaning

  5. Noreen says:

    No matter what he does I have this horrible feeling he is going to be re-elected this Nov. I just have this awful feeling and I hope I’m not living here in Ma. because I live near a very large muslim pop. I know it may sound crazy but I’m really scared. I feel this group in Washington is evil beyond anything we’ve ever seen. Ok sorry I just had to vent a little, feel better now:) (not really)

    • Gunny G says:

      I don’t think Dumbo wants to be president anymore, that’s not how narcissists work. He has to move on to bigger and better things because in his mind, he’s already been the greatest president we’ve ever had, he’s fixed all of the problems, so now it is time to move to King of the World at the UN. But that said, if he can’t be King of the World at the UN, he’ll play at President again.

      There are some good Muslims but for me, I look at history and the past to see how things might be in the future and it ain’t good. The Muslims contaminate everything they touch, just look at their nations in the Middle East and what happens when they migrate to another nation, i.e., England or France. It turns to sh*t.

  6. Dennis Rogers says:

    I ain’t rich and I live I’n the land of fruits and nuts Kookafonia. Yeah used to be the Golden state no more the cheapest gal of gas reg mind u was 4.02/gal by my place it’s 4.10/gal THX Libtards/environazis get BENT!!! All ya all!. Drill baby drill NOW build refineries put AMERICANS back to work NOW!!

    • Gunny G says:

      I was watching a program on Reagan the other day and the Dems have been screwing California since the early 60’s and now its in the toilet.

  7. clyde says:

    The dickhead Carney also flatulated that Obama did not kill the pipeline. Sure hope the assholes that voted for the BECS aren’t complaining about high prices for everything. If they are,the ONLY cure is a 38oz.Louisville Slugger upside the melon.

    • Gunny G says:

      I LOVE throwing that in the Lib’s faces! I nailed one the other day with that when she (a known libtard) was bitching about high gas prices!

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