EXCERPT: “If the measure passes, sex with a corpse would be a Class 2 felony, with punishment ranging from probation to seven years in prison. Unauthorized removal of a corpse would be a Class 4 felony, with a penalty ranging from probation to three years.”

But rest assured libtards, them voting for Obama and Democrats is still okay.

In other news, Moochelle Obama takes ANOTHER vacation.

“You know,” she said, “I really needed a vacation after my 17 days in Hawaii. Really, who cares? It’s not my money I’m spending. It is coming outta Obama’s stash!”

The first lady, who just returned last month from 17 days of relaxation in Hawaii, is skiing in Colorado on Presidents’ Day Weekend for the second year in a row. Last year she went to Vail. Michelle’s decision to ski out West again instead of hitting slopes closer to Washington would seem an inopportune choice for a first lady who is helping her husband campaign on issues of “fairness.” The Obama campaign has set itself up as the defender of the poor and the middle class against the “One Percent,” a theme which clashes with the image a first lady who is taking frequent and exclusive vacations.

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I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.
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  1. Buck says:

    I’m kinda curious. If Michelle is skiing the slopes of Vail, what’s here Secret Service guys doing? Are they skiing too?
    Must look like a scene from “American Dad” going down the slope with earphone plugged in, AK-47 slung across the back, keeping up with the wookie…but not pasing her…no, no… Or maybe they just close the slope to all us peasants while she is enjoying herself.
    With any luck at all maybe she learned to ski from Sonny Bono..

  2. Noreen says:

    Strange that the law needs to be passed, do they have a muslim problem there?? It’s totally acceptable to sleep with a corpse in islam. I wonder if she still has to be wearing the trash bag:)))

  3. Sean says:

    I wonder how many times Whitney Houston’s name is gonna show up this Novemeber in Illinois on the registar for Democrat voters?

  4. kitman3 says:

    Will outlawing necrophile stop the dead in Chicago from still voting?
    Doubtful they still manage to resurrect themselves at every election.
    As the most corrupt city in America demorats have created a huge class of deadbeats on the south side who ensure the crusty pols in city hall remain in power and continue to f*uck everyone else dead or alive.
    Moochelle continues to flaunt her entitlement mentality to the 1% class in spite of not having earning it or ever having done anything except exploit her minority status as she like her husband demagogue the very people she emulates.
    Hypocrisy hypocrisy and more hypocrisy heaped on the American people with no regard or back lash from the media.
    If she were a republican and not progressive the media sh*t storm would be unending.

  5. Hardnox says:

    What is amazing is that they actually need to pass a law like that. It must be an epidemic in Illinois!!!! I know they can’t stop screwing live people six ways to Sunday, but corpses… geez. Times are tough in Illinois.

    No surprise on the moocher. Announce another fiat and then off to vacation all the while the lemmings swoon her asshatness.

    Question: can that fat-ass actually ski, or does she just hang out at the lodge wolfing down cheesfries?

  6. E. says:

    … but having the deceased vote is still ok…

  7. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) says:

    I am waiting for the First Wookie to give the “Let them eat cake” line, in regards to the privileged life she is leading. I fear that the ending of Michelle’s life of luxury will not be pretty and not unlike the ending of the queen who is famous for speaking the line.

  8. RE says:

    Rest assured if the head community agitator himself was still there he would vote present and ask if they had access to Whitney. This assures him of never being punished with a baby. You gotta remember the moochelle quote ” hitlary dont know what it’s like to be called a……………. oh–oh I forgot her quote was barracks aint never gonna let you go back to your life as usual and I’m gonna see to it you muthas.”

  9. Noreen says:

    Wow bad news for anyone who wants to sleep with R. Emmanuel. But at least J. Napolitano is still safe!!

  10. clyde says:

    Necrophilia is still legal there? Better to pass a law now as opposed to NEVER,I suppose. As to Moochelle, she’s got to live “n!&&@r rich while she can. Dickhead’s time is growing short. None too quickly,either.

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