you should expect things like this:

EXCERPT:Well we’re not there because this recession turned out to be a lot deeper than any of us realized,” Obama said about his inability to cut the deficit in half. “Everybody who is out there back in 2009, if you look back what their estimates were in terms of how many jobs had been lost, how bad the economy had contracted when I took office, everybody underestimated it. (Only the idiots on YOUR TEAM) People thought that the economy contracted 3%. It turns it retracted close to 9%. We lost 8 million jobs just in a year’s span, about half a year before I took office and half a year after I took office,” Obama said. (How do you explain the job loss in the last THREE YEARS?)

“So, the die had been cast, but a lot of us didn’t understand at that point how bad it was going to get. That increases the deficit because less tax revenues come in, and it means that more people are getting unemployment insurance, we’re helping states more so they don’t teachers, etc. The key though is we’re setting ourselves on a path where we can get our debt under control.” So spending to the tune of 15 TRILLION by 2016 is he answer?

This moron spent TRILLIONS of dollars and STILL blames it on Bush. Once again, Obama had a CLEAR MANDATE with a DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED House and Senate from Jan 2009 to Jan 2011 and STILL could not get the job done. Why? There was NO ONE standing in his way because the Republicans did not have the votes to block ANYTHING. Why the EPIC FAIL? Because liberalism and socialism FAIL. Period. They have NEVER WORKED and NEVER WILL!

Once again, Obama is exposed for the lying pathetic piece of trash that he is. For example, WHY is gasoline UP 83% under this clown? Why are food prices UP? Because the regime is printing money out of control, screwing us with Quantitative Easing, and allowing the EPA to shut down America’s energy production! The idiot refuses to DRILL and REFINE while throwing OUR MONEY at the EPIC FAILURE of green energy. (Another one failed today) And WHAT is Lord Barry’s solution? A measly payroll tax cut that gives us a whopping 40 bucks extra in our paychecks. Wow-wee. But here is the problem with the Liar-in-Chief’s payroll tax cut and that is, it is robbing Peter to pay Paul in an election year, that cuts funding of the tax system called Social Security. So guess who pays for THAT when the piper’s bill comes due?

Obama has increased government spending by 25%, TRILLIONS of tax dollars WASTED, and he whines that it is someone else’s fault?

Obamanomics. He “gives” you $40 bucks while gas, food, clothing, etc, soars. When gas hits $5 bucks a gallon this summer, hopey/changey will have come home to roost. But killing the XL pipeline? No problem there, right libs, just 20,000 jobs down the toilet huh? Obama is a whiny little bitch because many times in our history, we’ve been in WORSE situations and we’ve come out of it with LESS whining and LESS vacation-taking because the President took control and LED the country with common sense leadership that looked out FOR America’s interests instead of SCREWING America FOR Soros’ interests!  

But Lord Barry managed to whine and dine the First Wookie.

EXCERPT: President and Mrs. Obama spent Valentine’s Day with the One Percent Tuesday, shelling out up to $300 for dinner for two at the high-end Vermilion restaurant outside of Washington.Michelle just recently completed a three-day tour of the nation promoting her “Let’s Move” health and fitness initiative, during which she was depicted in a widely circulated photograph passing around a bowl of salad at an inexpensive Olive Garden restaurant. But the press was not even permitted to take a peek at the Obamas last night as they feasted at one of the Washington area’s trendiest upscale joints.”

Naturally, because the two hypocrites would be exposed. On the menu?

Curdo of Virginia fluke (?), Maine lobster tortelloni, line caught Chesapeake rockfish, butter poached Virginia oyster, peidmontese beef duo with creamed trumpet mushrooms, potato pancakes, black truffle jus, and dessert, passion fruit cheesecake with white chocolate sauce, basil, kiwi or coconut sorbet or chocolate truffle tart with cocoa nib ice cream or, cocoa nib tuile & mocha caramel sauce.

Nothing too good for the First Grifters. 



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I am a retired Marine and a warrior FOR the Constitution of the United States of America AS IT WAS WRITTEN not as the Liberals, Communists, Progressives, Statists, and Globalists WANT it to be. In fact, if you fall into those groups, you are the enemy of freedom and thus, my enemy. Consider yourself warned.
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  1. Questionman says:

    This is why websites like Factcheck exist, becasue your retarded racist brain-dead wouldn’t know facts! Because you are a retarded racist that blames everything on the black man!

    I’m sorry, but spending $300 for a special occasion dinner is not that far outside the realm of reasonableness. It’s not $1000. You guys really need to relax. You are aware that the President (regardless of which party controls the WH) makes $400,000 a year, right? And this author is pathetic. Pointing out that the taxpayer pays for the car service? Seriously? Are we supposed to expect our president to hail a cab? I’m sure you felt the same way about Bush, right? You are insane. This is so tiring to read. Concentrate on the things that you should justifiably be angry about, not this.

    • Gunny G says:

      “This is so tiring to read.”

      Don’t let the screen door hit yer fat liberal ass on the way out.

      BTW, LOVE how you made all of the libtard insults in one point. Racist? Yeah, that is why I’d vote for LtCol Allen West in a NY second AND supported Cain.

    • Porcelain says:

      Oh no, not the race card! Does this mean Obama is a racist for blaming everything on Bush? What a pathetic argument.

      • Gunny G says:

        Heck, I’ve got a crybaby bitch troll “Questionman” who plays the race card AND blames Bush. No doubt the douchebage gets his talking points and news from Media Matters.

  2. Jeff says:

    #1 point: no one, I repeat, no one made Obama make that “pledge” to halve the deficit.

    #2: It is Obama who writes his own budget. He puts what he wants in it. (It is the executive branch)

    What do we learn from these two things? Its Obama’s problem not the Republicans or Congress that he blames. No one made him do anything. (they couldn’t, the arrogant SOB) No one held a gun to his head when he made that pledge. He knew the condition then just as Bush did. Remember that office of the President Elect he occupied for months before getting anointed. And he has not put out a reasonable budget now in his whole first term…the one where he was going to halve the deficit. He lies through his teeth and every other orifice of his body. And yea, again, no one forces him to lie.

    Further more, no one made him lie to the Catholic’s or Dolan. No one made him put that stuff in ObamaCare. And no one made him renege on that promise.

  3. Jim says:

    “That increases the deficit because less tax revenues come in” Duh! ,”Can I pet the bunny rabbit George? I wanna pet the bunny rabbit! George, I didn’t mean to kill the bunny rabbit!”
    “we’re setting ourselves on a path where we can get our debt under control”
    “I don’t need no fancy foods like beans with ketchup!
    I wish I had Ketchup”
    We don’t need no fancy things like goverment run healthcare and stimulus packages.
    “I wish I could spend another 5 trillion”

  4. clyde says:

    This is the SAME sonofabitch who,for TWO YEARS prior to being nominated,was telling ANYONE who would listen how bad the economy was under Bush. And the mofo has done exactly WHAT to fix it?? Fricking zilch. Between him and the dumbasses who voted for him we’re ALL royally screwed. Fix the problem. Club a liberal like a baby seal.

  5. Buck says:

    Kinda makes one understand how the French peasants felt when Marie Antoinette uttered those famous words, “Let them eat cake.”

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