in one simple sentence.

“Obama scolds Senate: Skip recess and get back to work on Patriot Act reform.”

This is HILARIOUS coming from President Vacation.


— August 2009, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
— August 2009, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short vacation.
— Christmas 2009, Hawaii.
— March 2010, first lady and daughter spend Spring Break in New York City.
— May 2010, the first family had a four-day trip to Chicago.
— July 2010, the first family went to Mount Desert Island, Maine.
— August 2010, summer vacation again at Martha’s Vineyard. (10-day visit).
— August 2010, the first lady and daughter Sasha traveled to Spain for a mother-daughter vacation.
— August 2010, the first family traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla., for some sun and fun at the beach.
— August 2010, Obama spent the weekend alone in Chicago for his 49th birthday bash.
— Christmas 2010, in Hawaii. (17-day vacation).
— President’s Day 2011, the first lady and first daughters travel to Vail to ski.
— June 2011, the first lady, her mother and daughters traveled to South Africa and Botswana.
— Summer 2011, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for the annual beach break.
— Christmas 2011, the first family in Hawaii for an extended vacation on Hawaii.
— President’s Day 2012, Michelle and the first daughters in Aspen, Colorado to ski.
— March 19, 2012, Sharia Obama spends springbreak in Mexican city of Oaxaca with 12 friends, Her and her friend are guarded by 25 US Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police. US Taxpayers pick up the tab.
__ From June 27 to July 3, 2013, the Obamas visited three countries in Africa – Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania.  Total cost to US Taxpayers is estimated between 60-100 million dollars.

sirenNOTE:  When Moocher and her “rented kids” went to China the US Taxpayers spent $3,000.00 a night on their hotel rooms!


to get another vote in.

EXCERPT:  “On Cloture on the Motion to Proceed (Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to H.R. 2048. 23 May 2015.

To extend authority relating to roving surveillance, access to business records, and
individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 until July 31, 2015, and for other purposes. (Patriot Act)

Note: Even the FBI now states that they have caught ZERO terrorists using these expanded (fascist) powers and of course as we all know, the TSA has caught ZERO terrorists as well. Thus the Patriot Act, like the War on Poverty (22 TRILLION dollars to this point) are EPIC FAILS.

The first vote was on the USA Freedom Act. This was to reform data collection methods within the NSA. H.R. 2048: “A bill to reform the authorities of the Federal Government to require the production of certain business records, conduct electronic surveillance, use pen registers and trap and trace devices, and use other forms of information gathering for foreign intelligence, counterterrorism, and criminal purposes, and for other purposes.” The “aye” was 57, three SHORT of the required 60. FASCISM DEFEATED!

Foreskin McConnell then tried for a carte blanche renewal of the Patriot Act. Heedless of the fact that the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the NSA’s data collection methods were illegal, Foreskin wants them renewed. The “aye” vote 45, SHORT by 15!

S. 1537:  “A bill to extend authority relating to roving surveillance, access to business records, and individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 until July 31, 2015, and for other purposes.”

So you think we won huh? That Americans forced the corruptocrats in The District of Corruption to listen to us? If so, you’d be WRONG!

Foreskin McConnell scheduled an emergency session for Congress on 31 May! That is just one day before this piece of shit law expires. This is how these power-mad corrupt bastards work. One, they misname the legislation. Freedom Act? More like “Fuck the 4th Amendment Act.” Two, they’ll be bribing the “nay” voters to see things their way. You can bet your ass that Foreskin is busy on the phone telling Murkowski that he’ll fund her “road to nowhere,” if she votes for this fascist crap. Three, you can bet your ass that Foreskin will keep at this crap until it comes up the way HE wants it to. Heedless of the demands of the American people who KNOW that this legislation and much of what the myrmidons in The District of Corruption squeeze out of their collective anuses is 100% unadulterated fascism.

You KNOW the legislation is shit when Juan McShamnesty votes “Aye.”

If your Senator (below) voted the right way, call and THANK THEM! If not, call and raise HELL with them.


destroyed, wiped out, expunged from the face of the Earth OR we leave these vermin to their own and form a more perfect Union excluding these maggots.

EXCERPT:  YouGov’s latest research shows that many Americans support making it a criminal offense to make public statements which would stir up hatred against particular groups of people. Americans narrowly support (41%) rather than oppose (37%) criminalizing hate speech, but this conceals a partisan divide. Most Democrats (51%) support criminalizing hate speech, with only 26% opposed. Independents (41% to 35%) and Republicans (47% to 37%) tend to oppose making it illegal to stir up hatred against particular groups. 

Let us be very clear here. The First Amendment protects UNPOPULAR speech. You have the right to say, “all n*ggers must hang.” That doesn’t mean that you won’t get punched in the mouth, as there are consequences for all actions. That said, the New Black Panther Party HAS THE RIGHT to say that, “all cracker babies must die,” and they DID say it, more than a few times. Does that offend? Sure. Are they assholes? You bet. Will the Gunny ventilate their brain housing group with a well-aimed .45 acp if they mess with him or his? Fucking A skippy. “And I’ll be home in time for corn flakes…” (Total Recall) But they have the right to say it. Same as the Westboro Baptist vermin. Again, the consequences of THEIR actions has resulted in assbeatings and angry veteran bikers menacing them and blocking them from view of the bereaved.

So we have 41% saying that “hate speech” should be a criminal offense and only 37% AGAINST? WTF America? Here in the US of A we punish people for the crimes that they DO, not for what they think, otherwise the Gunny would be doing Life w/o parole for mentally robbing armored cars! haha.

Welcome to the Progressive Regressives United Socialist States of America. No doubt Committee Chairman Comrade Barack Lenin Obama is currently drafting a new Constitution along the lines of the former Soviet Union one.

“Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” Ronaldus Magnus

Looks like the light of freedom in the USSA is dying out.



continues to charge ahead full steam. Benedict Arnold Boner and Foreskin McConnell (who needs to be circumcised at the neck) are leading the charge and are so busy kissing Obama’s ass that YOU KNOW that they were promised something to turn their coats. Yeah, keep supporting the GOP. Bastards are just the opposite side of a counterfeit coin with the damned Democruds on the other side.

Basically this TPP bullshit turns over our sovereignty to an international committee, kinda like the UN, which works SO WELL for American interests, and they’ll set the trade treaties for us in the future. It is quite evident that the Democrats want this in order to stick it to the US and the goddamn Repukes want it because the Chamber of Commerce has bought them all off. Cheap labor? It’ll screw over American workers? NO problem Congressman Boner, here’s a few 100K for you to look the other way, vote for it, and oh, there will be a nice seat on the committee for you when you retire from the public trough, er, Congress. The Gunny wonders what Orrin “Sellout” Hatch was promised? Another “Cornhusker Kickback” only for HIS State? A seat on the committee?

The Constitution CLEARLY states that a treaty vote requires 2/3rds vote of the Senate, NOT the 50% that Fast Track requires (Article 2, Section 2, Number 2). Once again the scumbags in DC routinely piss on the Congress, their Oaths of Office, and the American People. So now we have a lawless Government basically seeking to turn this nation over to an international trade committee and where is the SCOTUS? NOWHERE in sight. Now here is a kick in there balls. The SOLE purpose of the SCOTUS is to hold uphold the U.S. Constitution as the LAW OF THE LAND and ONLY the Constitution. Of course these gutless fucks refused to hear anything about Obama’s birth certificate, real or not, or any other issue concerning this criminal imposter in the White House. Again, the government clowns violate their Oaths of Office and nothing is done about it and God forbid that they DID do something, like declare that these violations are grounds for IMPEACHMENT!

All three branches of the government are corrupt worse than a Mexican Federale in Tijuana.

One point of note must be made here. Every treaty that the US ever signed onto was ratified by the Senate, in a 2/3rd vote, until the Tokyo Round (1979), NAFTA, Uruguay Round, US/Canada Round, the US/Israel Round came along. Proponents will screech that they enhanced trade but if they’re so good for America, one, WHY were they Fast-Tracked and not voted on by the Senate and two, WHY are they not called “treaties” in the real meaning of the word?

Point-of-Fact:  The betrayal of the Constitution started in 1934 by FDR. (Gee, go figure). The Great Socialist signed the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934 which gave HIM the power to negotiate trade agreements AND implement changes WITHOUT any further Congressional approval! And a DEMOCRAT Congress let him do it.

Point-of-Fact II: Ronaldus Magnus entered into negotiations with Canada over the US/Canada Round BUT unlike the other scumbags, i.e., FDR, JFK, Carter, Nixon, Obama, HE submitted the proposed legislation TO CONGRESS for them to review BEFORE signing it into law. While Ronaldus Magnus did not follow the Constitution, he did follow precedence AND allowed it to be reviewed FIRST. Evidently ObamaTrade is so good that it remain classified. So much for transparency in government.

In conclusion…

Here comes the scary scary part:  Our last hope as a Republic and a sovereign Nation lies in the House of Representatives and Speaker of the Happy Hour, Mr John “Crybaby” Boner. And you can bet your last dollar (worth .18 thanks to The Fed) that Boner will lube up and bend over for Barry. Congress has the authority under Fast Track to vote yes or no on the proposed legislation, without an amendment but we ALL KNOW that the Congress has already been bought and sold by the Chamber of Commerce, i.e., Scamnesty for Illegal Aliens (cheap labor). All salute El President for Life Obama and his final usurpation of the American Way.

Saved Round:  BTW, ObamaTrade will also usurp the Constitution via the Supremacy Clause. Looks like Obama will be able to finally get rid of that pesky “charter of negative liberties” and draft a NEW Constitution, probably along the lines of the former Soviet Union!

How did Obama say it in 2008? Oh yeah, “The US Constitution is deeply flawed.” And yet the Sheeple voted him in.



I close my eyes
Only for a moment and the moment’s gone
All my dreams of being POTUS
Pass before my eyes going down in flames

Emails in the news
All my emails are now in the news

Same old song
Just a drop of water in an endless sea
All my machinations
Crumble to the ground, though I refuse to see
Trey Gowdy is planning to indict me

(Aa aa aa)
Emails in the news
All my emails are now in the news
Oh, ho, ho

I can’t hang on, I’m going to be indicted
Nothin’ lasts forever but the earth and sky
Alllll my lies, they slip away
And all the Clinton Foundation money won’t buy
My ass out of prison

Emails in the news
All my emails are now in the news(All we are is dust in the wind)

Emails in the wind
(My political career is dust in the wind)
 Its all dust in the wind
(My shit is in the wind)



It is quite clear, or it SHOULD BE, that the clown in the White House is either high on coke and choom, high on unicorn farts, living in Delusionville, or quite simply, mentally incompetent.

non compos mentis  (nän ˌkämpəs ˈmen(t)əs/) adj. 1. not sane or in one’s right mind.

EXCERPT:  The War Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria

Jeffrey Goldberg: “You’ve argued that ISIS has been on the defensive. But Ramadi just fell. Are we actually losing this war, or would you not go that far?”

President Barack Obama: “No, I don’t think we’re losing, and I just talked to our CENTCOM commanders and the folks on the ground. There’s no doubt there was a tactical setback, although Ramadi had been vulnerable for a very long time, primarily because these are not Iraqi security forces that we have trained or reinforced. They have been there essentially for a year without sufficient reinforcements, and the number of ISIL that have come into the city now are relatively small compared to what happened in [the Iraqi city of] Mosul. But it is indicative that the training of Iraqi security forces, the fortifications, the command-and-control systems are not happening fast enough in Anbar, in the Sunni parts of the country. You’ve seen actually significant progress in the north, and those areas where the Peshmerga [Kurdish forces] are participating. Baghdad is consolidated. Those predominantly Shia areas, you’re not seeing any forward momentum by ISIL, and ISIL has been significantly degraded across the country. But—”

In related news, ISIS today, held a victory parade through Ramadi…

You can read the rest of this idiot’s bullshit at:

But why would you want to…



in yet another no-shitter report.

EXCERPT:  “The new Republican-led Congress is drawing harsh reviews from the public – including most Republicans. Just 23% of Americans say congressional Republicans are keeping the promises they made during last fall’s campaign, while 65% say they are not.

Nearly four-in-ten (37%) say the new Congress has accomplished less than they expected, while 4% say it has accomplished more than expected. About half (53%) say its accomplishments are in line with what they expected.”

It boggles the mind on how ANYONE can think that the Gutless Old Pussies (GOP) are keeping their campaign promises. Who the HELL are the 23%ers? Brain dead zombies? The GOP has bent over and lubed up for Obama ever since he was anointed in 2009! If Obama was 100% white, vice 50%, and a Republican, he would have been dodging impeachment proceedings from the Left from his first day!

Now here comes the scary part.

EXCERPT:  “Obama job approval little changed. Currently, 46% approve of Obama’s job performance, while 48% disapprove. Obama’s job approval is little changed over the course of 2015: In January, 47% approved and 48% disapproved.”

Evidently the pResident in the White House has been successful in his continuous campaign of setting up straw men and knocking them down to the thunderous applause of idiots who’s last brain cells have died from loneliness! How in the Sam Hill that 46% can approve of this moron is beyond the Gunny. Even counting 100% of the Black population in this nation (13%), which in reality would not happen and the 20% of the nation that declares themselves asshats, er, Democrats/Proggies, you still only come up with 33%. The Department of Education and the Teacher’s Unions have done their job well, dumbing down the sheep to the point where they can’t see through the bullshit that Obama spews on a daily basis. EVERYTHING this idiot has touched HAS FAILED! From Solyndra to foreign policy to Iraq to ISIS to Afghanistan to SIX YEARS OF A SHITTY ECONOMY!

And finally, in a REAL no-shitter…

EXCERPT:  “Fewer than four-in-ten Republicans and Republican leaners say the Republican Party is doing a good job representing their views on the issues of government spending (35%), illegal immigration (34%) and same-sex marriage (29%). On all three issues, majorities of Republicans say their party is not doing a good job representing their views. And there is little difference in these ratings between conservative Republicans and moderate and liberal Republicans.”

As the GOP gets ready to shaft the American people with a bogus Obamatrade deal that NO ONE knows what is in it (“we have to pass this bill to find out what’s inside of it,” Nutsy Baloney on ObamaKare) you can bet your last dollar that Congress and Obama are going to fuck America raw. When we finally revolt, let us make sure that none of the politicians can escape the people’s justice. Remember one thing folks, 100% of the Democrud Party and 80% of the Republican Party are the enemy of Freedom and Liberty.

And to highlight the fact that Liberalism really IS A MENTAL DISORDER…

“One-in-three Republicans (33%) say the economy isn’t recovering at all, compared with 7% of Democrats. On the other hand, more Democrats than Republicans think there is a strong recovery (19% vs. 5%).”






Now normally the Gunny is against abortion but in Marie Harf’s case, he is willing to make an exception. What this stupid bitch said on Wednesday is almost unbelievable but considering that the Obomination’s Regime is one big lie, it fits right in.

Harf:  “The Iraqi security forces have held their lines on the outside of the city.” (On CNN)

Now we all KNOW that Liberalism is a mental disease and that fact has been proven so many times that the phrase, “Liberalism is a mental disease,” is almost a cliché…almost. But here is the scary part. These idiots in the Obomination’s Regime, including the dickhead at the top, ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH with what is going on in the world that they are living in fairy land, sniffing unicorn farts and feasting on manna from Gaia!

Who KNEW that Baghdad Bob was now writing the script for the State Department and that he was giving lessons in speechifying to two DUMBBBBBBBBB bitches, Psaki and Harf. One of these bimbos was a van driver during the Obomination’s first campaign and her reward was a promotion to the State Department, spewing bullshit far and wide. Thus, once again, “The Peter Principle,” is again validated.

In related news, Harf declared ISIS defeated and that the Iraqi Army was on the march to retake the entire country back in the next 30 minutes!

When ANYONE in the Obomination’s Regime opens their suckhole to speechify, just cue up the opening music of, “The Twilight Zone,” and you’ll be prepped to hear their bullshit.




climate change like Dumbo the Kenyan Asshat recently told Coast Guard grads but rather, the extreme idiocy of the Obama Regime and Liberals/Progressives in general. Yeah, its climate change that we must worry about, NOT ISIS taking over Iraq and completing the next step in Qutb’s screed regarding Islamic global terrorism or Iraq getting their hands on nukes. Nope. Worrying about a bullshit hoax is more important. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when STUPID ASSHOLE LIBERALS and PARASITE WELFARE LEECHES elect a MORON from Kenya!

EXCERPT:  “ — Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Wednesday pushed their offensive south into Iraq’s Sunni Muslim heartland, capturing key crossroad towns on the highway to the capital, Baghdad, andtaking control of a critical oil refinery. The speedy advance of Islamic State fighters triggered recriminations in Baghdad, where Iraqi officials sought assistance from the United States to counter the advance.

A senior Iraqi official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive politics of the matter, said Baghdad even had asked U.S. officials to consider undertaking air strikes to rout the fighters.”

Ramadi falls. ISIS runs rampant, gathering up left behind US arms and equipment, but President Shithead is more concerned with fomenting racial strife and climate change.

Not to be outdone, the new lies from Josh Earnest are a fucking JOKE!

ABC Jon Karl Q: “Now, on the overall track record of military operations of the President’s strategy on this, you said we’ve seen periods of progress and success.  Would you say that overall, this strategy has been a success?”

MR. EARNEST:  “Well, Jon, yes. Overall, yes. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been areas of setback, as we saw in Ramadi.”

ABC Jon Karl Q:  “I mean, is exporting terror to Libya, taking over the capital of Iraq’s largest province — this is overall success?”

MR. EARNEST:  What we’ve also seen is we’ve also seen a coalition of 60 nations both in the region and around the world join the United States in this fight.  We’ve seen a new Prime Minister take office in Iraq and unite that country and deploy a multi-sectarian security force against ISIL that has succeeded in liberating important areas of Diyala and Babil and Nineveh and the Kirkuk Provinces.  We’ve seen important Iraqi security force gains in Tikrit *and Ramadi.  [RAMADI HAD ALREADY FALLED TO ISIS!] We’ve also seen strategic areas like Sinjar Mountain and Mosul Dam where Iraqi security forces have emerged victorious.

So we have seen a lot of success.  But we’ve also seen significant periods of setback.  And that’s part of what a military conflict is going to be, particularly when it’s going to be a long-term proposition like this one.

So Ramadi falling to ISIS, a city within pissing distance of Baghdad, is a success? Maybe a smoking crater, rife with radiation, located where DC used to be, might be deemed a disaster? Only by politicians.


A joke for a pResident is still a joke. And a sad ass one at that.

The death score of the Cut and Run Party.

Korea: Tie. (Dems) Total US KIA/WIA: 128,650
Vietnam: Loss (Dems) Total US KIA/WIA: 211,454 MIA: 1,643. (Thanks John Kerry)
Iraq: Won by Bush 43, Lost by Obama: Total KIA/WIA: 36,710
Afghanistan: Poised for victory by Bush 43, lost by Obama: Total KIA/WIA: 20,904


Here in the great State of Alaska, our welfare benefits (60K a year if you rate them all) and Union contracts are SO GENEROUS that in one more fiscal year, we’re going to have either an income tax, a sales tax, a portion of our Permanent Fund Dividend taken, or a combination of all three. Why? Because Democruds here in Alaska LOVE to spend, spend, spend. Idiots like Les Gara, Mark Begich, etc, have spent so much that one, you cannot buy a house in Anchorage, two, the property tax is outrageous, three, the schools have a 30% dropout rate AND four, they produce a crop of dumbed-down dullards too stupid to get a job! And in facing this fiscal disaster what do the Democruds in Alaska do? Why, they whine for 100 MILLION MORE DOLLARS TO SPEND!

And if that isn’t enough, they now have a whiny “woe-is-me” Medicare expansion commercial running that says, and this is classic, “Alaska won’t have to pay a thing, the Federal government will fund it!,” (or words to that effect). What happens when the Feds finally refuse to pay for it, i.e., extra cops under BJ Bubba’s crime bill? Alaskans fund it. Duh.

So kudos to Arizona.

EXCERPT:  “PHOENIX (AP) — Facing a $1 billion budget deficit, Arizona’s Republican-led Legislature has reduced the lifetime limit for welfare recipients to the shortest window in the nation.

Low-income families on welfare will now have their benefits cut off after just 12 months. [And when that 12 months is up, they’ll move to Nevada or Mexifornia and keep on sponging off of others.]

As a result, the Arizona Department of Economic Security will drop at least 1,600 families – including more than 2,700 children – from the state’s federally funded welfare program on July 1, 2016.

The cuts of at least $4 million reflect a prevailing mood among the lawmakers in control in Arizona that welfare, Medicaid and other public assistance programs are crutches that keep the poor from getting back on their feet and achieving their potential.”

And now for the reason WHY America is in the shitcan.

EXCERPT:  “Cutting off these benefits after just one year isn’t fair, said Jessica Lopez, 23, who gave birth to her son while living in a domestic violence shelter and has struggled to hold onto jobs because she has dyslexia and didn’t finish high school. “We’re all human,” said Lopez, who got $133 per month for about a year until she qualified for a larger federal disability check. “Everybody has problems. Everybody is different. When people ask for help, we should be able to get it without having to be looked at wrong.”

So this broad DID NOT finish 12 years of a FREE public education (such as it is) and is therefore pretty much unemployable but is so irresponsible as to have a kid that she cannot support. So SOMEONE ELSE has to pay for it. “When people ask for help, we should be able to get it without having to be looked at wrong.” True enough Jessica but it is not OUR responsibility to support your fat ass for life! You get ONE YEAR of a FREE RIDE to get your act together. maybe you should get off of your ass and DO something like, one, STOP HAVING KIDS YOU CANNOT SUPPORT (birth control is FREE at local health clinics) and two, work TWO jobs if you have to. (The Gunny did THAT for a total of 10 years in order to get ahead in life WHILE on Active Duty so haters can fuck off!) Oh, and Jessica, here’s a tip from Sergeant Stryker…


And here is the way Americans SHOULD be thinking and as Conservatives, we already do!

“I tell my kids all the time that the decisions we make have rewards or consequences, and if I don’t ever let them face those consequences, they can’t get back on the path to rewards,” Republican Sen. Kelli Ward, R-Lake Havasu City, said during debate on the budget. “As a society, we are encouraging people at times to make poor decisions and then we reward them.”

Think of the brood mare back east that had 13-15 kids from 3-5 baby daddies, a few who were in prison, and who was whining that someone needed to help her. Shitty decisions have shitty consequences. As they say in Japan, Gomen nasai. Suck it up buttercup, life is a bitch and the Constitution DOES NOT promise you a free ride.

Here’s an idea. Maybe if Americans weren’t supporting tens of MILLIONS of illegal aliens, we might be able to assist OUR citizens more.

When there is NO MORE MONEY to be looted from the Producers, Liberalism ALWAYS fails. Always.  

SAVED ROUND:  “The federal government still requires states to make sure recipients have a job, are looking for work, going to school or trying to go to school, but states retain broad discretion in imposing restrictions.” And all THAT does is further the problem of lazy ignorant stupid losers looking for a FREE RIDE through life.